How To Write Chapter 3 Methodology of Your Thesis or Dissertation


Grow your skills on how to write chapter 3 of your thesis or dissertation, it is known as methodology.  A successful chapter 3 should help the tutor to understand the steps and method taken within study.

If you completing a research based masters course then you have a higher likelihood of presenting a thesis that must include data and research from your own design project. One of the factors is writing a thesis that can present your research successfully is the thesis methodology.

What is a Thesis Methodology (Chapter 3) ?

The thesis methodology is a section of your research that provides your audience with an explanation of how you are set to carry out your research, where the data for your research will come from, the sorts of gathering techniques you will be using among other information.

It is expected that anyone reading your methodology will have just enough data needed to create similar research methods in obtaining future data, the thesis methodology section is primarily for providing explanations on why you have chosen to use specific data techniques in gathering data for your research.

In a nutshell, The thesis methodology section must be a thorough description on how you will be carrying out your investigation.

For instance;

Will you be using a survey or you will stick to reviewing previously done literature? Your goal in the section to is provide answers to ‘how the research can be done best’.

Research Design: New Tips About Writing A Thesis Methodology (Chapter 3 )That Will Turn Your Thesis Upside Down

When writing a thesis methodology, it is vital to keep in mind that this section is purely about description and therefore there need for you to include details in this section for the purpose of assisting your audience understand your main aim in the research, how you went about your main aim and why you have chosen to do it that way.

When writing a thesis methodology, you should not be bothered by having to list down all the methods you will be using as well as sources and fail to have a section that discusses how and why these methods were suitable to you. In this section, you must be sure to talk to your supervisor who should be giving you any other requirements that should be included in your thesis paper. There are vital decisions that you will have to make when making a choice to create your thesis methodology;

  1. The kind of research you will be undertaking

There are numerous kinds of research with many of them being similar and therefore your focus should be either on qualitative or quantitative research. The former focuses on how and why questions while the latter deals with numbers.

  1. The methods you will use

The kind of research method you will employ should be related closely to the type of research you choose to engage in. for instance, you can use case studies that involve experimental designs or choose to conduct general experiments.

The common methods in thesis methodology include;

  1. Desk research
  2. Surveys
  3. Literature reviews
  4. Observations
  5. Interviews
  6. Data analysis
  7. Experiments

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Thesis methodology section needs the writer to be aware of how to balance between primary and secondary data sources and this can be tricky.

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