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What is an information system?

An information system is a set of hardware or software tools that help an organization meet its goals through proper management of people, processes, data and resources. They are designed to support the internal goals and objectives of the organization, especially those that are strategically critical. Information systems are important because they help organizations achieve their goals

This course provides a foundation in the systems and processes that inform organization decision-making. The course explores the use of IT to collect, store, analyze, and share managerial data. Students explore how information is managed for an enterprise through computing technologies and discuss the organizational, legal, ethical and security concerns that arise from collecting and managing information.

“Management Information Systems” is one of those courses you might have thought was too boring or superficial to pay any attention to in school. It’s not. It’s a very important course that every business person should take. Unlike many of the technical courses, this is one where you can take your time and actually think things through and read the textbook (there’s even a case study).

Types of Management Information Systems includes:

– Data processing systems ; it involves the use of machine to process data

– Data communication systems ; it involves the transmission, processing and exchange of information.examples include:

– Teleconferencing software; it involves the.

– Managed database systems

– Computer-based communication systems

– Business intelligence tools and techniques

– Decision support systems ; these are computerized applications that help decision makers by drawing on access to a wide range of data

– Computerized information systems; it entails the use of computer technology to manage information resources. Data processing systems include:

– Data base management system (DBMS)

– Computerized inventory control system (CICS)

– Computerized medical record keeping system (CMRK)

– Computerized patient record keeping system (CPKR)

– Computerized billing systems

Methods of organizing data include:

 – Hierarchical database design in which data is stored in a tree structure to expedite retrieval and analysis.

– Network databases that are organized into a graph shape that makes it easier to find connections among related data.

– Hierarchical and Network Databases

– Expert systems use a knowledge base that is encoded in computer language to answer questions and make recommendations.

– Multidimensional databases that can store large quantities of data, both numerical and text.

– Object-oriented databases use a model of the data in objects, or collections of data relevant to an application. One object can be composed of other objects, forming a hierarchy that helps the computer find and retrieve information more efficiently.

Importance of management information systems

 Management information systems are used to organize, store, analyze and share managerial data. With the emergence of MMS, the need for IT professionals has increased significantly.

The purpose is to provide an index of management information systems that cover a wide range of topics and are viewed from different perspectives in the field of computer science. Topics include database management, computer-assisted collaborative problem solving, intelligent software agents and web-based technologies.

A software system that provides information to managers, customers or other users in an organization with the purpose of improving their performance and viability in business. For example, it could assist a manager with sales or customer service. In data warehousing systems, data is stored in a set of files that can be searched for useful information.

The field of management information systems comprises disciplines whose goal is to understand and operate modern computing systems in organizations, which are the result of management practices and structures.

The management information system is an set of information technologies and processes that are being used to accumulate, store and handle data for the purpose of providing it for individuals within the organization.

The key to defining a management information system is a clear understanding of its purpose. In order to effectively use an MIS, it has to be aligned with strategies, goals and objectives that are needed by the company in order to be successful. MIS should not be treated as a separate entity but should be considered part of the whole.

Units or Courses Studied Under Management Information System

  The following are courses or units taken under management information system :


– Accounting

– Analysis of variance

– Advanced computer programming languages

– Database design and administration

– Database tools and techniques

– Data warehouse architecture

– E-business enterprise content management system (ECMS)

– Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

– Information security

– Information technology management

– Intranet site construction

– integrated Internet information system (IIIS) unit

– Management Information Systems unit

– MIS training unit

– Open source software development unit

– Online.


  • Data warehousing systems and data mining
  • Process Validation and Design of Experiments
  • Development of Web Based Applications
  • Introduction To Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Statistical Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Budgeting and Planning
  • Strategic Studies
  • Marketing
  • Leadership and management skills

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Careers you might get with a degree in Management Information Systems:

 Bank Manager

  • Computer programmer/IT personnel
  • Data analyst
  • Finance manager
  • Financial consultant/consultant for financial management
  • General management positions in a bank, supermarket, retail shop, industrial zone etc.