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Types of Essays

5 Major Types of Essays That You Need To Know

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Take time to know different 5 types of essays. There are so many types of writing essays. These are 5 main types of writing essays in detailed explanation.

What Are The Types of Essays?

The types of essays that you can write may seem endless, but there are only a few different types of essays that you will need to master to do well on your English assignments. These essays are usually categorized by their length, format, and writing style, so it’s best to start with the introductory essay types.

So you can get used to each type of essay before moving on to more complicated types like research or analytical reports. Later on, popular articles show you how to write each one effectively.

The 5 Different Types of Essays?

  1. Expository Essay

In an expository essay, you are explaining something to someone. There is a claim you want to prove and support with evidence. Persuade someone that your point of view on a topic is correct or valid. For example, in my philosophy class, I had to write an expository essay on libertarianism vs communism and make sure.

I used facts and evidence from other sources, not just my thoughts though those were included. The essay uses good examples or reasons why your claim is correct or valid to prove it. The theme uses good examples or explanations of why your claim is accurate or helpful to prove it.

  1. Argumentative Essay

These essays prove a point, usually by presenting evidence and citing sources. Students often struggle with writing argumentative essays because they aren’t necessarily used to being so assertive, so it is essential to pick a topic you care about or can invest in.

Good topics for an argumentative essay might be Animal Testing Should Be Illegal, or The Death Penalty Should Be Allowed. Argumentative essays can be classified into two subcategories persuasive and logical. Compelling arguments try to change your opinion on a topic. Logical arguments stick to describing something without trying to change your mind about it.

  1. Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay aims to convince an audience to do something, whether buying a product or adopting a viewpoint. As with all persuasive writing, you need to identify your target audience early to make your piece most effective. For example, if you’re writing for an agricultural magazine aimed at farmers. Then you’d probably want to use technical language and jargon specific to agriculture.

Suppose you’re writing for an automotive magazine for car owners. Then you should use terms that would be more familiar and relatable for them, even if those terms aren’t appropriate in a farming context. Find your voice Persuasive essays need to have your unique voice and style.

  1. Descriptive Essay

This type of essay creates a vivid picture in your reader’s mind. It aims to paint an accurate and original portrait of an object, person, place or event by employing. All five senses (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch). You also may want to include feelings or other sensory perceptions that come into play when you experience something.

The descriptive essay is usually written from the first-person point of view. First-person is a powerful choice for descriptive essays because it allows you to immerse your reader in your experience. Emotions and feelings by employing personal pronouns like I and me. You can also use us to create a more inclusive tone that pulls your reader into your world.

  1. Narrative Essay

Narrative essays have one central idea conveyed through a series of events that unfold throughout an article. The events usually share something in common and carry multiple themes. For example, if you wrote about going on a roller coaster, you would probably be able to discuss many aspects in one narrative.

A narrative essay may be fiction or nonfiction, but it always contains some form of description, and description becomes part of your supporting points. Whether written for a class or just for fun, writing a narrative is a great way to craft an exciting story that can entertain your readers while they learn something new at the same time.

Other Essay Types

  1. Cause and Effect Essay

The cause and effect essay explains how an event has led to a specific result. This type of essay is more commonly known as an analysis paper which explains one phenomenon in terms of its effects. The focus should be on what is happening, why it happened and how it will affect things in the future.

A good cause and effect essay is based on well-researched information and ideas supported by evidence such as facts, statistics or expert opinions.

  • The introduction should state what caused something to happen.
  • The body paragraphs should support your thesis with relevant details, examples, and explanations.
  • The conclusion should summarize your main points.
  1. Reflective Essay

This is an excellent essay to write after you have done something. Reflective essays often require you to think about what happened, why, and what you learned from it. You should avoid using the first person in reflective essays as much as possible. Instead, use phrases as I felt or I knew. Your report should be about how YOU felt about or reacted to something, not how others did through others’ perspectives.

It can often help give insight into your own emotions and reactions. So don’t just focus on yourself. The best time to write a reflective essay is after you have experienced something, especially if it was difficult for you. Though sometimes, students find it easier to reflect on experiences that have already happened than those in progress.

  1. Analytical Essay

An analytical essay aims to persuade readers about a particular point of view on a topic. It does so by making an argument and then presenting evidence supporting that argument. To analyze something is to break it down into its constituent parts and examine each piece separately, usually to understand how they work together. So an analytical essay might first explain how two different characters interact.

Those characters make confident decisions. Then it might provide examples from plot events or plot points or scenes that illustrate or support these explanations for what motivates character actions at its most basic. Explains why something is a sure way and then argues how we should think about that thing.

  1. Comparison and Contrast Essay

The Comparison and Contrast Essay type requires comparing and contrasting at least two subjects. This often involves describing both issues separately and discussing how they relate to each other similarities or differences. The first step is to create a thesis statement that explains what you’re comparing and contrasting.

Your body paragraphs should address both subjects individually and then talk about how they’re alike or different in a relevant way. If there is no apparent connection between your two topics, focus on their overall similarities or differences. This type of essay can effectively explain complex ideas, especially when comparing and contrasting two opposing viewpoints.

  1. Exemplification Essay

In an Exemplification Essay or Informative Essay, you provide information or ideas based on a particular example. Your main goal is to persuade your audience by giving detailed information. An exemplification essay aims to present and explain one specific idea, object, event, process, etc., in detail.

The writer presents an object for analysis and explanation and then uses it to explain other entities that share similar characteristics. The object being discussed could be anything from a person, place, thing or even an abstract concept. An example of an Exemplification essay would be writing about your childhood memories in detail, using specific examples to support your points.

Remember These Important Essay Writing  Tips

Here are some essential tips to remember when you write your essay: 

  • Research all supporting ideas thoroughly, including outside sources.
  • Anything you use should have a source cited.
  • Make sure your thesis statement supports all ideas in the body paragraphs and is supported by data from outside sources.
  • Do not include any unsupported claims or facts.
  • Remember that everything in an essay must relate to your topic and thesis statement.
  • You can’t simply go off on tangents unless they’re somehow related to your main idea.
  • Spelling and grammar count. After you’ve finished writing, read through your essay again and make sure everything is spelt correctly and that sentence structure is clear and easy to understand.
  • Remember to check your essay for anything that may look unclear or incorrect.
  • To see if they spot any mistakes you might have missed.


The conclusion is a chance to summarize what you have said in your essay. In academic writing, there are three essential parts. The introduction is where you capture your reader’s attention and draw them into your paper. The body is where you show how well researched your topic is by presenting all supporting evidence for each claim made in your thesis statement.

Finally, a reasonable conclusion can wrap up what has been discussed and serve as a final thought from which readers can take away important information regarding whatever they may be reading about.

This final thought should not be understated since it gives someone something memorable with which to leave your paper, what you have discussed in your essay.

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