When selecting a topic for your research paper there are two viewpoints that you should consider;

  1. singular viewpoints
  2. multiple viewpoints.

The student needs to decide whether their paper will discuss one viewpoint or multiple viewpoints. Once the student has chosen the title that they will examine, they then start with the selection process. They must test their research paper ideas against the 3C’s test. The topic should be conceivable, controversial and consequential.

Guide: 4 Steps to be followed in Selecting Research paper Topic – This will serve as a topic selection guide for any student in need of it.

  1.  First and foremost, the topic selected should be controversial or debatable. The student needs to select a topic in which the reader can debate upon. One such example is ‘Businesses should not discriminate on race’. This is likely to capture the reader’s mind and they can then begin to debate on it. This topic has already been debated upon so it would be advisable to cover a different aspect of it that was not yet covered such as ‘compensation placements for small businesses being sued for discriminations’.
  2. The second most important part in the topic selection guide is that the students’ topic should be conceivable. This means that the statement that the student chooses should have some valid reasoning and can take a stand on either for or against it or even both. Once the title is passed this test the student should then consider if it is consequential. That is if, after the arguments for or against the topic, significant consequences should be arrived at. Once the student has all these concepts in mind, one needs to select a topic then categorize it before asking questions.
  3. According to the topic selection guide, this should be the students’ next step. When selecting a topic it is advisable to choose one of your own interests. It is important to note that writing a topic of interest builds up one’s motivation and makes writing much simpler. It is also of importance to write on a topic that you had previously written on or done some research related to it in order to save on time and finish the research paper on time……...For writing to be executable it is important to categorize your topic into three parts; the idea/theme, the location and the duration of time. If a student has selected a topic like ‘war against Iraq’, this will fall under the theme of politics. The location would be in Iraq and the duration of time would be from 2004 to date.
  4. The last step will be to ask questions. Ask yourself questions with regards to your topic and you will be able to finally structure your research paper to its’ completion using the topic selection guide. Once the student comes up with a suitable topic of choice they need to test it against the 3C’s and if it does satisfy all these requirements, then the student can proceed to write their research paper.