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Other than the routine educational activities, there are numerous extracurricular activities that are needed to keep students on toes in their academic life. Such like activities include writing speeches, creating course outlines and assignment outlines, taking up short quizzes in class, engaging in debates and other activities that have academic color.

Many times, learners do not take up outlines and speeches because they know they require to write them. Thus opt for purchasing these two from well-known content writers of with advertising heads that read ‘buy a speech and outline’. Students often drawback from writing their own speeches and outlines. Because of the fear of plagiarizing. Also, since writing takes too much of their time making them tired at the end of the writing journey.

Exceptional student orators cannot take part in speech if they have no idea how writing them down is done. This makes students have one way of having these speeches and outlines which is downloading them from the internet. Because students are not also familiar with plagiarism guidelines .They download copy-pasted materials from the internet which causes them humiliation and embarrassment before their peers and instructors.

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