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What is Perl Programming?

 Perl is a general-purpose programming language that can be used to write both simple and complex programs. It’s known for its flexibility, speed and power, as well as its ability to use text processing tools like regular expressions to extract information from different types of files or data streams. Perl was designed for system administration and can be found on almost every computer which runs Unix or Linux. Although it’s commonly associated with UNIX text processing, Perl has also been used for Web programming, networking applications and graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

Perl was created in 1987 by Larry Wall, who continues to oversee its development.

It is similar to C, Java and Python. It uses a C-style curly brace syntax and it’s object-oriented, which means that code objects are manipulated by calling methods apart from the usual operators or functions used in procedural languages. A Perl program consists of a sequence of subroutines, called “blocks.

 Types Of Perl Programming

There are many kinds of Perl Programming and many fields in which Perl is used. Some of them are :

  1. Web Programming and CGI: Perl is used to create entire Web sites, along with the HTML code, graphic design and e-commerce applications that run on them. The most commonly used Perl packages for Web programming are CGI (Common Gateway Interface).
  2. System Administration: Perl is used to create scripts and scripts for systems administration. For example, you can use Perl to install or configure a database or to create a file server from scratch. These are variations of the command line tools provided by Unix and Linux. You can also use Perl for system monitoring and reporting.
  3. Server-side programming: Perl is used for creating web servers, CGI applications, mail handlers, forwarders, search engines and other components of web sites. Here Perl’s object-oriented features allow you to create reusable objects. The Perl-IRC client only allows you to chat with other IRC users, if you have a user name and password. It was written using Perl and Mongrel. The IRC client’s configuration file is in the usr directory of your perl installation, but the configuration files for cgi-scripts and mongrel need to be in the same directory as the script being run.
  4. Data Analysis: Perl can be used to perform data analysis tasks. You can also use Perl and R together.
  5. Perl is an object-oriented programming language which supports procedural programming styles for some tasks, but it’s also highly expressive and useful for writing elegant programs that perform data analysis. A simple example of a Perl program that analyzes data is the nestle curve plot from the nestle website
  6. Web Services: Perl is an easy language to develop web services; in fact, it’s easier than using Java. Here you can use Perl to write a simple web service that sends an XML document back and forth between two servers.
  7. Graphics Programming: Perl has been used for graphics programming for many years now. There are several Perl modules which allow you to draw pictures with the X11, Motif and JPEG libraries of the X Window System (X11).

Importance Of Perl Programming

  1. Perl is a compiled, high-level scripting language that compiles to regular human readable text. It’s not just a language that makes web pages, it’s an all purpose language for doing almost anything you want. With Perl you can write very large programs quickly and efficiently, but learn as little or as much as you choose. Perl allows you to create complicated programs that work effortlessly and can be accessed by people around the world.
  2. Perl is a very popular and easy to use language which has been used in Since its introduction way back in 1987 it will never go out of style. Perl is highly appreciated for its built-in features such as variables, arrays, strings, operators, function calls, and more. It has many extra features that make the most of these with no effort wasted.
  3. Perl is the standard technology and the best language that people can use to manage the complexity of their websites. The reason why it’s considered as a good language is that it enables you to design a website using less web hosting, WordPress, or Drupal.
  4. Perl is also easy to learn, which means that you don’t need much technical expertise but you can also do excellent programming in Perl Programming . It will allow you to develop robust and complex scripts without complex syntax.
  5. Perl is a great language that can help you build your own website. You don’t need to worry about the complexity of the scripts when you are working with Perl because it is simply an easy-to-use language.
  6. Perl is not just used for building websites. It is also used for performing different tasks the way that it was designed for. And the best thing about Perl Programming is that it offers multiple features which are rarely found in other languages.
  7. Perl 5 has a built in data type called hashes, which allows you to store key-value pairs of data. When we mention just key-value pairs, this means that we can store the data in an array.
  8. You can use Perl to build webpages quickly and you don’t need any knowledge of programming.

Topics Studied Under Perl Programming

  1. Dynamic programming
  2. Parsing
  3. Packages
  4. Exception handling
  5. Files
  6. Nested data structures
  7. Object-oriented programming

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