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How To Write Nomination Speech

How To Write Nomination Speech For That Award | ( Format & Examples)


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Today we are going to reveal How To Write Nomination Speech for that award occasion right now.

And this is important:

We did not just come up this guide based on our personal opinion.

Our “write my speech” service did enough research to put the guide to the test.

That way,  you are going to learn from the best guide on how to write nomination speech right now. We compiled have examples, tips in clear outline … based on actual data.

So without further ado, let’s do this!

  • What is a Nomination Speech?
  • Elements of a Nomination Speech 
  • How To Write Nomination Speech Introduction
  • How To Write Nomination Speech Body Section
  • How To Write Nomination Speech Conclusion
  • Summary

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What is a Nomination Speech?

Speeches made to nominate colleagues for an award are considered special occasion speeches and are termed nomination speeches. Taking time out of  busy schedule to reflect on ones life and achievements is a milestone in her/his life. If you memorize and write a nomination speech, you should deliver it with energy and professionalism. This is an event that the honoree will never forget.

Before you

An important part of a well-written nomination is providing the judges with specific details about the nominee’s achievements and how they demonstrate leadership and achievement in planning and the planning profession.

Elements of a Nomination Speech 


Get the details right when you nominate a colleague or friend. It wouldn’t be appropriate here to mispronounce his name, mislead about his title, or misrepresent the professional achievements he’s receiving. Find out what specific work achievements set him apart from the other nominees if the speech is to nominate him for employee of the year. Find out the impact the nominee has had on others by talking to his friends and colleagues. Use only the most relevant and most powerful material in your speech, since it should be brief.


It is crucial that you explain why you believe the nominee deserves to be nominated. In order to keep the essay short, you must only include the achievements and anecdotes that are relevant to this purpose; any additional material will weaken the impact of the rest of your essay. Tell us what characteristics distinguish her from other nominees and how her skills make her eligible for this award.

What Is The Significance Of The Award?

Include a short description of who established the award, why it was created, and which past winners have received it. Anecdotes about the award should be included to demonstrate its importance and how past winners have been affected by it. Explain to the audience why you believe the person you are nominating is an ideal nominee and a natural member of this elite group of award recipients.

Make it Colorful

Don’t recite facts dryly in your speech. Catch the audience’s eye with the opening lines especially. A few humorous or appropriate quotes can catch the crowd’s attention and keep them listening for more substantive remarks. Getting other nominees involved is a nice gesture when nominating for an award. Be careful not to overstate your case, as you want to motivate the jury to select your subject.

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How To Write Nomination Speech Introduction

Biographies for Award Ceremonies: A Guide

Whenever you speak, it is crucial that you conduct thorough research before delivering your speech. This will enable you to do so in a poised, charming, and witty manner.

In your introduction of the award recipient, it is important to provide background information and solid biographical information. To do this, do your research and prepare. If you prepare yourself, you will have a much more impressive podium experience.

Information about the award recipient’s qualifications, background, and education could be useful. Consider finding the relevant information relevant to the award among the overwhelming amount of information available. When making your speech, be sure to include these items.

As a part of your interview, don’t hesitate to ask questions of the award-winner. By the end of Step 1, you would have completed your research to interview the award recipient to fill in the missing pieces of information about his background.

Find out how the recipient received the award by researching his/her background. It would be beneficial to speak with his employers, coaches, teachers, family, and whoever selected him for the award.

Nomination speech introductions should be made at the beginning of the speech. Opening your presentation with a humorous anecdote about the topic will grab the audience’s attention. This conclusion can be drawn based on the information you gathered during your research and interviews. Consider the setting and tone of your interviews as well. Avoid anything too risqué or embarrassing if you are planning a solemn event. Do not be afraid to be bold, especially in lighthearted situations like roasts, where the audience expects blue humor.

How To Write Nomination Speech Body Section

A written body should accompany your speech. Cite the recipient’s most impressive accomplishment and use a lively, engaging style. Use the research you conducted to explain how these events led to his nomination in addition to highlighting the highlights of his career and/or personal life. In order to highlight these points, I recommend including additional anecdotes from your research.

For example: Johnny’s coach told me he was a stubborn player. When his team was up by 20 points at the end of the game, he missed a foul shot. Regardless of whether the game ended in Johnny’s favor, it mattered to him. Afterwards, he practiced free throws for an hour in the gym. Finally, he was forced to be sent home by Coach. This evening has been a culmination of this perseverance and dedication.

Finally, How To Write Nomination Speech Conclusion

A presentation of the award is made here and the winner is invited to accept it. Take note of the generous tone used. Please follow the following guidelines when submitting an award nomination.

Statement Of Objectives

Be clear, direct, and specific in your explanation of why the project or nominee deserves recognition. Be sure to provide enough information for the judging panel to see what challenges the nominee faced, what actions were taken, and the results or objectives that were accomplished.

In the first few paragraphs, bring up the most important information and then elaborate as needed in the supporting statements.

An opening statement should be brief but not vague. Make sure every sentence counts and avoid generalizations.

Statements Of Support

You should support your opening statement with examples that represent the respective category criteria and explain why the nominee should receive the award. Here are some examples:

  • Results and outcomes;
  • Solving challenges;
  • An explanation of how a certain project is leading the field;

Is the project an original method or process, or does it refine an existing one?

  • Contribute to professional development, and are portable and easily accepted by the profession.
  • In the case of non-project categories, nominations should include activities beyond the nominee’s role description. Describe the qualities that make this person exceptional (e.g. contribution, teamwork, collaboration, initiative, leadership) and include those that are directly relevant to the award criteria.
  • There is more significance to ensuring the nominee’s contributions or project statements match the award criteria than the number of supporting examples.


Close your award submission with a statement that highlights the distinguishing features of your submission. The nomination should be backed up by a written statement from third parties that explain how others viewed the nomination or project.

Recommendations In Addition

  • A picture is worth thousand words.
  • Despite the fact that not all nominations are expected to be desktop published, it is critical that efforts are made to prepare a logical, sequential nomination.
  • It is recommended to include project images and photos in the submission whenever possible. Pictures can support your submission in many ways. According to an old adage, a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • You should write concise sentences with specific details.
  • Don’t forget to include your own observations and qualitative and quantitative facts, statistics, metrics, etc. to support your nomination.
  • Make sure you read all the criteria carefully. Nominations for Awards do not compete against each other; they compete with the criteria for that award.
  • Be sure you are submitting the appropriate nomination for the individual or project. Request clarification if necessary.

Please describe how the nominee or project embodied at least one or more of the award criteria, and then describe how the achievement exceeded expectations.

What contribution will result in results that are still in the early stages of development? You might want to consider identifying major milestones achieved by the project and their value to its outcome if it has yet to produce results. It may be better to wait until the result and impact of this progress can be documented and supported before submitting the nomination. Moreover, this will maximize your project’s chances of winning.

If the nominee or team overcame unusual obstacles, include them in your essay. To strengthen your nomination, gather information from others. Include endorsements from third parties, for example.

What would the users of the space think about the project, say, if it was for the Great Place Award?

Verifying that all information submitted is accurate should be done carefully before submitting a nomination.


To conclude, the award nomination letter should include concrete evidence of why the nominee deserves this award. Therefore, the nominee’s nominator should have an intuitive knowledge of the nominee.

There is one thing you must keep in mind here, and that is that nominating someone for an award contains a great deal of responsibility. Nominees must have gone the extra mile to earn the honor, so make sure that you do not disregard their efforts.

It will not be all that hard to write a nomination speech letter as long as the nominee has made great efforts that have contributed to the society in a long-term positive way. Now you have learned how to write nomination speech, you can go a head and try it on your own.

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