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How to Write Problem Solution Essay | (Start-End) Structure in 11 Steps


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This new guide will show you everything you need to know about How to Write Problem Solution Essay .

First, I’ll show you why writing an effective problem solution essays is more important than ever.

Then, it will help you on how to write to write problem solution essay. However, If you need  good grades you can either order an essay or spend the time to learn the main rules on how to write problem solution essay yourself

Sound good? Let’s dive right in…

Have you ever been given the assignment to write about how you would solve an issue or problem If so then you’ve probably written a problem solution essay Problem-solution essays are fairly common in high school and college English courses so it’s important to learn how to write problem solution essay them effectively if you want to get the best grades possible in these classes.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to write problem solution essays in English class from brainstorming your topic and writing your thesis statement to formulate strong evidence and crafting an engaging conclusion paragraph that ties everything together.

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How to Write Problem Solution Essay

Here are steps on how to write problem solution essay that you show follow step by step

  • Identify the situation

The key to solving any problem lies in identifying it and doing something about it. For example, if you get an F on a chemistry test because you have trouble remembering your textbook’s information don’t just accept that grade.

Start by addressing why you have trouble remembering the distractions around you Do You Whatever solution you choose for your issue will be useful for future situations as well. As long as you identify and solve your problem it’s guaranteed that you’ll succeed in life.

  • Determine the key components of the paper

When I tell students to write a problem solution essay I do not mean an expository paper. Instead, ask yourself What is my thesis How does one find problems in our society and how do they cause change The latter is, of course, harder but you get my point.

A good rule of thumb for anyone who is struggling with how to write a problem-solution essay is that all papers are structured around a big idea or problem/solution dichotomy or both. Also, look at your sources’ research and see if any recurring patterns may be able to be condensed into a single coherent thesis statement.

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  • Use the block structure for the outline

Tell your reader why they should care about it and how it affects them personally through block method structure. Then follow up with a detailed description of what you propose as a solution one that you’re sure will work. Your argument has three parts ;

  • An introduction
  • Evidence of why your proposal will solve the problem
  • Conclusion stating how your proposal solves our problem.

When deciding on your evidence consider these tips Include personal stories from others who have struggled with a similar problem and been successful because of your solution. Choose statistics that are both hard facts and meaningful for people in general. Using analogies or metaphors can help you explain complex problems more easily. If you’re having trouble, try using other sources as supporting evidence by linking them to your essay or quoting them directly.

  • Try the chain structure for the outline

As you begin your essay start with a hook that grabs your reader’s attention. In most cases, a narrative hook is best. Start by providing background information about an issue or a problem and tell why it is important. Next, outline how you are going to solve that problem and provide background information on it. Then do exactly what you said you would in solving that problem! Provide relevant examples from your own experience or research.

Finally, close with an Action Plan summarizing what steps need to be taken for solutions and solutions to come to fruition. The action plan can also be used as a call to action at the end of your paper. Make sure that you include enough details so that people know how they can help out. For example: If you agree with my solution please share it on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

  • State the situation in your own words

Though there are exceptions most problem solution essays follow a straightforward formula problem background and proposed solution. In short, you explain your situation or problem and then offer a reasonable fix to it. Start with a convincing and informative grabber of an introduction that grabs readers’ attention and leads them into your essay.

Clearly describe your issue or situation. What is going on What are you worried about How does it affect you as well as others who may be involved. Next, tell how you plan to solve your problem whether it is through action research or education.

  • Research the problem or problems

If you’re writing a problem-solution essay it’s important that you not only understand what’s plaguing an issue but also why solutions haven’t been developed yet. Asking yourself questions about these issues and researching them will help you develop strong arguments for your cause. If people have come up with solutions in other countries or areas of interest, see if you can adapt their solutions for your work. But ask yourself;

  • How might similar problems be solved in a different area
  • Are there any underlying causes that need to be addressed before solutions are found
  • How would a change in government policy affect
  • How we deal with our current problems
  • Are there any underlying social factors at play

These are all good questions to ask when thinking about how to write  problem solution essay.

  • Support your solutions with specific examples

Writing a problem-solution essay is easy once you are the know-how. The problem-solution essay structure has two major parts first write about a problem second write about how that problem can be solved. But how do you get started?

First it’s important to understand what makes for a good problem statement in a paper like this;

An example of a bad statement would be I want to lose weight.

So how do we fix it?

Well, let’s try again.

Many Americans are overweight due to poor eating habits. Now we’re getting somewhere.

This is an actual problem facing many Americans and one that they need help solving. Now we’ve got our basic outline down, but there are still some issues we need to work out before writing our final draft.

  • Wrap up the paper with an evaluation

When starting a new piece of writing it’s important to make sure that it is free from mistakes. It is recommended that you read your entire piece out loud and check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Only when you have thoroughly checked for these errors should you start adding new content.

If possible, ask someone else to check over your work as well before moving on. The easiest way to do so is by asking yourself questions about each paragraph or section.

  • What did I want to accomplish?
  • Did I accomplish that goal?
  • What can I do better next time?
  • How can I make my writing more effective, AND how much content?
  • Confirm the paper follows a clear structure or outline

Your teacher will likely evaluate your essay based on its written quality. It’s a good idea to have a trusted teacher or friend proofread your essay before you submit it.

If you notice errors in someone else’s writing doesn’t be afraid to point them out if they see mistakes in your first however hold back until they ask for your input. You can often spot other people’s mistakes by looking out for words or phrases that make little sense when read alone, if you find an example of such a sentence when reviewing someone else’s work mention, it.

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  • Check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation

You must check for spelling grammar and punctuation before submitting your essay. This is something you should be checking every time you write an essay or an assignment. There are a lot of small mistakes that can be made when writing essays that most people miss. Things like;

  • Missing words.
  • Incorrect use of apostrophes or inverted commas.

Are easy to miss especially if English isn’t your first language.

Reading through your essay out loud or recording yourself and listening back is a great way to find any errors in what you have written. You can also ask someone else to read it for you they may pick up on something that you missed. If possible, try not to proofread your work as it can be hard to spot mistakes when reading something that you have written.

  • Revise the paper to fit the word count.

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Every problem has a solution whether it’s major or minor. But to get through life smoothly, you need some basic tips on how to write problem solution essay. You can find them below. If you have questions about anything discussed above, feel free to contact us using our contact form and we will gladly help you out.

We hope that these guidelines have been helpful for you and wish you good luck with your future essays! Remember if you want to make an impression different! And remember what they say never give up even when everything seems lost. There is always a way out if you try hard enough.

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