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The freshman and subsequent college years can be very frustrating for students when suddenly assignments begin to mount up followed by high expectations on thorough research and well formatted assignments. Finally, when the emphasis is on turning in assignments on time, students get overwhelmed and lose the life of freedom they were accustomed to during their high school years.

Let’s just say that the first college year may just as well be the most forgiving of all their college years. Beyond this year, the workload is bound to increase from one year to the other, studies become more complicated, and yes, you need to score a good grade lest you find yourself retaking a course which is time-consuming, costly, and altogether demoralizing.

These are the moments when students rethink their strategies. In a bid to manage both overwhelming studies and still maintain a pleasant social life. Fortunately, college paper help services abound in this era. The only challenge that exists is selecting a credible service provider that will exceed your expectation in offering the service you need.

In addition to getting well written academic writing assignments, handing them in on time, and earning good grades, you get to understand what a well-written paper looks like and probably pick out some valuable points. This is because you may not always have the luxury of getting help with all your college papers. 

Pre-Written Essays vs College Paper Help Writing Online

Even with getting help, everyone has a path to choose. It is possible to buy pre-written papers for the topic of choice or have the paper custom written from scratch. Frankly, this is a decision that lies entirely with the student based on their need at the time. Still, let’s see the pros and cons of both prewritten and custom written papers. 

College paper help writing online

Custom written papers are done from scratch after a student has shown commitment by making the required payment. Unlike pre-written papers, a student gets to liaise with the writer who is responsible for writing his/her paper. This is usually considered the best college paper writing service since work produced is unique and relevant to the topic that the student has given. 


  • Unique work. Because the papers are custom written from scratch, they are normally unique with no plagiarisms. Credible service providers will run your paper through a plagiarism checker before sending it to you.
  • Written to specifications. Custom written papers are written according to the rubrics and instructions provided by the student. One is sure of getting relevant content.
  • Quality and other issues are dealt with in advance. As the client, you are allowed to ask for a revision or edit of certain parts of your paper until you are satisfied with the work.


  • You need time. Yes you need time. Some may argue that you may request your paper to be done within a short time. While this is possible, we all agree that a well-written and thoroughly proofread paper needs adequate time. Secondly, short notices come with cost implications.

Pre-written college papers

As the title suggests, at the time of purchase, pre-written essays have already been done and are just waiting to be purchased. In essence, you get your essay as soon as you pay for it. These essays have come in handy when students need close reference for a topic assignment they are working on or plain simple just need to buy an assignment to submit as their own without waiting for it to be written.


  • They are readily available. All it takes is a simple search of your paper title and you land scores of pre-written papers. The onus is on you to pick the right paper. You can search for your paper based on qualification level, course, or discipline.
  • Available preview. Most sites will allow you to preview the first one or two paragraphs of the paper before making a payment. This allows you to evaluate whether the paper meets your standard in terms of quality and relevance to the topic.
  • The time factor. Pre-written essays are a saviour when you have run out of time and all you want to do is just hand in your assignment without doing it or waiting for it to be done for you.


  • Alignment issues. Pre-written essays may not align well to the topic of your choice unless it is a very common topic. Therefore, you may have to put in some work to make it relevant to your topic which sometimes is much work or risk being penalized on the grounds of plagiarism.
  • Quality issues. Pre-written essays may not attain the quality mark that you want. There is no room for you to request for editing and revision plus you miss the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with the writer to have the paper customized to suit your needs.
  • You may not get what you pay for. Paper titles can be deceiving. Usually, you are never allowed to preview the entire paper before buying it. This means that there is a high possibility of paying for a paper that will not be helpful eventually.
  • Several clients can buy the same paper. This boils down to plagiarism and when it heats closer home, do not be surprised to find that a coursemate has bought the same paper.

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To begin with, due to the increase in internet access, there are so many online companies offering college students with paper writing services. As a result, many students are seeking college paper help online. However, most of these students fall prey to companies that are out to enrich themselves at the expense of service. Furthermore, these companies parade as a fraud and have no idea how to write college papers.

Writing college papers is very time consuming and stressful. In that by the time students are getting done with their papers, they are too exhausted to prepare for exams. In most cases, assignments cause students sleepless nights, since they are not familiar with writing essays or the topics given to them by their instructor is challenging.

Before you come up with a good college paper, you will need to follow very strict guidelines in addition to applying formal language guidelines. Also, your essay outline has to be concise and well-structured. In most cases, instructors require you to present profound research before submitting the main paper.

This can be too demanding. In fact, make you confused. As a result, you need a professional academic writing service that can relieve you from all college paper writing stress. This is how we come in, we are a team of educated writers, dedicated to helping college students with their academic writing assignments at any time.

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