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What is Government?

 Government is a form of social organization in which the power to make and enforce laws is usually vested in a central authority such as a king, legislature, or Supreme Court in other words; Government is the system by which a state or group of people are ruled.

Government distinguishes between what is public and what is private, exercising some control over both. Those who govern are called government officials. In modern constitutional republics, government is composed of three equal branches: The executive Branch (comprised mainly of the president, other officers of the executive branch, and all high-ranking members of congress), The legislative Branch (comprised mainly by the senate and house), and The judicial Branch (comprised mainly by judges).

In a democracy, the people generally rule either directly or indirectly through a representative democracy. The people vote for their preferred leaders who elect a legislature which in turn makes the laws. In a direct democracy, the people vote directly on all issues. A form of government under which a single person or an assembly of people are considered to be both an individual and as such, sovereign – except when they make laws (non-sovereign).

“Government is rule by law. Governments are the law makers and the law breakers, who control the law and make decisions on it.  In a democratic government, elections are held regularly to select politicians for leadership and to vote on proposed laws.””In a democracy, the people may vote for or against a public official during an election. If, however, the majority of voters vote for the official, then the person is elected to office

Types of Government

  1. Monarchy: a system in which a nation or territory is ruled by an individual. Examples: Saudi Arabia, Bhutan
  2. Aristocracy: a social class with great political power, especially hereditary ruling class. Examples: Japan, The UK
  3. Oligarchy: government by the few; an elite that holds power. Example: China
  4. Oligarchic Democracy: a social and political system of government in which many people have power because of their private wealth, connections, or other means. Example: United States
  5. Social Democracy: a form of government in which government is controlled by the workers and serves them, rather than the rich or corporate employers. Examples: Sweden, France
  6. 6.Democratic Republic: a form of government in which people vote for their leaders. Examples: Japan, China

Importance Is a Government

  1. Government is key to the safety and well-being of the people. Having a good government is essential to creating a peaceful and prosperous country and a successful community. Without a government, people could easily fall into a state of disorder and anarchy.
  2. Government is necessary in order to maintain a nation’s security and provide for the wellbeing of its citizens. Without proper government there would be no way to prevent crime and terrorism which could be detrimental to the health of the entire community.
  3. Government provides us with essential services, such as the police, the fire department, and public transportation.
  4. A government is necessary to provide public services, including water and sanitation, education, health care and social protection. Even though these services are provided by the government they require tax payers in order to fund the resources that are needed in order to build and maintain the infrastructure necessary for these services
  5. The government is needed to maintain a free and fair economy. Without laws, order and rules in place, the economy would be then run by the biggest corporations, who would not have any concern for the health of that country’s population.
  6. In order to prevent or control crime, a stable and well-functioning government is required. The police need to be able to help citizens without fear of being hurt or killed themselves. In order to create this sense of protection, the government is needed.
  7. By upholding the law and providing essential services a government can show that it can be counted on to provide for the needs of all its citizens, regardless of their status or position in society.
  8. A good government promotes a healthy economy and social programs that benefit an entire country and its population at large; without government, countries could all fall into poverty and chaos.
  9. A good government creates a sense of security and freedom for the people who live in it; without a government, there would be no rule of law and citizens could often feel unsafe and helpless.
  10. Without the proper level of security and freedoms, humans would not be able to lead fulfilling lives in their culture.

Units Studied Under Government As a Subject

  • Economics: microeconomics, macroeconomics.
  • Psychology: Human nature, perception and personality
  • Sociology: social class structure and social structure for man or woman
  • Geography: Geographical perspective of a nation
  • Fundamentals of Government
  • Theories of Government
  • Politics and Public Policy
  • Public Sector, Private Sector and Social Sector
  • Types of Government
  • Systems of Government
  • Role of Citizens in a Democratic System

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