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What is Organizational Studies?

 Organizational studies are study, exploration and analysis about how organizations operate. It is a field that attempts to understand how organizations, as social systems, work. This field of study has been growing in recent years with emerging schools of thought and methodologies being developed by fields such as Management Studies which are interdisciplinary in nature. Organizational studies has gained popularity in the recent century with emerging social aspects of organizations such as how they operate and how they impact society, their relationships with other organizations and people, and the environment.

Organizations are social systems that are made up of individuals and groups that work together to reach a common goal or set of goals. Although there is no consensus on what constitutes an organization as a whole, it is generally accepted that there must be some sort of goal for the organization to achieve (Rhyne et al., 2002). Organizations have existed since the dawn of humankind and have now found multiple ways to support their management and organization. The ability to organize has served an important role in many aspects of human existence; some organizations have become better than others at achieving their goals.

 Types of Organizational Studies

  1. Industrial relations

The term industrial relations come from the idea that organizations exist within a larger economic setting and are therefore subject to the economic pressures that shape society. Industrial relations studies were initially used to develop laws and changes in laws concerning labor unions by government agencies such as the National Labor Relations Board, whose laws were passed between 1935 and 1947.

  1. Administrative studies

Administrative studies focus on the role of management and policies on organizations. The most prominent area is probably public administration, which examines the differences between public and private governance and is used to evaluate various governmental policies.

  1. Organizational behavior

Organizational behavior relies on a “behaviorist” approach that views organizations as a series of interlocking systems that are shaped by their members’ interactions with each other, with the environment and with artifacts in their organizational culture.

  1. Technology and society

Technology and society study the way technologies are influenced by their use in organizations. This field is especially interested in the way new technologies are used to shape organizational structure and processes, while also trying to understand how they change as a result of these changes.

  1. Postmodernism
  2. Critical management studies

Critical management studies incorporate political and social theory in its examination of individual organizations. It examines how these organizations are a reflection of the broader political and social setting around them, rather than looking at the relationship from an economic standpoint. Critical management studies also examine the role of discourse within an organization in order to understand how it views itself and how it might be viewed by others.

Importance of Organizational Studies

  1. Organizational Studies enable organizations to understand both their present and future challenges. They also help organizations understand how a certain product or service will benefit from consumers, which helps them to decide whether or not to produce it.
  2. Organizational Studies are used in almost every industry from fashion design to industrial machinery, because consumers expect it to dictate their decisions with regards to how products are marketed or advertised for example
  3. Organizational Studies are used by all types of organizations, whether small or large ones, such as small businesses, non-profit agencies or governmental organizations.
  4. Organizational Studies help organizations not only make progress but also have a positive impact on society as well by providing a better quality of life for all.
  5. Organizational Studies provide organizations with a more efficient way of working, which in turn creates a better customer experience.
  6. Organizational Studies are important because they help companies understand where they are at, what is working and what is not, and therefore allows them to determine the best direction to move forward in. They also help employees understand their role within the organization and what is expected of them, as well as how they can grow within it.
  7. Organizational Studies provide support for organizations, individuals and society as a whole because it gives organizations better ways of doing business and how to move forward, in addition to that, they help organizations to make the most out of what they do and make the decisions that need to be made for success in the future.
  8. Organizational Studies are important because it allows companies to change direction if necessary and move forward with new ideas to adapt.

The Units Studied Under Organizational Studies

  1. Communication
  2. Organization
  3. Management
  4. Leadership
  5. Career Planning and Development
  6. Team Building
  7. Conflict Management 8. Public Speaking
  8. Interviewing Skills
  9. Career Skills
  10. Organizational Behavior
  11. Group Dynamics
  12. Employee Relations
  13. social media

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