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What is Python Programming Language ?

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It is considered a general-purpose language, meaning it can be used for anything from web applications to office automation and scientific computing. That’s why you will find Python used all over the world, from large corporations to universities like MIT, who incorporate it into their curriculum as a first-language learning tool. The foundation for many other languages (including SQL, JavaScript and Java) was built on top of this powerful language.

A Pythonic program consists of a sequence of Python Expressions. Expressions are a combination of variables, operations on those variables and the assignment of operations to the variables. An expression is terminated by a colon, which in most cases does not have to be written because it is implied by indentation.

Python evaluates expressions from left to right and uses dynamic typing. Unbound names refer to values defined later in the program, while bound names denote local variables, which are created automatically when they are referenced for the first time.

Categories In Python Programming


programming is a set of operations an expression can be performed. These operations are different and one can define the operations in different ways. The most common way to define them is through a syntax. Syntax is the character string that makes up the program. A syntax enables us to perform certain operations on sets of characters of data. Python programming uses a particular syntax, which determines the possibilities and limits of Python programs.


A paradigm is a set of concepts that represent a view of the world. These concepts have been used in the field of computer science to explain how Python programming functions or works. There are many different paradigms such as object oriented, procedural and functional languages in Python programming.

Object Oriented Programming

Object oriented programming makes use of the concept of objects to define a program’s structure. The features that make up an object are defined by the rules of each language and are thus not universal. In contrast to functional languages, object oriented languages use functions as subroutines, following the principle of abstraction which states that certain details should be abstracted from the user, who is then only concerned with the high level concepts relevant to them. That is why in case of functional programming there are no functions, but only data, procedures and global variables.

Procedural Programming

Procedural programming provides the high level concepts of other languages and uses a vocabulary to define them. Python programming uses a specific syntax that defines the relationships between certain high-level concepts such as variables and operators, to form the program’s elements.

Declarative Programming

Declarative programming is a programming paradigm that helps programmers capture their ideas in a simple, concise way, and then describes the relationships between data as values of variables or objects directly through the code rather than using an environment. Declarative languages allow us to define what you want and let you do it without being concerned about the details of how it will be achieved.

Functional Programming

Functional programming languages impose certain restrictions on the code such as there being no side effects and it must always give the same output for a given input etc. This nature of functional programming makes it simple to understand and safe to use. In this programming paradigm, functions are first-class citizens just like numbers, strings and other variables are.

Importance Of Python Programming

  1.  Python has a low syntactic overhead and a simple, yet powerful, type system as well as built-in support for many data structures.
  2. A further key feature of Python is the ability to easily write clean and readable functional and procedural code in an imperative programming style.
  3. python was designed with an eye toward being able to add new language features easily. The implementation of new data types or other language changes can be accomplished in two ways: by writing code (a patch) or by adding a new keyword.
  4. Python’s syntax is easy to learn, and it is well suited for teaching computer programming to beginners. This has led to the language being used in schools and universities as a primary or secondary teaching language.
  5. The most common use of python is among web developers. Python can be embedded into HTML and it is a very powerful tool for web-scraping, as well as creating dynamic, database-driven websites. In addition, Python’s simple syntax makes it easy to build 3rd party APIs in Python.
  6. Python is also commonly used by system administrators and advanced users to perform batch processing and automation tasks. It has proved itself in sectors of the computing industry such as big data due to its highly readable code syntax that is built around brevity and comprehensibility.

Topics Studied Under Python Programming

  1.  Data structures and algorithm
  2. Data analysis techniques
  3. Python programming basics
  4. Programming Interview questions and answers
  5. Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
  6. Machine Learning – AI
  7. Cloud Computing

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