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What makes a great college admission essay?

A well-written admission essay is one that:

  • Carries a thoughtful title. Titles are powerful tools for capturing the reader’s attention right off the bat. Keep it simple, meaningful, and straightforward yet memorably attention-grabbing. Your title should arouse curiosity in the reader and beckon them to read right through to the end.
  • Written to the prompt. Each college or university has its requirements and prompts to which every prospective student should structure their essays. Ensure that you meet the all requirements and that your essay follows the guidelines provided in detail.
  • Includes specific details. Responses to requirements are written with a high level of detail. Responses should reflect one’s knowledge about an institution, commitment to the program being applied for, and the seriousness with which the decision to apply for the program was made. Generic responses are a turn-off.
  • Uses clear, concise, demonstrative language.
  • Focus on describing one’s personality. Too many essays get disqualified on the grounds of describing themselves vaguely. Pick a specific personality trait that aligns with the requirements or one that gives you a competitive edge and talk about this with specific examples or achievements. It is very tempting to reproduce your resume by touching on every personality trait that you feel you possess.

Some Valuable College Admission Formatting Tips

Most college essays will require you to write into a text box. It is a good idea to draft and format your essay on a word processing document and then copy and paste it into the text box. While doing so, remember to:

  • Have a title only when it has been specified that you should include one.
  • Reformat your essay in the textbox after copy pasting it especially because you tend to lose the paragraph spacing.
  • Use an easily readable font with clearly marked out margins most preferably at 1-inch and a 1.5 or 2.0 spacing for your font
  • Confirm that all your essay was copied and pasted without being cut off.
  • Check that you have adhered to the word count requirements. Some text boxes will reflect a slightly higher word count for your essay compared to the count on a word document.

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