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What is ActionScript

 ActionScript is an open, object-oriented programming language used for developing interactive applications and video games on the Adobe Flash platform. ActionScript is a scripting language for programming animations and other interaction within SWF animations. It was originally created by Macromedia Inc., the company responsible for creating Flash, until it was overtaken by Adobe Systems in 2005. ActionScript 3 (AS3) was released in 2008, and is still the most commonly used version of the language today.

ActionScript was written in a mix of C++, Smalltalk, and Java, to allow for fast implementations of animation. Flash uses an integrated scripting environment called SWF (SmartWrapper Format) which enables ActionScript code to be embedded into Flash movies.   additionally, It also allows Flash programmers to embed QuickTime movies and dynamic HTML into their SWF files. It is also possible to embed third-party built-in classes and libraries written in other languages like Java, C++, VBScript, Jscript, Python and Perl.

The source code for ActionScript is open, although there are no copyleft or distributable terms in it. Adobe retains the copyright on any modifications. Its position on open source has evolved over time, beginning as a completely proprietary language, but in March 2005, Adobe released the ActionScript reference source code under the Apache Software License. The Flash player’s bytecode remains proprietary.

There are two ActionScript compiler front-ends: one called the bytecode compiler (bc), and another called the “Sprite” compiler (Spr), that compiles AS code into a form called SWF files (“smart wrappers”).

Types of actionscript

They can be divided into three types depending on the way they are used.

  1. Control Block actionscript:

First, Control block actionscript is used in an application or any other movie to perform some task. In addition, the control block actionscript can contain the functions and variables.

For example:

There are two kinds of Control Block Actionscript object: Function and Variable. The function has a name, input parameters and output parameters, but does not have any data stored in it whereas the variable has data stored therein for which you cannot modify and also performs work when applied as a parameter.

  1. Data/Class actionscript:

Data can be stored in the class of actionscript. In addition, the data is modified and also used for performing tasks accordingly.

For example:

The above is an ActionScript class that provides help to new beginners to learn ActionScript without any difficulty. The Actionscript Class is created in order to learn the basic concepts of Data type and Control Block Actionscripts. The function of calculating a Profit Selling Price and Discount Selling Price are defined in this class.

  1. Method/Closure actionscript:

Method and Closure are also defined in Control Block Actionscript. The method is used to perform work and closed action is used to perform a procedure at a time.

For example:

Methods are defined in the class that resemble like functions in the traditional programming language. In addition, there is no required input parameter in Methods but there is a required output parameter that returns value(s).

Importance Of Actionscript

  1. It is an important part of the job in Flash, as it involves the animation and coding process.
  2. It is also an important part of computer programming as it provides you a solid foundation to learn other languages.
  3. It is a very flexible and powerful way of creating animations that are used in flash games and other applications.
  4. It helps you to understand how changes occur to your code and you can save the program state whenever required or running the program again with a changed code i.e. debugging.
  5. In addition, ActionScript has a Flash component model that enables programming the actions of objects on the screen using Actionscript and allows you to create other applications with Flash Player.
  6. Apart from this, ActionScript has a data structure that enables you to create and store data in the program code, whereas other programming languages do not provide such a feature e.g. C++ and Java.
  7. Further, actionscripts help you to create smooth animations and rich graphics with ease as Actionscript is a dynamic programming language that can be easily compiled into bytecode that can run on the Flash Player platform.
  8. Lastly, Flash Actionscript is an object oriented programming language that makes it easy for you to deal with the objects and their properties and their services.

Units/Course Studies Under Actionscipt

  1. Flash Professional CS4 -> The ultimate guide to using Flash professional CS4 features,
  2. ActionScript 3 Fundamentals -> Discover basics and advanced action script concepts,
  3. ActionScript 3 for Beginners: Begin with complete understanding of all the important areas of action script 3,
  4. ActionScript 3 for Flash 8 -> A beginners guide to action script 3 that’s specifically targeted at novice Flash developers with little or no experience with Action script,
  5. Advanced Flash CS3: The Definitive Guide -> Build rich media applications for the Web and beyond,
  6. ActionScript 2.0 Bible -> Beginners can learn how to use actionscript program in flash,
  7. ActionScript 2.0 Professional Made Easy -> Understand the basic and advanced concepts of actionscript 2.0,

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