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What are Econometrics?

Econometrics is a scientific approach to the study of economic theory, empirical observations and theoretical elements that aim to quantify and analyze economic activity.

One of the main applications of econometrics is in the measurement and study of economic policy. It is often used by governments, international organizations, and central banks to evaluate the effects of a given policy on an economy.

Economists use this information to design better development policies for two countries or states in different economic conditions. This subject also heavily relies on mathematical modeling to predict future trends and results, as well as collect data about current developments.

The first econometricians were Swiss mathematician Jean-Baptiste Say and French mathematician Antoine Lavoisier. Say was largely responsible for the development of Say’s Law in 1803, which provides a model for understanding how production on the supply side will respond to demand fluctuations on the demand side.

Econometrics has the following five main categories:

  1. Estimation

Econometrics is used for analyzing and estimating relationships between economic variables. Data is collected by performing measurement and estimation activities, including observation of historical data, which can be collected from secondary sources, or from primary surveys or experiments. The advantage of using econometrics to estimate relationships in economics is that it provides a reliable way to gain knowledge on economic structure. These estimations are based on some assumptions, therefore they should be considered with caution.

  1. Forecast

Econometrics is used to predict future events, based on analysis of data and other information. It is necessary in the analysis of historical data to determine the objectives of the study first, so that later the correct tools can be applied to attain these goals.

  1. Prediction with Statistical Tools in Applied Economics and Business Statistics

Economic predictions are made within a given framework or model using statistical understandings for analyzing different variables in economics, such as inflation levels or unemployment rates. Econometric models are tested against historical data.

  1. Estimations of relationships between variables with the use of statistical tools in applied economics and business statistics; e.g., estimations of relationships between variables, such as coefficients of relationship.
  2. Forecasting or prediction with the use of statistical tools in applied economics and business statistics; e.g., forecasting or prediction for consumption, demand or employment levels with use of sophisticated statistical models in econometrics (this is more often used to forecast economic outcomes with a particular purpose).
  3. Analysis of empirical relationships for the purpose of making inferences about the population.

One major result of econometric approach is that it has allowed economists to analyze and study relationships in a more consistent way within a wide range of time periods, situations and variables. It has allowed economists to develop simple theories that explain the past behavior patterns so that they can be used as forecast tools for future events.

Importance Of Econometrics

  1. One of the main benefits of econometrics is that it develops a way to explain the past behavior patterns; therefore it can be used to forecast future events. Econometrics is very useful in forecasting the future of the economy or a country. Employment rate, gross domestic product, inflation rates and interest rates are some of the examples that have been heavily studied with econometrics.
  2. It is also important because it enables economists to make more accurate predictions of a variety of outcomes, such as prices and quantities, consumer purchasing decisions, real wages, nominal wages and unemployment levels; therefore it allows them to draw conclusions about the future of a certain object based on this particular scenario.
  3.  It is also important because it can be used in forecasting important variables such as consumer spending, the econometric model must take into account many different factors such as consumer tastes, technological progress, changes in past prices and prices of goods which are not directly related to consumer behavior.
  4. Econometrics allows the use of simple models that can be used to make reliable predictions for future events. Econometric models are tested against historical data to observe whether or not they can be applied to new empirical data.
  5. It enables economists to make more accurate predictions of a variety of outcomes, such as prices and quantities, consumer purchasing decisions.
  6. The research is useful in understanding the nature of economic theory and policy because it tries to explain why prices and quantities rise, fall or remain unchanged.

Topics Under Econometrics

  1. Mathematical statistics
  2. Forecasting, prediction and projection
  3. Statistical data analysis
  4. Time series
  5. Data processing and management: Model testing, estimation and inference
  6. Econometric model fitting
  7. Econometric methodology
  8. Spatial econometrics
  9. Advanced econometrics
  10. Econometrics applications
  11. Econometrics techniques
  12. Econometrics research

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