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How To Write Special Occasion Speech

How To Write Special Occasion Speech (Outline & Example)


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Essays can provide a good foundation for the process of learning how to write special occasion speech. The introduction, body, and conclusion are all sections of a speech.

Introductory Statement

A special speech may occasionally be required of you, a speech that you have to deliver in honor of a friend, relative, or coworker. You may be called to address the funeral service for a loved one who passed away. A formal awards banquet has probably been invited to and one will be presented to you. Since feelings or special circumstances must be included in these speeches, it can be difficult to give them. You may be shy to speak out when something sad or happy occurs, for fear that you won’t be able to continue or that something you say will offend someone.

You may hesitate to accept an award as a result of modesty and embarrassment, as well. Although these speeches can be quite challenging, you can accomplish them. Five public speaking tasks are detailed in this manual so that you can develop the skills necessary to give an effective speech on any occasion. The second project asks that you praise someone else’s personality. Third project: Praise someone with humor while making a speech.

After working on this project, you are going to be asked to present someone with an award. Ultimately, you will be expected to accept an award with style and calm. It is important to have these skills not only in times of dramatic events, but also during daily experiences, when we need to respond in a particular way. Be an expert keynote speaker by expanding your presentation skills beyond the skills necessary for each project.

It is important to note, however, that speeches should be written rather than read to be understood. A good speech should be written in such a way as to hold the audience’s attention and help them visualize the topic at the same time. This means you should include some drama, color, or humor in your speech. Make it interesting. Anecdotes and examples can help you make your speech memorable.

Prepare a toast by remembering these points:

  • Create an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. It is the same as a speech.
  • Make sure the tone and language of your speech are appropriate for the occasion. While a little humor may be appropriate for formal gatherings, the toast should remain dignified. If the guests know each other and have a greater level of familiarity, toasts can be lighter and the language used should be appropriate for the environment.
  • Stay away from cliches. Toastmasters who don’t know what to do should avoid overused expressions like “all the way down”.
  • Make sure you are honest. You can only give the best toast from the heart.
  • Be careful not to ridicule anyone. Follow the occasion and respect the public.
  • Make sure to use the same techniques which you would use in a speech in your toast.

Decide What Kind Of Speech You Will Write?

The techniques you use to grab your audience’s attention should vary with the type of speech.

Your audience will be informed and educated during an informative or instructional speech. You can write about teen podcasts or about the Underground Railroad in a historical report. The article may also deal with health and beauty, such as “How to shape a perfect eyebrow”, or with hobbies, such as “How to repurpose old clothes”.

In persuasive speeches, the speaker attempts to persuade the audience to agree with what he is saying. Getting involved in the community is a great way to write a speech like “The Benefits of Volunteering.” You can also discuss a life choice, such as “Abstinence Can Save Your Life.”

Speech topics may not be practical, but entertaining speeches entertain your audience. You can talk about something along the lines of “Life is like a dirty bedroom” or “Can potato skins predict the future?”

Commencement speeches and toasts at celebrations are examples of special occasion’s speeches that entertain or inform your audience.

Discover which type of speech fits your task by studying the different types.

How to Start a Speech with a Creative Introduction

An attention-grabbing element should follow your topic statement in your introduction to an informative speech. After introducing your topic, transition to your body section with confidence.

Take my example of an informational speech called “African American Heroes.” The length of your speech will be determined by how much time you are allotted.

An attention-grabbing aspect of the chart is the red section of speech. By thinking about life without civil rights, audience members can imagine what it would be like. Toward the end of the speech, the last sentence points directly to how the speech will proceed and gives more details.

Make Sure The Body Of The Speech Flows Smoothly

Different ways can be used to organize your speech’s body, depending on its topic. Below are a few examples:

  • Chronological: Explains the events in a chronological order;
  • The physical layout or design should be outlined in the spatial description;
  • Provides information on one subject at a time;
  • Cause-effect – Shows a relationship between causes and effects.

This slide illustrates a topical speech pattern. A different topic is addressed in each section. The body of the speech is divided into three sections (topics). Susie King Taylor would be the third and final segment.

Conclusions that will be Remembered

A good conclusion to your speech should summarize the main points you covered and end with a memorable statement. This graphic illustrates his general message in the red section: despite the difficulties they endured, the three women he has mentioned were strong and courageous.

Due to its colorful language, the quote catches the eye. By adding a little blue, the quote ties together the entire speech.

Goals that must be Addressed

Make your speech memorable no matter the type of speech you choose. Make your speech memorable by including:

  • Quotes of the day
  • Storytelling that has a purpose
  • Transitions of significance
  • Ending on a high note

Your speech structure is only the start of your preparation. There will be some refinement required as well. Consider your audience as well as their interests when beginning your preparation. Write with passion and enthusiasm the words you intend to say to your listeners. You want them to share your enthusiasm. Write attention-grabbing statements that will catch the reader’s, not just your, attention.

Examine Famous Speeches

Listen to others’ speeches and get inspired. Read famous speeches and gain an understanding of how they are created. Pay attention to what makes them interesting as well as how they are written. In speeches, certain points are often emphasized by using rhetorical devices.

Keep it Short And Sweet

It is important to include something that captures and holds the audience’s attention at the beginning and the end of your delivery. You will either lose their attention or have them check their phones if you spend too much time talking. You will be more likely to keep them interested if you get their attention immediately.

Be Conversational

Delivering a speech in an appropriate manner is also important. Remember to use an appropriate tone when delivering the speech and to write the speech in the same flow you would use during a conversation. It is a good idea to practice reading it aloud to ensure the flow is correct. Learn to liven up the words and improve fluency if you stumble or feel monotonous while reading.

Alternative Methods

Eulogy speeches with the greatest impact are inspired. They show the purpose and meaning of the life of another person by relating our own to theirs. The two major methods for this can be described as follows. Using the biographical method, the speaker first describes in chronological order how each of the most significant events impacted the individual’s life.

However, this approach has the disadvantage of making the speech seem like a long, boring recitation of facts. When the speaker uses the second method, he or she chooses one or two specific attributes that best describe the individual and begins to build the speech around those characteristics.

An individual with a disabled child might be concerned about the lack of community programs and specialized centers for disabled people, so he starts a community program for disabled children. The time is right for you to talk about your concern for children with disabilities, your contributions, any obstacles you overcame, and your place in community history.

Toastmasters are frequently called upon to speak at special events as they continue to develop their public speaking skills.

Someone will have to speak a few words at a banquet next month honoring a retiring co-worker. It is possible to be asked to speak at a birthday or anniversary celebration, or perhaps at the funeral of a friend or relative.

Speaking highly of someone being honored in these types of speeches generally means reviewing their qualities and characteristics. Especially when the situation involves a loss, these speeches can be challenging. By nature, funerals are emotional events; discussing someone who has recently died can intensify these feelings, causing even the most seasoned Toastmaster to lose self-confidence and posture. The same is true for farewell parties, retirement banquets, anniversaries or birthdays, which can sometimes make introductions difficult due to feelings attached.

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