Case Study Interview: Questions and Answers


What is a Case study interview? 

Case study interview are also referred to as case study questions. Case study questions were initially introduced to the concept of interview by management consulting organizations.

Uses of Case study interviews:

  1. Case study interviews are now used by very many employers all over the globe to test candidates on their creativity, problem solving skills and analytical skills.
  2. Case study interviews are also used to test the understanding of candidates on the ability to interpret information from charts, tables and basic commercial principles.
  3. Case study interviews have been used in the past to give candidates a higher sense of the type of work they will be undertaking for that particular firm and format. It is very common to find case study exercises being linked to e-tray exercises, group exercises, written exercises in assessment centers.

Typically, a case study interview involves a business scenario that can be presented to a potential candidate in one or several pages. The business scenario on the paper often consists of a condition that involves a client business and the work of the candidate being interview is to comment on what kind of advice would be given to a client in the same situation.

In a case study interview, you could be given some time to investigate or study the kind of information providers and later allowed to discuss the case study which should be part of your interview.

In case study interview , interviewers look for;

  • The ability for interviewees to reason logically
  • The ability for interviewees to justify their points clearly with reference to the case study being used
  • The ability for interviewees to have an understanding of basic principles of commerce
  • A sense of interviewees strengths and weaknesses

Case Study Answers

While attending a case study interview, candidates are advised to remember that answers to the case study should not have specific knowledge but instead explore all the details and principles of the case as per field in which the case study is developed.

Many questions asked during a case study interview should be responded to with common sense. Any data that is needed for answering the case study interview can be provided to you in advance.

In certain instances, those attending a case study interview may be required to have little or no background data about the questions being asked.

However, this will put so much pressure on the candidates because they will be forced to design ways in which they can work out a solution to the problem basing on their own knowledge or maybe analyse the information admittedly.

However, do not panic!

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