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We are here lending you a helping hand with so much honesty asking you to allow us to assist you; the “can’t do my homework tab” works very well for any student who has issues with their homework. Schools and colleges have gone digital to offer blended learning or completely virtual classes. The difference between online and blended learning is that blended learning combines face-to-face and online sessions to deliver learning. Online learning, on the other hand, delivers lessons purely online. Classes, tests, assignments, exams, and grading are all delivered online. Online courses can be live interactive classes or recorded tutorials to allow students to undertake self-paced learning and complete it at their own convenient time.

Frequently asked homework questions

  1. How many assignments do I have? Ideally, an assignment should be given after every lesson. This means that every day, a student should have at least one or two assignments. So as not to forget, check all the lessons you have had in a day and then record which homework was given for each one of them.
  2. When are the assignments due? Every assignment has a deadline. Most commonly, one week is given for each assignment to be completed. As you list down your assignments, also list down their deadlines. Always ask if you are not sure about the deadlines.
  3. When will I do the assignments? Give yourself adequate time to do each assignment in the course of the week. Try to finish your assignments before the deadline to have some time to go through them before handing them to your lecturer.
  4. In what order should I do the assignments? Prioritize your homework in order of their deadline and difficulty. This way, you can plan your time well.
  5. How do I do my homework? It is advisable to read the lesson’s available resources sometime before the lesson starts to familiarize yourself with the topic. In many cases, teachers will give handouts for the next lesson. This will make it easy for you to understand the concepts that are going to be taught. After the lesson, attempt all the questions given in your assignment before tapping the “can’t do my homeworktab to seek assistance. Ideally, you should start by doing the ALCUMUS assignments if any then do the challenge problems, and finally the writing assignments.
  6. How can I keep track of the homework I have been given? Well, manually, it is not easy but it is possible to track your progress by keeping your diary close to you all the time. Alternatively and this is what has worked for many institutions, using your school’s homework tab helps you organize yourself a great deal. Simply download the app on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone. This application helps your track your homework progress, create reports, formulate your learning goals, and much more.
  7. What grades do I intend to earn? This is a question with unique answers for every student. You know what grade you would like to achieve. Having your desired grade in mind at the start of the semester/term helps you to create goals that you will work towards. Also, during the term, you will earn points when you complete assessments and assignments. Evaluate your grade for each subject to identify areas that need improvement.

The solution: The homework tab

A typical online school dashboard includes, among others, a homework tab that allows students to complete their homework online or do it offline and upload it on the site for the lecture to mark and grade. Usually, homework will be given after a live online classroom in the form of a written assignment, assessment test, discussion, and quizzes to name but a few. For some schools, the homework tab is also available in the form of an app that students can download on their smartphones and track their assignments on the go.

Fundamentally, the purpose of the homework tab is to:

  • List all the homework given to the students
  • Provide information about the type of homework given
  • Give information about the resources required to do the homework
  • Give detailed requirements about each homework
  • Give information on how much time is given for each homework to be done
  • Communicate the submission deadlines

A student is expected to log in and take live lessons or watch a video lesson before attempting an assignment. Assignments are given almost every day so a student has to be on their toes to beat the deadlines. For most, assignments will be time-bound which means that after the timelines allocated to it elapse, the submit button expires. The student then has to get in touch with the lecturer to find alternatives to submitting the assignment or lose marks altogether.

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It doesn’t get easier when you have too many deadlines and responsibilities. You can easily find yourself forgetting to track your assignments and losing marks for not submitting your assignments. Yes, this happens a lot. If you happen to have a very strict lecturer, you will not have the luxury of submitting your assignments past their deadlines.

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Services we offer

  • Watch video tutorials on your behalf and complete the assignment that will be given after
  • Take part in discussions
  • Take eLearning programs
  • Edit and proofreading completed assignments
  • Take student quizzes
  • Take student online assessments and tests

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