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What is C# Programming Language

A programming language that is simple to start with, but gradually becomes more complicated as you advance in your knowledge of the language.

The C# programming language began as a Microsoft project that was created to compile the C and C++ languages on Windows. It was first released in 2001 in its most basic form and has since grown into a powerful object-oriented language which runs on different platforms.

C# was developed by Microsoft within the framework of their NET development initiative in 2000. The name derives from C and C++, and is a version of the language that retains C-like syntax but offers object oriented elements and has a number of new features, including support for inheritance, interfaces, and XML.

C# was designed as an improvement on the Visual Basic language to compete with Java but it can also be used on any platform that supports .NET. C# is simple, powerful, type-safe and dynamic programming languages.

Types Of C# Programming

  1. C# dynamic .

Dynamic Language is general purpose programming language. Everyone can learn it quickly. People who are not expert in programming also will be able to program without any difficulty by using this language.

  1. C# static .

Static Language is general purpose programming language. Every one can learn this language quickly. It is a type of complicated and advance programming language, no one can learn it easily in short period of time.

  1. C# non-static.
  2. C# class or interface.

Class: In C#, the user has to define the variables outside the method. If a variable is not defined outside, then compiler will complain.

NameSpace is an integrated collection of classes and its other components. Here we have used the System namespace called “System”. Namespace is a container which contains the group of related classes.

In most cases, people first learn the basic language syntax but never get to experience all that you can do with it until you start programming with it. That’s when you will learn more advanced features of the language.

  1. C# event listener/notify?

Event is a programming mechanism used to convey information between two objects (with the help of event handler). Someone who has knowledge in object oriented programming will be able to grasp the concept very easily. But, if you don’t know what it means by “object”, then this section is not very useful for you to understand.

  1. C# Algorithms.

Algorithm is a collection of steps to perform a function, that are pre-defined and designed in such a way that they can be carried out by any computer (personally or programmatically) and the same can be used in practice very easily.

  1. C# Programmers.

Programmer is a person who is responsible for making the computer work. Programming is the process of creating the program which involves translating the wants of user into algorithms and then writing them in computer language (C#). Programmers are those who write programs for computers.

 Importance of C# Programming

  1. C# is an open source (free) which allows you to use it free of charge.
  2. C# is purely object-oriented programming language; so it can be employed in both the web environment and desktop environment applications.
  3. C# is a portable programming language that means C# program can run on any platform, which supports .NET framework; it can run in any programming language environment like Java, Ruby, J# etc.
  4. One of the major advantages of using C# programming language is its easy learning curve i.e. beginners can also learn easily; it is simple programming language.
  5. C# is a high level language, so a user can make applications with its help so easily.
  6. C# is powerful programming language that has many features like add message property as per your requirements, has compile time checking feature and also run time checking tools like debugger etc.
  7. In case of any modifications in the code then you have to compile it again and again to check the modification clearly or it will give you error message at runtime (in case of using debugger).
  8. C# is an object-oriented programming language that uses the concept of “Object”.
  9. It also has multiple inheritance features that allow you to extend classes by inheriting from two or more base classes.
  10. C# supports strong typing i.e. each variable can store data of only its assigned type, this feature makes it secure programming language and helps to avoid type checking errors at compile time and run time.

 Units /Courses Under C# Programming

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  1. C# Programming for Beginners

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