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Have a full circle business plan from our writer, we are a home of top-rated talent business plan writers for hire online “near me”. Hire an expert and acquire the business you want.

Professional Business Plan Writers For Hire Near Me

EssayMojo is a top-rated business plan writing service that is dedicated to helping small businesses and start-ups to come up with professionally written business plans for their businesses. We also assist students ace their business plan writing assignments. Therefore, whether you need help with your assignments, a plan to help you make critical business decisions as you start your business, or write a detailed business proposal, EssayMojo is here to help.

We acknowledge that people struggle to write business plans, whether for academic or business purposes and that many self-written business plans never make it to acquire funding. This is why we are here to help you write your business plan.

Why You Need A Business Plan

A properly written business plan is important for any start-up business or business venture. Warming the hearts of investors or putting them off; securing or failing to secure a business loan all depends on the quality and professionalism of the business plan one will present. However, not all business people possess refined business writing skills.

Such people benefit significantly from professional business plan writing services.

Types of Business Plans

There are several types of business plans depending on their purpose and their content. Business plans can be written to seek financing, to layout investment plans, or lay the ground for a new business or venture, or to give bearing to certain aspects of an already established business.

Here are five common types of business plans.

  1. Start-up plan
  2. Strategic plan
  3. Feasibility plan
  4. Operations plan
  5. Growth or expansion plan

Writing a Business Plan

Business plans, as we have already mentioned can be written for various purposes. Again, they can be written by students for their assignment or business owners for their business. Even so, business plans at any level are written in more or less the same format. Thus understanding the process of writing and the components of a business plan is vital to writing a professional business plan.

A standard business plan includes the following components.

  • Executive summary

The executive summary provides an overview of the business plan and should briefly and clearly, in one or two pages, highlight the most important aspects of the business. While an executive summary is written at the start of the plan, most people prefer to write it last.

  • Company description

The company description highlights essential information about the business such as the business vision, goals, objectives, products or services, organizational structure, customers, and how your business qualifies to offer the products/services it intends to offer, and what competitive advantage it has over other businesses in the same space.

  • Market analysis

The market analysis presents an in-depth analysis of the industry or the market you will be venturing into. It highlights your target market, industry trends, themes, and other details of the market you intend to break into. It should also include specific details about the size of your target market segment and other demographics, sales forecasts, and the business advertising strategy.

  • Competition analysis

This component of the business plan analyzes competition. It does a strength/weakness analysis of both direct and indirect competition and highlights the advantages that your business will have over the competition.

  • Management team

This is basically the organizational structure of the business. This component introduces the management team of the business and their skills, roles, and responsibilities. These would include partners, the board of directors members, the board of advisors, and managers. Also, it highlights shareholders and investors if any.

  • Product plan

A business plan needs to include a section dedicated to giving a detailed comprehensive description of your products/services including their function, life, raw materials, suppliers, cost of production, how they meet customer needs, and the expected profit from sales.

  • Sales and marketing strategy

How do you intend to create awareness of your product? How do you intend to get your product or service out to your target market? How much will you need to promote and distribute your products?

  • Financial plan

This is a projection of the business’ monthly revenue and profits with reference to valuations of other businesses that have applied the same business model. Projections should be long-term and short term i.e monthly, yearly, and over a period of five years.

  • Appendix

The components of a business plan should not be explained only using narratives. It needs visualizations like comparison tables, charts, graphs, and other illustrations to better explain some points and concepts. All these should be included in the appendix.

Professional Business Plan Writing Services Near Me

Corporate business writing plan service is that service that every business person needs to use especially when they need to make a long-lasting impression on their stakeholders and their investors.

Are you in need of hiring a professional business plan writers for hire near you? EssayMojo has a vibrant team of business plan writers for hire who are on standby waiting to assist you.

All our writers have the needed knowledge and ability to assist new business planners and those wishing to enter into new ventures develop accurate business plans that can get them the financial assistance they need to bring their projects into realities.

Our team of professional business plan writers for hire and qualified consultants has designed systems that make it easy for them to work closely with our clients looking at their business idea from all angles that will be of benefit to them.

Besides this, hiring a professional business plan writer for hire from EssayMojo will not only bring you a great impression. But also, help to increase your chances of acquiring the best business funding.

Tips: 5 Proven Business Plan Writing Steps From Our Experts

Hiring a professional business writer to write your business plan for you is not enough. You need to know the steps needed to create an effective business plan so that you can be able to go through the process on your own in the future.

Nevertheless, it is not enough to have a professional business plan writer near you work on your paper, knowing the simple steps of writing a business plan could help counter-check or cross-check what your professional has done.

  • Discover. The first step into writing a successful business plan is to discover. Yes, you have been assigned to an efficient MBA business plan writer near you. Yes, but has he discovered the map or your company? Has he discovered your target market, your financial objectives, or your key milestones?
  • Research and financials. In writing a business plan, you need to use technical market research techniques that will help you acquire current statistics and data for your new company. Hiring a professional business plan writer near you who has 5 years of experience in pro forma financial is necessary.
  • Edit and Proofread: Once you have modeled and completed your plan, you should find ample time to go through your composition, review it and have feedback.
  • Graphic Design: Hiring a professional business plan writer who has knowledge of graphic designs is necessary. Because graphic designing gives you a professional and polished look that comes to complement your brand.
  • Print and Submit: Is your final plan appealing to you? Are you 100 percent sure that you are happy with your final copy? Then print it and hand it over to your instructor. However, this is optional at times professors could need you to submit soft copies of your final paper via email.

In just 4 Steps:

Hiring Professional Business Plan Writers of Your Choice

We have high-level experienced writers who have years upon years of experience at the mention of writing business plans.

We have served thousands of clients who have come back to seek our professional business plan writing services again and again. If you are not satisfied with us being your best choice. Feel free to go through the sample business plans we have written in the past. Besides, our client reviews.

You may want to type, “professional business plan writers for hire near me” on your search engine and liaise with professionals to help you write your business plan.

Think twice about whether you should not use our service. We are the best solution for you and no other. Why wait!

What we bring to your table has for many years helped both students, start-ups, and established business owners to create professional business plans. Here is what you will benefit from by enlisting our services:

  • Highly professional services from our experienced business plan writers who only know how to deliver the best results.
  • In-depth specialized knowledge and insight from business plan writers for hire who are qualified in different specializations.
  • Transparent, timely, and fast services
  • Access to a wide database of industry figures
  • High success rates with investors and financial institutions
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

Business Plan Writing Services That We Offer

Professional business plan writing services offered by EssayMojo include:

  • Business plan writing
  • Business plan proposal writing
  • Business plan editing and proofreading
  • Powerpoint presentation design
  • Business plan request for funding
  • Financial projections
  • Business plan strategies
  • Sales and marketing strategies.

Bottom Line

Business plans are neither easy nor cheap to create. However, if well-done, they will give back to the business generously over time. Secondly, they will give you, the business owner, bearing in your operations and decisions. They can also be used to evaluate your progress against the initial plan, identify causes for variance, and address them to keep the business on track. Writing a business plan comes with immense benefits.

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