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What is Taxation?

Taxation is a system for the distribution of the economic gains and burdens of society. The operation and effect of taxation are often referred to as public finance. Money or its equal in terms of taxation. Taxes can be direct or indirect and can be paid in cash, in kind, with assets, or in other ways. Failure to pay taxes is a criminal offense.

Not only is money and wealth taxed, but nearly everything else that may be sold or consumed is taxed as well—tobacco, fuel, and even the air we breathe. Governments levy taxes to fund public services and to rein in undesirable conduct. Individuals and organizations can decrease their tax liability by claiming deductions, claiming various allowances, and exploiting tax law loopholes.

Taxation Types

  1. Personal Income Tax

This is a tax on an individual’s income. To compute taxes, the government has to know how much income an individual earns, which can be determined in one of two methods. One is to hire individuals whose duty it is to investigate and ascertain all aspects of an individual’s income. The alternative would be to register one’s income, in which case he would almost certainly have to disclose more than he would prefer.

2.Corporate Income Tax

A corporation is defined as any business with a paid-up capital of more than $1,000 or that is registered with the Registrar of Companies. Corporations are required to pay corporate tax. It makes no difference if a single individual owns all the shares in a corporation or whether a group of individuals holds partial shares.

3.Individual income tax

Individuals who earn more than $5,000 or who are self-employed are required to pay personal income tax. This entails an examination and assessment of the individual’s pay packet. Depending on his wage and other source of income, he should receive a bill from the government outlining the amount of personal tax he will be required to pay each year.

  1. Taxes On Capital Gains

It is levied on gains from the sale of certain assets acquired as a result of payment or inheritance.

  1. Succession or Estate Duty

This is a tax on an individual’s estate after he or she dies. Although this type of tax is not charged in the majority of countries, it is still applicable in a few, such as the United States and India.

  1. Value-added tax or VAT

It is a requirement for the majority of commercial transactions. This is a Value Added Tax (VAT) that the seller of the goods must pay regardless of whether the goods were imported or purchased straight from the manufacturer..

  1. Duties on Imports

This tax is levied on the importation of a variety of goods and services. Typically, this is imposed at a country’s borders. For instance, a person purchasing a car from Japan will be required to pay import duties in Japan.

  1. Perform Duties

This one is mostly concerned with the importation of foreign liquor, cigarettes, tobacco and various types of pharmaceuticals that are consumed in comparable quantities to those consumed in their home nations.

  1. Tax On Customs

This one is levied on any items imported into the country in amounts greater than those permitted by law.

  1. Taxation by the Council

This is imposed on the usage of local council-provided facilities and services. This is typically in the form of a predetermined annual payment on top of the property’s worth.

  1. Business Taxation/Commerce:

This term refers to taxes levied on businesses, most notably those engaged in the import and export of products and services. This simply implies that, in addition to other taxes, businesses must pay this tax, which is calculated on the basis of employee count, profit, and turnover.

Importance of Taxation

  1. Taxes generate cash for governments to carry out critical functions.
  2. They protect citizens’ livelihoods by providing common defense, infrastructure, public safety, and health services such as medical care, education, employment, and social assistance.
  3. Taxes contribute to the upkeep of law and order in a civilized community. For instance, if there was no income tax, criminal elements would be unable to pay their court fees, and hence would face no punishment for their crimes.
  4. The tax system is the most convenient method of distributing resources automatically to their optimal uses.
  5. Taxes are necessary to provide for people’s retirement. This is because they may be unable to maintain themselves financially if they stop working. Thus, if an elderly person who has worked for a long period of time does not have sufficient funds for retirement, he will have to rely on his family, son, or daughter-in-law for support. If this is the case, the financial load on his or her children would be too great. This can put family relationships under strain.

Units Covered by Taxation Coursework

  • Taxation Fundamentals
  • Taxation Issues
  • Value Added Tax
  • Tax on Corporations
  • Taxation and TDS
  • Tax on Capital Gains
  • Reserved Tax
  • Fiscal Policies
  • Problems with Personal Income Taxation
  • Corporate Taxation Issues

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