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What is C++ Programming Language?

C++ is a high-level programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup that provides several advanced features, including strong type checking and strict code management. C++ is a compiled language that exposes the programmer to many pitfalls, including memory management and pointer dependence. Nonetheless, it is still used for many large-scale engineering projects as well as smaller projects of specific interest..

C++ was designed to be supportive of object-oriented programming, and its features include support for classes, a non-static data member that does not need an initialization when declared, run-time polymorphism, user-defined operators and a default auto function to return the type of an object.

C++ is considered to find a middle ground between the two programming paradigms of procedural programming and object-oriented programming, which are often seen as being at odds with one another. C++ is also known as “research oriented” because its design was based around specific research needs.

 The Major Types Of Data Used In C++ Are:

  1. C++ Objects: data type of a class derived from class scope and objects have attributes, operations and manipulation with the data flow of executing methods, variables, components and resources for a specific purpose.
  2. Pointers: data type of a class derived from class scope and pointers are used to access any members of data structures such as arrays and structs to access the location of a specific element in an array or struct.
  3. References: data type of a class derived from class scope and references are used to access the location of a specific element in an array or struct.
  4. Constants: data type of a class derived from class scope and constants are used to store values in memory.
  5. Operators: operators are used to perform some type of mathematical operation, logical operation, and assignment.

Types of C++ programming

  1. Object oriented

Is a set of techniques for developing software, where each element has some means of interacting with other elements, often called objects. When an object interacts with other objects, which is called “interaction”, and this interaction can be performed through messages that are sent to the object. Interactions are also often performed automatically by the object itself, such as when it responds to input from the user.

  1. Procedural programming

Procedural programming is one of the two major programming paradigms. It is characterized by the sequential execution of instructions, and in particular the use of control structures to direct the order of execution (such as if/else statements and loops).

  1. Functional programming

Functional programming is a set of programming paradigms that emphasize the value of data and functions, rather than the order in which they are executed. These values are often represented as higher-order abstractions such as lists, maps, and sets.

  1. Functional programming with exceptions

Functional programming with exceptions (FPE) is a programming paradigm that emphasizes the use of exception-handling techniques to make programs more robust. This paradigm also allows the programmer to write code that handles errors without resorting to nested “if” or “switch” statements.

  1. Compilation techniques

Compilation is the process of taking source code and turning it into executable code. The compilation process is implemented differently for many different programming languages, but most compilation processes follow a similar general pattern.

Importance of C++ programming

 The C++ programming language was created by an international standards committee as a heir to the Clanguage. C and C++ are similar but there are some fundamental differences between them including new features in C++ that make it easier to use.

C++ is a compiled language; its general-purpose nature makes it suitable for many different types of software including system software, library software and application software. A programmer can therefore use C++ to create any of these types of software.

The C++ programming language includes support for object-oriented programming. This is a set of techniques for developing software in which the different elements are composed out of other elements, often referred to as objects. The flexibility that results makes OOP quite popular among developers. OOP defines a number of software design patterns that programmers can use to create software.

In addition, C++ is designed to be supportive of extending and improving upon the language itself. As such, users of the language have developed many different libraries to assist in creating software.

C++ was designed to be supportive of procedural programming. This is a set of techniques for developing software in which the different elements are executed sequentially. The elements can be executed automatically by the operating system or by another element.

C++ is also designed to be supportive of functional programming. This is a set of techniques for developing software in which most elements are functions, and the biggest element of the program is a function.

CPRog is a popular programming language for scientific computations, numerical and scientific programming, signal processing and signal analysis, machine learning including data mining, financial applications and signal processing.

Units Studied Under C++ Programming 

  1. C++ language
  2. C++ OOPS concepts
  3. Exception handling
  4. Standard template library (STL)
  5. Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC)
  6. C++ I/O
  7. C++ data types
  8. Struct, union, class and enumeration
  9. File handling in C++ (Input and output)
  10. Pointers in C++
  11. C++ exceptions
  12. string handling
  13. Dynamic memory allocation
  14. C++ debugging and error handling
  15. C++ source file structure
  16. Working with strings in C++

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