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What is Human Resource ?

 HR, or Human Resources, is the process of managing employees for an organization’s success. The goal of HR is to increase employee satisfaction and retention rates through fair treatment and a healthy work environment. If your company has made it this far without thinking about how to implement a basic HR department, it may be time for you to do so.

The HR team is made up of managers and supervisors who handle both personnel and administrative responsibilities. Managers are the hands-on, day-to-day leaders of all HR matters. Supervisors report to managers but typically handle training, discipline, employee relations, and benefits administration. Some organizations implement a hybrid model by having a manager in charge of personnel issues with additional responsibility for administration, supervision, and communication through a department called Human Resources Services (HRS).

Types Of Human Resources

  1. Recruitment: the process of finding suitable candidates for employment
  2. Selection: the process of evaluating and choosing a candidate who can best meet the employer’s needs
  3. Employment: the actual hiring of an employee
  4. Orientation: familiarization of a new employee with the policies and practices of an organization
  5. Benefits administration/administration/administration/management: responsible for administering benefits to employees, including health insurance, unemployment, and retirement benefits
  6. Administrative support: responsible for performing clerical tasks in the HR department
  7. Industrial relations: responsible for working with employees and union representatives to resolve issues, grievances, and disputes
  8. Employee relations: responsible for addressing employee concerns regarding pay, benefits, employer-related policies and procedures, and a work environment
  9. Occupational health services: a group that provides medical assistance to employees

Importance Of Human Resources

The most important thing to remember is that Human Resource Management (HRM) is a business decision. The human resource manager has to focus on the big picture, otherwise they’re spending all their time managing paperwork, and not creating customer relationships. By focusing their attention on creating a good hiring process and an environment of employee satisfaction they will generate more revenue for their company. Other importance of HR includes;

  1. Human resource management can guide the hiring process. A human resource manager has to consistently make smart hiring decisions. Smart hiring leads to better workforce productivity, which in turn increases revenue. Additionally, HRM can help get the right talent into the right positions.
  2. Human resource management helps a company manage its employees and their development by creating an environment where employees will work hard to become more productive. Also, because HRM is involved in employee training it impacts the company’s bottom line by reducing employee turnover rates and increasing workforce productivity.
  3. Human resource management has to create employee satisfaction by providing an environment that fosters job satisfaction, which in turn increases workforce productivity. Also, HRM provides employees with guidance and structure in their day-to-day jobs.
  4. Human resource management can help increase a company’s bottom line by generating revenue and increasing workforce productivity. By providing employees with state of the art training that is applicable to their work environment, HRM guides them through the job to job progression process and ensures that they are receiving the most appropriate training possible.
  5. Human resource management has to ensure that the company is compliant with state, federal and industry regulations. By taking the time to read, understand and comply with all appropriate laws, a company will avoid both fines and litigation. If a company isn’t compliant it is at an immediate risk of losing customers and causing long term damage to the company’s image in the market place, which can result in lost revenue.
  6. Human resource management is the first line of defense within the company to protect against legal liability. Since a company’s HR department will be handling all of an employee’s employment related issues, from payroll and benefits administration to making employment decisions, it places an organization at great risk for litigation. The best way to avoid legal action is to create an environment of employee satisfaction wherein mistakes are not made that can lead to litigation.
  7. Human resource management has the burden of protecting a company against negligent hiring lawsuits. Knowledge of an applicant’s previous employment is crucial for making good hiring decisions. A company must take the time to thoroughly investigate an applicant’s past employment before offering them a job in order to protect against wrongful hiring claims, which almost always involve HRM issues.
  8. Human resource management has the power to create an organizational climate that will allow a company to grow and thrive in the long term. Consistent attention to HRM can create an environment by which employees will be motivated to help a company succeed, as they are rewarded for their performance with monetary compensation. Employees who feel valued and rewarded are also more likely to take professional risks with their careers.
  9. Human resource management helps set the right tone within the workplace by creating a positive work environment that is conducive to productivity. By creating an environment that is conducive to productivity, HRM has created an environment where employees will embrace the new changes and innovations.
  10. Human resource management has the power to make a company successful by creating teamwork and collaboration between employees. Encouraging interaction among employees allowed them to effectively communicate with each other and share ideas and feedback, which in turn enhanced their ability to work together and grow as a team.

Units Studied Under Human Resource As a Subject

  • Organization, Culture and Leadership
  • HR Analytics
  • Performance, Reward and Motivation
  • Employee Relations and Employment Law
  • Employee Compensation
  • Human Resource Development and Training
  • Training and Organizational Development
  • Employee Relations
  • Occupational health
  • Administrative support
  • Industrial relations
  • Employee relations
  • Occupational health services

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