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How To Write Tourism Research Paper

How To Write Tourism Research Paper | Start to End In 7 Steps


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Today we are going to show you EXACTLY How To Write Tourism Research Paper.


The tips in this post has helped several students learn how to write various papers on tourism across the world.

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Let’s dive right in.

Tourism is one of the continually growing global sectors, with endless opportunities. Studying tourism offers several benefits, such as learning how tourism brings international societies together and the economic, social and political influence of tourism on the world.

However, studying tourism is more than a mere understanding of how attraction sites, travel, accommodation and hospitality work. Writing a research paper on tourism is one of the requirements for awarding a degree or diploma in most universities.

If you wonder how to write tourism research paper, this article sums up the writing process and tips on writing an excellent essay.

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What Is a Tourism Research Paper?

A tourism research paper is a detailed essay that explains, interprets, and argues your view and discoveries on tourism-related topics. It is a presentation of your arguments about a topic based on research.

A tourism course is an umbrella that holds a myriad of sectors and disciplines, such as;

  • Accommodation
  • Human resource management
  • Economics
  • Customer care
  • History
  • Marketing, and so much more.

To write a research paper on tourism, you need to pick a topic of interest, research it, draw conclusions and interpret your discoveries in a simple language.

How To Write Tourism Research Paper

Writing tourism research papers is not simple, especially for novice undergraduate students. Unlike other disciplines where you can combine ideas in previous research and draw your arguments, tourism demands more than that. You will be required to develop an original thesis and back it up with solid evidence.

Follow the following steps to write an excellent tourism research paper.

  • How To Write Tourism Research Papers
    • Pick Your Topic
    • Conduct Extensive Research
    • Design Your Paper’s Outline
    • Write the Paper
      • Introduction
      • Thesis Statement
      • Body
      • Conclusion
      • Abstract
      • Write the Bibliography
    • Proofread and Editing
    • Check Plagiarism

Pick Your Tourism Research Paper Topic

The first step in writing an excellent tourism research paper is choosing an interesting and relevant topic to write about. Tourism is comprehensive, and there are tons of topics to pick from, from economic benefits, accommodation trends, tourism statistics, the influence of technology on tourism and so on.

When choosing a topic, ensure it’s new or trendy to capture the reader’s interest. Avoid issues that have been exhausted by previous researchers because there might not be a lot left to say. However, as you pick the trending topic, make sure you understand and discuss it comfortably.

The bottom line is to make the paper interesting, relevant to tourism, and well-argued. If you find a topic you chose has insufficient data in books or the internet, do away with it and look for a new one.

The best way to pick a good topic is to brainstorm with peers and friends. For example, you can mention to a friend that you want to study how Covid-19 has affected global tourism and see what they think about the topic. The next step would be to search the internet and relevant sources for data on the topic. If there is enough data to build a good argument, go ahead and work on the topic.

Conduct Extensive Research

After picking your topic, the next essential step is reading widely and gathering ideas to develop and back your argument. For instance, if you want to show how Covid-19 affected global tourism, you need to read published works on educational journals, government research websites and expert views.

Make sure to conduct your research on relevant and approved websites. Keep away from random blogs and other content because such data may be an opinion and not a fact. The best sites to source your data include those whose extensions end in .gov, .edu and .org.

Visit your school library and check if there are published journals or books on the topic. How you gather ideas determines the scope of your argument and, consequently, the score.

Remember to bookmark pages on books, scribble down short notes on your notebook and bookmark webpages on your computer or phone. Failure to do that may result in time wastage as you browse, looking for the exact page you got an idea or the author to cite. Academic writing relies heavily on citations, so note down page numbers, authors, year of publication, and related information as you do your research.

How to Design Your Tourism Research Paper’s Outline

Academic writings assume particular formats and structures. To ensure you create a paper that meets your instructor’s standards, design a rough roadmap of what your paper will look like when complete.

Generally, tourism research papers contain the following:

  • Abstract
  • An introduction
  • Thesis statement
  • Body
  • Conclusion

An outline helps you organize your paper and know where to start. Starting directly without creating a sketch may overwhelm you, and you risk forgetting some parts or ideas. You don’t want to go back to the drawing board, do you?

The outline also creates a picture in your brain of where this idea goes, how one point relates to the next and whether your research is enough or you need more data.

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Write the Paper

Now that you have gathered your ideas and created an outline, it’s time to write the actual paper. When writing the first draft, ignore grammar, choice of words or punctuation. You can correct any errors during the editing stage. Instead, focus on transferring the ideas in your head and the outline onto the paper.

Here is how to go about it:

How to Write Your Tourism Research Paper Introduction

Introduce your topic to the reader and tell them what to anticipate in your research paper. Provide background information on the topic and your purpose for conducting the research. How does your study contribute to tourism, what problem it solves, what new information it provides, etc.? Make the introduction brief, not too short of leaving the reader hanging and not too long to bore them.

How to Write Tourism Research Paper Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is positioned at the end of the introduction. A good thesis statement should be short, to the point and only talk about things you will discuss in the paper.

How to Write Tourism Research Paper Body

The body section is where you present your argument and ideas. Develop each point into a paragraph that exhausts every aspect related to that point. Unlike a regular essay, a research paper demands in-depth arguments, so make sure to spread your explanations as far as possible. However, don’t write irrelevant information just to fill the paragraph. Each sentence should add value to the reader.

Give illustrations and examples to support your arguments. The evidence backs up your explanations, making your study credible and valid. Some illustrations and examples include published statistics, facts, research findings, and case studies. Remember to include intext citations, images or data credits as necessary.

To get the reader to relate to your study, give clear explanations to make your argument. Tell the reader what your findings mean and the significance of your research too.

Writing the body part requires good writing skills, such as knowing transitional words, word choice, tense, syntax and maintaining prose. Connect one idea to the next by using words such as in that case, nevertheless, however, in spite of, firstly, finally, etc.

How To Conclude Your Tourism Research Paper

The conclusion part wraps up your study and its significance. Creatively restate your thesis statement without copying it word for word. Sum up your ideas, discussions, findings and discoveries into one of two sentences. Finally, tell your reader what next what the research implies moving forward. You can also make recommendations for new research at this point.

Write the Abstract

Although the abstract appears after the title page and before the introduction, it is best to write it last. This is because it summarizes your paper, and you wouldn’t know what to summarize without writing it first.

Summarize your research paper into 150-300 words. Include the main research areas, the purpose of study, main points, design of the study and the findings.

Write the Bibliography

The bibliography, also known as the reference section or cited sources, lists all your sources. List your sources alphabetically with their names, book, article or journal title, page number, year of publication and so on. There are different formats used in writing the bibliography section, so consult with your instructor or professor.

Proofread and Editing

The first draft is always full of grammatical and punctuation errors. Leave the paper for two to three days, then read through it, correct any grammar error, put the proper punctuation, and correct any wrong tenses. You can also use grammar checking software such as Grammarly to speed up the proofreading process.

Family members, friends and roommates at college can also provide that fresh eye to spot errors quickly. After editing, it’s time to format the paper. Your professor will likely spell out the preferred formatting style in the instructions, but if they don’t, always consult with them. These formats include MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard.

Check Plagiarism

The first thing your professor checks after submission is the plagiarism report. Plagiarising someone else’s content is an offence in academic writing.

Pass the final draft through recommended plagiarism checkers, amending the text to remove duplicated content. You can use paraphrasing tools or rewriting tools to make the text unique. Only submit a paper that is a hundred per cent unique. Common premium plagiarism checkers include; EssayMojo Plag Checker, Turnitin and Copyscape.


Writing tourism research papers involves several stages. These include choosing a relevant topic, conducting the research, creating a sketch, writing the paper, proofreading and editing. Unlike other disciplines, tourism papers require creative and critical thinking skills because tourism research is varied. All in all, following your professor’s writing instructions and the above steps will help you write an excellent paper.

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