Critique Article: A Perfect Way On How to Critique an Article

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Critiquing An Article Is Easy On Topic

It is exciting to note that a good article critique does not require one to provide sources. In these case, the article writer has to stick to the article at hand while focusing on the message being conveyed within the article.

It is also true most students face problem in writing creative article critique. Since, most ideas to be experienced has to be of the author of the original article.

Those who have experience know that there are no simple ways in which one can critique an article. Critique an article activity is one that is demanding and time consuming especially for those who have no experience and those doing it for the first time.

Basically, critique an article kind of service is a critical evaluation and a presuppose analytical reading. This means it is more than just writing a summary of an article. Thus, your reaction to the article must be well-reasoned, objective and not very negative. It has to  a balance between the negative and the positive side of critiquing.

As a matter of fact, as a rule in critique an article writing, a student should be able to answer several questions i.e.

  • like is my critique well-reasoned?
  • Is it more negative?
  • Is it more objective?

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At first sight of an article critique assignment, students view this writing to be difficult. For instance, they have to go through a series of scientific research. Incidentally, they have no idea of how to analyse this articles in a proper manner.

As a result, these mismatch of critical thinking skills in students in turn make it harder for students to read and analyse these articles as well. Therefore, for many students, this experience is frustrating and daunting for students trying to critique article for the first time.

It is common to find students feeling very discouraged after reading an article. Since, they are unable to grasp all the information in the article. A major challenge that students face when writing a critique assignment is they do not have an idea of the specific points to focus on. Hence, cannot critique an article.

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