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Take time to know different types of essays. There are so many types of writing essays. These are 5 main Types of writing essays in detailed explanation.

Types of Writing Essays

Narrative essay

A narrative essay is one that can only be achieved through storytelling which creates some form of interesting to the reader through the points the narrator goes through in his story. For example, a narrator in a narrative essay can be telling a story about someone who is special to them. Many times, instructors assign narrative essays to students for the purpose of creating a sense of shared history.

Descriptive essay

A descriptive essay is one that is developed to tell your audience about a particular story of a topic while using appealing details of the five senses. A descriptive essay should provide the reader with a vivid imagination of a scene and provides them with a feeling as though they were experiencing it at first hand. Writing a descriptive essay could have you choose an event, a place or an object.

Compare and contrast essay

A compare and contrast type of writing essays should tell the audience about two main subjects that act as central themes within the essay. A compare and contrast essay should actually point out the similarities and differences between the two main subjects used by the author of such an essay. One way that an author can write this type of essay well should be in choosing two or more places, subjects, experiences, events or idea and in a high-level comparison and contrasting discussion discuss them with specific points.

Cause and effect essay

The cause and effect essay is another type of writing essays. A cause and effect essay is one that provides an analysis of the causes of certain things happening and why they are happening in this manner as well as the results brought about by their happenings. For example, a writer might want to write an essay about what happened in their life, tell us what cause these happening and the results of these happenings. In the types of writing essays, this is the simplest essay writing exercise.

Argumentative essay

This kind of essay is one that is designed to make a claim and then provides the audience with instances and pieces of evidence to prove those claims. When choosing a topic for an argumentative essay, the author should also do thorough research to obtain substantial evidence, stories, statistics and examples to argue out his points.

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