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How to Write Technology Research Paper

How to Write Technology Research Paper (Introduction -Conclusion) In 6 Steps


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I’m SUPER excited to announce the brand new guide on How to Write Technology Research Paper.

What is new?

It’s a step by step guide from our research paper writing service that contains technology paper structure, outline, samples topics and tips on how to write a  technology research paper fast, and more.

What is Technology Research Paper?

It is important to understand what type of a technology research paper or term paper it is and its format to be followed while writing.

A technology research paper is wide type of assignment. In order for students to write technology research papers, they ought to carryout an extended research related to the subject at hand. Understand the subject background in relation to the topic, formulate a clear research question, research on different types of materials about the topic that will help you in answering the research question, and writing the technology paper in clear, logical manner with proper citation.

Research papers of any subject can be tough to write, especially if it’s your first time or you do not have extensive practice in conducting research. Since most students are required to write one in every subject before being awarded their final grade, writing a sub-par research paper can be detrimental. This article has outlined some essential tips and tricks that can help you draft an excellent technology research paper.

How to Write Technology Research Paper

Typically, the technology research paper writing has the following structure:

  1. Choose an Appropriate Topic
  2. Formulate a thesis question
  3. Research thoroughly
  4. Make an outline
  5. Write the first draft
  6. Abstract
  7. Introduction
  8. Literature review
  9. Methods
  10. Results
  11. Discussions and conclusions
  12. References
  13. Editing

However, different instructors given different guidelines on how to write research papers. Ensure to consult your professor on the layout of your technology research research paper that you have be requested to write. In addition, you should familiarize yourself with citation styles such MLA and APA etc to have a more insight on how to organize your research paper.

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How to Choose a Technology Paper Research Topic

Finding an appropriate topic plays a significant role in how well you will write the technology research paper. Your Lecturer might be kind enough to give you a list of topics to choose from, but most of the time, you will have to find one on your own.

Seeing that technology is a vast subject, try picking one area where you know you are good at it and then pick a topic from there. This way, you will enjoy working on your paper hence be more inclined to do thorough research.

Additionally, your topic should be broad enough such that you find a lot of necessary information to work with. However, the aforementioned fact does not mean that you should choose a vast topic because then you will not be able to exhaust the topic, and the Lecturer will not be able to gauge your understanding adequately.

Formulate a thesis question

A thesis is the question that you will be addressing through the article. It would help if you found a way to phrase it in that it seems relevant to people’s lives today. Make sure that the thesis is within the technology subject realm as deviating too much from it will make your Lecturer dim the paper irrelevant.

Your thesis should be included in your introduction paragraph; since, it makes a significant impression on the reader’s attitude throughout the paper- make it count! If your professor does not see the relevance of your thesis, it might affect your grade.

Research thoroughly

Contrary to popular opinion, research takes more time than writing the paper itself. This is because you need to use various sources to make sure your facts line up, which is not easy. Some professors usually give you a list of books or sites to research from, but most of them do not.

If you choose to go with internet sources, it is imperative to ensure that they have credible information, as some of them have false facts. To be safe, make sure that the site has some verification or is from Wikipedia. Or rather, you can double check information you are not sure about from other sites.

Also, the library has lots of books to research with. The best part is that you can easily find several books on one isle, making it more convenient. You can also use scholarly journals, published articles, and magazines, as most of them have information that has been verified.

How to Make a Technology Paper Outline

Part of the reason lecturers give students a research paper is so they can analyze whether the student can adequately research a topic, come up with logical conclusions and then coherently arrange their thoughts in a way that someone else understands the logic.

Writing an outline will help you arrange your thoughts and help you not to forget anything. One way to do it is by writing your thesis in the middle of a paper and then surrounding it with a variety of factual evidence supporting or denying the claims. This way, you know to only include relevant arguments and significantly reduce the time you will need writing the paper.

Remember to write your references as short notes after every significant point. Waiting to do it when you are done with the paper will be more time-consuming, and you risk forgetting where you found the information. Also, confirm with your Lecturer the ideal structure for writing the technology paper so that you can plan your work with the information in mind.

Write the first draft.

Next, you should write a draft using the notes you have written and in the structure, you have chosen. The advantage of writing a draft before finalizing the research paper is that you get to see first-hand whether your ideas are flowing. In addition, since you will be required to arrange all your idea from general to complicated- a draft gives you a platform to ensure all of them are coherent to the reader.

A technology paper should basically introduce the problem, offer an explanation, and then a solution. If you have time, write your draft a few days before you write the final research paper. This way, you will have a chance to read through your work and make sure everything makes sense.

The structure plays a significant role in the final appearance of your research paper. Below I will embark on a basic research paper structure.

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How to Write a Technology Paper Abstract

Though the abstract should appear at the beginning of your paper, it should be written last as you will need a lot of insight. Its content includes a summary of your topic, the thesis, the conclusion, and the methods you used to come to whatever conclusion.

Usually, it has a word limit as the majority of the work should be presented in the main body, so make sure that you write it straight to the point. A great abstract should give the reader a reasonable opinion on what to expect in your research paper.

How to Write a Technology Paper Introduction

In your introduction, you will need to prove the relevance of the research topic. Start by introducing the topic and clearly stating your thesis. From there, you give a brief background on the topic and expound on its significance to society. This way, the reader will have a pretty good idea of the motivating factor that led you to settle on that one topic.

How to Write a Technology Paper Literature and review 

Since most of the time, your topic will be based on an existing topic in the technology world, you should use the literature review segment to discuss the finding of others before you. Make sure that the reader knows the conclusion others have formed on the matter and your perception of it. If you disagree with them, then you need to provide adequate literature evidence on why that is the case.

If your work is not a topic others have covered before; then you can opt to give the reader some insight on similar problems that are related to yours and how they can further strengthen your thesis.


As the name suggests, this segment contains the research methodology that you sued. For example, did you conduct physical interviews? Give out questionnaires? Did you use published journals? And so on. It is essential to dictate your research methodology in such a detailed way that someone can comfortably conduct the same research if need be.

Additionally, you can include how you followed the ethical data collection procedures. Some lecturers need this part, especially if you could have breached privacy laws as it shows you can conduct proper research without risking jail.


Here you should document the results of each section of your research methods. You do not have to say your biased opinion on the findings. Instead, you can state your findings. Feel free to use figures, pictures, and tables to strengthen your case further.

Discussions and conclusions

This section usually carries the bulk of a research paper. You will need to state your argument, back it up with valid facts, and write a conclusion.

You can also include a short critique of other people’s opinions on the same subject and why you do not think they were right. Also, you can offer recommendations for other similar studies that, if conducted, may strengthen your thesis.


Your reference page is so essential in a research paper as it acknowledges the effort other people made in providing you with research material. Also, it eliminates the possibility of plagiarism. There are several ways to write references, so you will need to choose one style and stick to it.

Also, check the research paper brief to see whether or not your Lecturer had given you a specific referencing style to use. In the event that you do not know who wrote a piece of information, feel free to refer to them as anonymous.


It is advisable to take some time off your research paper before coming back for the post-editing part. This way, you will be able to view the content with a fresh set of eyes. In as much as you can see the several apps available for checking grammar and punctuation, make sure to also go through the whole paper on your own. This way, you will be able to straighten out paragraphs and spot weird sentence transitions.

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How to Conclude a Technology Research Paper

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