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What is Politics and Public Policy?

The study or practice of influencing other people to agree with your point of view through discussion, debate, compromise, and voting. On the other hand, Public Policy is a set of laws, regulations, or other government decisions that are passed and help define what is allowed or not allowed. The world of politics gives us an opportunity to understand the problems that are around the world today and how they are solved. This is because politics involves the help of sacrifice and the use of rational thought. Politics is more than just a political system; it is a way to solve problems based on compromise.

In addition, it allows people to cooperate in order for them to work together for a common cause or goal consisting of many people. Even though this type of situation can be seen as ideal, some may argue that it is not possible due to our species nature. The purpose of this article is to present the different types and levels of politics that are involved with Public Policy. Also, it will present importance and units studied under Politics and Public Policy Coursework.

The Basic Types of Politics

There are many different types of politics that go on during the public policy process, but there are mainly three ways that it is done. The three basic ways are: Informal, Formal and Judicial (Cobb & Elder). These types have been broken down in order to help define each type more specifically.

a)Informal Politics

This type of politics is the most common type, and is considered to be the lowest level of politics. These types of politics were solely used during the nation’s early years when all major decisions were made by individuals or small groups (Cobb & Elder). This was also known as being a “top down” system, rather than a “bottom up” one (Cobb & Elder). In this system, government officials would make laws and interpret them in order to get their decisions through. This method is no longer used, because it is seen as an inefficient process and a way that the government could be easily manipulated.

  1. b) Formal Politics

This type of politics is typically used today, and it involves large amounts of people. This type was a “bottom up” system, which meant that the leaders are chosen by the citizens and they elect them to make general decisions regarding the laws that they would pass (Cobb & Elder). This type of politics is typically used because it is seen as a better way to handle government decisions, and the main reason for this is because it allows more people to get involved in the decision making process. This type of politics can vary in different areas and levels, but for the most part, it involves large amounts of people that will get together and discuss things so that they can come to a decision.

  1. c) Judicial Politics

This type is only used when politicians are not able to come up with an agreement, or have been blocked by another group of politicians (Cobb & Elder). This type of politics also includes the courts, which will make the final decision for a certain policy. This type can be seen as a last resort when everything else has failed. This is typically avoided at all costs, because it causes an inefficient process and can potentially cause policy paralysis (Cobb & Elder).

b) Public Policy

The public policy process is a system that is used in order to come up with decisions regarding the laws and regulations of the country (Cobb & Elder). This process has been instituted in order to keep checks and balances on government officials, so that they would not be able to change or manipulate the laws easily. The purpose of this is to make sure that the public good comes first, instead of the good of just one person or group (Cobb & Elder). This includes “primary decisions” and “secondary decisions”.

The Importance of the Public Policy Process

  1. a) Politics and Public Policy help ensure that the public good comes first in all major decisions, instead of the individual private good.
  2. b) They help ensure laws are properly written and that they are brought before the production of decision makers.
  3. c) They help to keep checks and balances on decisions made by politicians, so that no one can easily manipulate them.
  4. d) Public Policy helps to keep the laws up-to-date.
  5. e) Public Policy allows for people to be involved in the government process, in order to make sure that the laws are properly written (Cobb & Elder).

Units Studied Under the Coursework of Politics and Public Policy

The following units are studied in courses of politics and public policy:

  1. Political Philosophy
  2. Politics, Poverty and Place
  3. Urban Education and Policy Making
  4. International Relations
  5. Globalization and Politics
  6. Race and Ethnicity
  7. Political Participation in America 8. Public Policy
  8. Urban Politics
  9. Urban Poverty in America
  10. Urban Economic Development
  11. Political Behavior and Interest Groups in America
  12. Electoral Participation
  13. Policy Analysis
  14. Local Government
  15. State Government
  16. Federal Government
  17. American Government
  18. Public Administration
  19. Comparative Public Administration
  20. Urban Problems
  21. Multiculturalism, Immigration and Minority Issues

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