How To Write a Research Summary: Tips, Format & Example


Read these guide with an example and learn how to write a research summary. Writing a good research summary goes in hand with its format. We have an example as well.

What Entails in Writing a Research Summary?

Nature has it that most people who are termed as professionals in certain fields have to conquer research work at some juncture. Research work entails identifying various problems and shortcomings in a field of study and taking part in finding a solution to it.

However, It should be noted that the methodology of writing the research paper is unique and should follow a certain format.

Research work consist of investigations and experiments done about a particular field of study to get results. During research summary writing, one has to give direct analysis and report of what surpassed during the study.

Research Summary Format For Students

The research outline/format employed should be similar to that used in the original research paper. Every content that appears in the original paper should be covered irrespective of the corresponding topics the same or not. A good research summary structure should be as follows:

The research title

When writing a research summary it essential for one to keep in mind that a research summary entails a title that describes the rest of the paper.

Research abstract

It is followed by the abstract whereby it entails a summary of what a reader should expect from the article.

Research Introduction

The introduction follows and it offers a summary of what to expect in the methodology and literature that was used to present the results and solutions.

Research Results

Another bit that is included in the research summary is the presentation of the materials that have been used for writing, the results that were found in the research, tables and graphs, elaborations and discussions that were made. In this part, acknowledgment of the people who helped one to do the research is included.

Research Reference

Lastly one should reference the sources used.

How To Write a Research Summary

It is important for one to note that a research summary is an aspect of a research paper. But, it can be written as a separate paper. A researcher uses a research summary to brief all main ideas of the research work. Due to the above-pointed fact, the research summary examples are written after the main report is done. Therefore, one should make sure all the main ideas are adhered to.

It is easy to write a research summary because it does not require many methodologies like those needed in the main research paper. As a research summary writer, you ought to follow the research summary template that is always offered by the lecturer.

More often students have been known for buying these papers from online research paper sellers. In this case, one should avail the template of these service providers to ensure that the research summary is done as required. What should be emphasized is that the core parts of the summary should be intersected with precise explanations of the ideas that appear in the main paper.

A researcher should ensure that he or she is through with the whole research paper before writing the research summary. Reason being that this will enable the researcher to notice any alterations done in the paper and ensure that they are highlighted in the research summary.

When buying a research summary template one should make sure all these details are provided and are put into consideration. For one to get a good research summary example it is advisable for one to visit various online websites that sell or offer free samples of how to write a research summary.

When writing a research summary it is important to first start with going through the whole research report. This act enables one to note all the necessary ideas. Hence, once the summary writing exercise commences they will not be left out.

The exercise is also made easy by breaking the main paper into major sections and noting but the key points and headings. By outlining the key points and headings, a researcher is able to sieve the main points in order that excess information is not put into the research summary.

In doing so, the research summary paper is a resemblance of the main paper but in short form.

A good example is when writing a summary for argumentative essay ,one should make sure that it has the beginning, body and a conclusion. The above-mentioned point can act as a perfect research template that should be followed while writing a research summary.

Research Summary Parts

A good research summary example shows that the beginning is meant to introduce the topic to be researched to the readers. It meant to introduce the paper in such a manner that even the people who do not know the title of the paper may have a clue on what the title should be.

A clear angle should be highlighted to ensure that the readers are not diverted from the main point that a researcher intended to put up front. The beginning of the research summary template should cover the type of narrative and elaborate on the particular situation that is being researched about the topic. It is always easy to find a narrative essay on the various online service providers that will make writing the summary easier.

The main thing that one should be considerate about when writing a summary is the fact that the beginning should be done in such a manner that it touches on what the reader is expecting. The body part of the summary is then composed of the main points that are used to support the argument or that are used in countering a perception. It is imperative that one should organize these points the same way they are organized in the main paper to avoid confusion.

In the end, the summary should summarize the conclusion that is mentioned in the main paper. It should direct the reader towards the points that the research arrived at. Therefore, it is of essence if this kind of research template is followed in all summaries.

Core Points To Remember

When writing a research paper there are two main points that one should put into consideration. First of all, one should ensure that too much information is not provided in order to preserve the curiosity of a reader on what to read the main paper. It should be used as bait to encourage the intended audience towards reading the main paper.

The summary should have some sense of suspense that creates the eagerness of wanting to read the main paper. The second important thing in a summary is that one should avoid words that need definitions because in the act of explaining them the research summary will become lengthy. Once one masters this template it will not be necessary for them to seek help as they will have learned how to write a summary.

Rudiments of Research Summary

Although the above-mentioned points have given the research summary template it is also advisable for one to understand the basic rudiments of a good research summary. One should take note of the content, the style and the organization.

  • The content is meant to summarize in detail the techniques, tools and the importance of the work. It is elaborate on how the work will be of benefit to the masses.
  • The organization part consists of each topic in their paragraphs and the research effort should be explained separately in a brief paragraph.
  • A researcher should ensure that the style is composed of not more than 300 words for the research summary

It is always advised that if a researcher gets a research summary template that stipulates otherwise from a professor then the research should follow it. In addition, one should name their partners and provide information concerning the makeup of the lab and field.