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What is Java programming?

Java is one of the most commonly used programming languages in the world, and for good reason. Java is a well-established programming language that has stood the test of time, with millions of lines of code written in it and billions of dollars invested into research and developments. Java Language allows you to create programs that treat different kinds of data types differently. On the other hand, there are also imperative programming languages that treat all data types the same way.

Java was originally developed to allow easy cross-platform programming across distributed computing platforms such as mobile phones, tablet computers, and web applications. It is one of the first object-oriented programming languages intended to have an easy-to-read, class-based, programming syntax. It has since expanded in function to include developing simple applications as well as more complex systems.

 Types Of Java Programming Explained

 There are several different types of Java programming, we will focus on three:

In object-oriented programming (OOP), Java code is organized around objects – individual units of software that contain both data and one or more related procedures for manipulating that data. Objects then are used to create classes which can be reused to create other programs. Java supports two types of objects that can carry out their work through methods, which are functions that manipulate the data in an object: the standard type of class is the class that defines a variable, method or constructor.

Java’s event-driven programming is different from OOP in that methods do not exist solely to manipulate data but also can be used to signal events as well. Once again, data and a set of related functions are grouped together. In this case though, the functions used to process the data change based on signals sent to it by other objects: think of a traffic light with a red, yellow and green light that is triggered by another object.

Concurrent programming uses methods to manage multiple threads of calculation in one program or process. Instead of waiting for multiple threads to finish before proceeding, Java lets the programmer know when each thread has run and then chooses which method to use as the next one.

Importance Of Java Programming Language

  1. Java can be executed on any platform that has a JVM installed including desktop, mobile, embedded and even server-side platforms through the use of a tool known as an “applet viewer” and a Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. This is where Java’s popularity lies. It was created so that companies could write a single program that would run on any of their computers and/or mobile devices without having to rewrite it for each platform.
  2. Java ran across all platforms and operating systems with ease, but it also gained imperative traction. Many applications now run in separate processes on the same OS, or are even “emulated” to run on other OSes if they don’t have an equivalent JVM installed.
  3. Java has a huge amount of library support, with libraries for using the internet and networking (the “” package), graphical user interfaces (“Swing”), database access (“JDBC” package), and much more.
  4. Java’s syntax is simple and easy to learn. It’s a “dictionary-based” language, where most of the keywords in the language are actual words, unlike C or C++ in which the keywords are short abbreviations made up of a few letters. This means that all new programmers can understand Java easily, regardless of their level of programming experience. Another feature that makes it easy to learn is how it handles variables. Java has only one datatype (the “string”); variables used in the program are objects of that type and it is up to the programmer to decide what kind of object that variable will hold.
  5. Java is a compiled language, meaning that each file is compiled into a “.class” file before it can be run. This includes all the class files in your program and any libraries or packages you use (although packages may be loaded dynamically). The JVM uses a garbage collector to manage memory, reducing the possibility of memory leaks.
  6. Java is also very fast because it compiles to bytecode, which is then executed by a Just-in-time (JIT) compiler such as HotSpot or JRockit on the fly.
  7. Java was developed under the Java Community Process, which is a group of people who make recommendations for changes to the standard.
  8. Java is generated from the specification by package implementors and the result is referred to as “Java Specification Request”. It contains all of the current proposals and bug fixes, new language features and updates on backward compatibility. Among other things, this means that anything that conflicts with extant Java versions need not be updated.
  9. In the early 2000s, the Java language was amended with scripting additions, mainly to provide interactive Web pages with Java applets.
  10. The Java platform is very similar to other languages in that it isn’t just one thing, but rather a combination of different components; so learning how to write in it can be an advantage depending on your goals.
  11. 9.Using JAVA, You won’t LOSE Your Data .

 Units Studied Under Java Programming

  •  Data structures and Algorithms
  • Control structures
  • OOP in Java
  • Exception Handlingjava programming projects
  • Java Project Structure
  • Java File Structure
  • Java Class structure
  • Public Classes
  • Private Classes
  • Protected Classes
  • Java program in java (java program)
  • Java server(jsp)
  • Java gui (swing gui)
  • Java servlet(jsp/servlet)
  • Javaws (java Web application launcher)

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