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What is JavaScript Development ?

JavaScript is a scripting language designed to make web pages more interactive. It is an integral part of dynamic web sites and modern browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. JavaScript is a high-level programming language most often used with HTML or CSS to create powerful online applications for everything from content management systems to video games.

JavaScript use a syntax that is easier for humans to read and write. This makes it easier for developers to quickly code and debugs their applications.

JavaScript is based on an ECMAScript specification, which dictates how it functions in the different browsers. There are two major versions of JavaScript: 1.x and 2.x(also called ECMAScript 5). The latest version of JavaScript is 2.x, which includes massive improvements and changes from 1.

Benefits of JavaScript development. JavaScript is a great programming language, due to its capability to access the DOM, add style sheets or even create objects that can be used from other languages. Also, you don’t have to be in the browser; you can write JavaScript code on your server and then call it from your client side script.

JavaScript Development Categories

JavaScript library- is a library that makes use of multiple JavaScript modules and packages to create a fully functional software. It also includes effective design patterns, code standardization, and robust architecture. The following are the major web scripting frameworks

JavaScript widget -is used inside web pages to extend the capabilities of HTML elements and make a page interactive. The widgets include image galleries, menu bars, video players, map service etc., which are embedded on the web page with JavaScript APIs.

In recent years, widgets have become a standard in web development. Browsers provide APIs to make working with jQuery easier. The following are the most popular JavaScript libraries that are used for creating JQuery Widgets:

JavaScript Pusher- is a web service that helps you integrate real-time data into your web application. It provides synchronized data across multiple devices and seamlessly updates the real-time data on all devices.

Pusher -supports all major platforms like iOS, Android, Windows8, and Javascript (browser). It comes with a dashboard that allows you to manage data for your web applications.

Twilio -is a cloud communications platform as a service. It helps you build and scale your app on top of its messaging, VoIP and telephony services. You can build applications using their JavaScript library that was created specifically for developers. Using Twilio’s JavaScript libraries makes it easy to embed communication features into your application.

 Importance of JavaScript Development

The importance of JavaScript Development is related to the fact that learning it is the first step to understanding and mastering other modern programming languages like Java, C++, Python or Ruby etc. It also helps in learning these languages because they are very similar to JavaScript. It also helps in getting acquainted with newer technology like HTML5 and CSS3.

The importance of JavaScript is that it is a completely platform independent because it works on all the browsers. It also helps in saving time and development money. It is easy to learn and use. This language can be used in the basic programming to complex applications. It can help you to create better web pages that look attractive to viewers. The use of JavaScript Development has now increased a lot because it helps us to create games, text boxes, counters and animations etc. So, this language is important and it is easy to learn and use.

JavaScript is a dynamic programming language that allows dynamic web pages to be created and interact with the user. JavaScript Development has been being used as an important development tool since the beginning of web pages and it plays an important role in creating dynamic websites. The central theme of JavaScript Development is the use of JavaScript to enable interactivity within pages by using the browser’s Document Object Model (DOM). The central theme of this research is about why one should learn JavaScript Development.

JavaScript development is different from traditional programming languages. It’s used to create web pages which interact with the visitor. JavaScript language isn’t only used for this purpose; it is also used to create desktop applications, mobile apps and many other types of application software. JavaScript development has been around since 1995 and it has grown a lot since then. There are many ways to implement JavaScript on a website, but one of the most commonly used is through an interpreter or an engine that runs the code, this is called NodeJS. The reason why JavaScript development is so prominent can be because of its integration with other technologies such as NodeJS, jQuery and AngularJS.

Since JavaScript has become so popular and its use has grown a lot over time, many companies offer different ways that they can use it. A lot of the bigger companies that you would have heard of like Facebook and YouTube offer JavaScript Development for their websites. Also, it has been used in many applications that you might use every day, like your email or banking application.

Units/ Courses studied under JavaScript Development

  • JavaScript Language
  • Introduction to Object Oriented JavaScript
  • JavaScript Library
  • JavaScript Browser I/O
  • JavaScript Event Management
  • JavaScript Client-side Scripting Tool (Ajax)
  • JavaScript testing and debugging tools
  • JavaScript Client-side Form Validation
  • JavaScript Database Access
  • JavaScript Layout Engine
  • JavaScript Automation Tool
  • JavaScript Animation and Graphics Tool
  • JavaScript Web Services


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