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Whats is Organizational Behavior ?

Organizational behavior is the study of working life. It examines how people’s behaviors at work are influenced by their personal, social, organizational and environmental factors. In other words, it’s the study of human behavior in the workplace.

Specifically, what happens when people interact with each other in an organization – whether that organization is a large corporation or a small grocery store? It looks at things like leadership and teamwork as well as why people might be motivated or demotivated to do their jobs well.

There are lots of different ways to approach organizational behavior. The most common way is to look at it in terms of three broad areas: individuals, groups and organizations.

Individuals are the human beings who make up all organizations. Organizational behavior looks at how individuals form groups and how these groups reflect and shape their organizations.

The second part of organizational behavior is about groups. All organizations are made up of at least one group – sometimes many groups including teams, departments, divisions etc., depending on their structure. Organizational behavior looks at what different kinds of groups do and how they interact with each other in an organization.

Organizations are the third and last part of organizational behavior. Organizational behavior looks at how these groups work together and why they do – including things like how they hire or dismiss people and what they reward or punish people for, as well as how they manage conflict among themselves.

 Types of organizational behavior

  Organizational behaviors are all the interactions that occur between members of an organization in an attempt to sustain or increase performance. These interactions look down on the company as a whole, rather than focusing on its parts.

In classifying organizational behavior, there are 4 types of organizational behavior that are usually referred to:

  1. Inter-Group Behavior- This refers to any form of behavior that occurs between two or more individuals who belong to different groups. Inter-group behavior is built on the basis of equilibrium theory, which states that individuals within a group will behave in a manner that would result in equilibrium between the subgroups.
  2.  Intra-Group Behavior- This refers to any form of behavior that occurs between members within the same group, who have different goals. The intra-group behavior involves the division of members according to their behaviors, competence, and achievement.
  3.  Organizational Norms – This refers to the behaviors that are usually unspoken and implied, which can be viewed as guiding rules of an organization. These include the interaction patterns, goals, attitudes and values that are practiced in an organization. These play a major role in attaining the goals of an organization.
  4. Organizational Culture -This refers to the beliefs, values, and behaviors that are prevalent and deeply held within an organization. This culture is unique to each and every organization based on their history and past experiences. These contribute to the survival of an organization as a whole, rather than on its parts.

Importance of organizational behavior

  • Enhancing personal effectiveness and work productivity as well as increasing your chances of success overall.
  • An understanding of people and the way they work can be applied at all levels of an organization. This is a rare skill which is not taught in traditional training programs.
  • It helps improve our ability to make decisions, recognize effective actions to take, as well as leading our colleagues towards taking action as well.
  • It helps us understand the organizational structure and supports us in working within that structure.
  • Helps improve our understanding of an organization which is a key component to success in any type of job or business venture.
  • It helps us to understand and to anticipate the actions of colleagues and superiors.
  • It helps by identifying the organizational roles of individuals.
  • Helps in dealing with change, personal success and leadership at the same time.
  • Helps in understanding what a job role requires, managing our own behaviour within that role, as well as working with others within that role and the organization overall.

 Courses/units studied under Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior is an interdisciplinary field that draws on psychology, sociology, social anthropology and organization theory.

Courses/units under Organizational Behavior include:

  1. Interpersonal relationships
  2. Group behavior
  3. Job design and stress management training
  4. Organizational culture and leaderships training
  5. Organization design and change management
  6. Workplace surveys
  7. Work-related stress management training and counseling
  8. Workplaces and the environment
  9. Disaster recovery and teams
  10. Culture and organization
  11. Organizational change, culture and leaderships training

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