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Apart from developing a reading culture in students, book reports are intended for developing students’ creativity and imagination, improving attention, building vocabulary, and improving grammar. Book reports are one of the most common assignments in college.

A book report should be informative. It is a summarized objective discussion of the content of a book. A good book report should account for the major plot of the book, the main idea, as well as the characters and how they relate to each other. The length of a book report will vary based on the length of the book and the assignment requirements.

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How to write a book report to earn the top grade

While writing a book report may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is possible to follow these simple but valuable guidelines when writing one. Although there are several types, book reports, whether at college or university level, fiction or nonfiction take more or less the same format. Again, a book report should not be overly critical. Some appreciation of the author’s style of writing and a positive look at his/her content goes a long way.

If you are asking, “Am I ready to write my book report?”

Here are simple guidelines that you can follow.

  • Read and understand the report prompt and rubric

This is an assignment that comes with expectations and requirements therefore, understanding your lecturers’ expectations of your report will give you bearing on what you are required to do. The prompt will give you an idea of how to write your report while the rubric lets you know how your report will be marked.

  • Your supplies

You will most definitely need a pen and notepad to write your points as you read along. You may also need sticky notes to mark the pages of the book that you are sure to come back to for reference.

  • Read the book more than once as you mark the important pages

Read the book for the first time to get the direction the plot is taking, acquaint yourself with the characters, and learn something about the author’s style. The second and the third time you will be reading the book with concentration enough to capture finer details in the main points and literary approach.

  • Note down the main points, characters, and important quotes as you go along

This helps to pick out the most important elements of the book which you will build upon when writing the summary. You can also check other book reports online to see how they compare to your points.

  • Write an outline

Your notes and points above should help you write an outline. An outline organizes your points in a certain direction, from which you will build your summary afterward.

  • Write the summary

A book report takes a different structure from essays and other academic papers. Come up with an engaging hook for your introduction. The hook should introduce the main idea and the setting in no more than two or three sentences. It should also touch on the author’s writing style and approach. This should be followed by the main body. Ensure that each idea presented is discussed in detail in its own paragraph. The conclusion should summarize your report and your general opinion while also giving the reader something to ponder about in the form of a call to action statement.

  • Proofread and edit your book report

It is important to proofread your report and edit the areas that you feel need to improve. Alternatively, you may need a second opinion, therefore hiring a proofreader to do this for you is a good move. EssayMojo has a pool of book report writers and professional editors waiting to give you a genuine review about your fiction or nonfiction book report.

Overall, ideas in your book report should flow from one paragraph to the other. Your report should also give your stand on how much the plot is realistic. Also, back your points with quotes from the book. Remember that your summary should analyze the book in the most objective manner possible.

Why students seek book report writing services

As we have seen, writing a good report is not an easy task. This is why endeavors to offer professional book report writing services to students. However, let us first understand why a student would need a book report writing service in the first place.

  • Not a good reader. It takes one to read a book with a keen eye on detail to write a good report for it. Not everyone is into reading books and cover to cover at that which makes it difficult for some people to write a book report.
  • Not an easy task. Writing a book report is not an easy task given the nitty-gritty details that go into it plus you can’t possibly force yourself to learn everything in one sitting. Learning may take forever therefore delegating makes more sense.
  • Top grades. You suck at reading, probably suck at writing essays and reports but desire to have good grades. Why not let your money work for you?
  • No time to read and write. People with several other commitments apart from studies may not have time to spare to read a book thrice and compile a report for it.

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It is increasingly becoming very hard for students to escape book report writing processes because this task has been made one of the core activities in academic institutions. When writing a book report, you should take note that this kind of writing should be a detailed analysis of a specific book.

Before starting to write a book report, students should first study the book. Investigate the plot of the book. Have a thorough reflection on the issues covered in the book. Look into the aspect of the character and provide his audience with a psychological assessment. When concluding, it is of utmost importance that the author of a book report assesses the significance of the book. In addition, a brief introduction of the author and the genre of the book.

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Writing a book report in itself is no trouble. The main trouble is putting together a book report which is a thorough analysis of what you have read. Writing can be time-consuming. We understand that students can set aside a few weeks or days to have an attentive reading of the book. These will involve, jotting down notes, major themes, and plots and under notes of the book.

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