How To Write Motivational Speech, Topics, Outline & Examples


Being a great speaker is a talent. But it’s also a skill you can develop if you put in the effort. However, it is a real challenge to attract the attention of the listeners and keep their interest until the end. By all means, you should avoid flopping when it comes to your motivational speech.

You must show yourself as an influential person and convince people to read or listen to you. Motivating others is essential, so don’t neglect writing a really brilliant motivational speech. And for this, it is important to be motivated yourself. Being sincere is the key to the success of your motivational speech.

Definition Of Motivational Speech

A motivational speech is a speech intended to convey an inspirational message. The core of that message may be the improvement of the lives of the listeners or their environment. It is important to inspire people to take a certain action.

A motivational speech can be both short and long. If you are thinking of applying for a management and leadership position, it is crucial to know how to motivate and inspire your team. In this case, a motivational speech would be a good workout for you.

Next, you will discover how to write a good motivational speech, what it should consist of and what are the best topics for your motivational speech.

Structure Of The Motivational Speech

Why is it important to know how to write an effective motivational speech? It could help people come to an agreement on a particular problem and find a solution to a certain issue. It is also useful for drawing people’s attention to a certain problem. As a general rule, the structure of a motivational speech is standard:

  • Introduction. It can be a very interesting comment or a shocking fact that attracts the attention of the audience;
  • An argument or a position. Here you must explain it, provide evidence and reasons. Do not forget that the evidence must be relevant, and it is better to use real life examples;
  • Final. The most effective ending is a call to action.

Tips : How To Write Motivational Speech

Here are some helpful tips for writing a motivational speech. If you have no idea how to write a good speech on your own, just follow these simple rules, and we are sure that you will succeed in creating a brilliant speech.

Get Listeners Attention

To catch the attention of the listeners, it is possible to use a good hook in the introduction. It can be a narrative, a joke, a quote, a statistic, a rhetorical question, etc. There are no time limitations; this part can last from one to five minutes. It all depends on what you want to say to your audience.


While the traditional commencement speech emphasizes success, a speech about mistakes encourages the audience to consider how much they have learned from the most difficult moments of their lives. Mistakes don’t define you, but they do shape you.

Doing something wrong reinforces how to do it right next time, and reminds you to just dust yourself off and try again when things go wrong. A motivational speech regarding the importance of handling mistakes gracefully emphasizes the fact that this happens to everyone and that the fear of making a mistake never prevents a person from pursuing a dream.

The Roots

It’s easy to drop out of school, move from one place, and forget where you came from. A motivational speech on the importance of roots underscores the important lessons the graduates have learned as a group. He talks about how special it is that this small group, against the nearly seven billion people on Earth, share a particular story and experience. He mentions the fact that no matter where the graduates are in the world, they will always have this shared history in common.

Shows The Need

It is important to convince your listeners that there is a need that requires their action. They have to realize that their actions are necessary to satisfy that need. To convince the audience, you can provide facts, evidence, arguments, etc. They have to see that there is a serious problem that needs an urgent solution. It is good to show them the negative consequences of their inaction.


The time that passes can be used for a motivational speech for a graduation. Ask the graduates to remember what they were thinking when they came to school as freshmen. He talks about how quickly the four years went by. Time is something that no one takes advantage of, making use of time by people much more important. Before you write your speech, talk to some adults and other senior citizens. Ask them what they wish they had known as recent graduates, and share these stories with the current graduate group.

Respond To The Need

After showing the problem and the need to find a solution, offer possible solutions to your audience. They must realize your position; therefore, you must explain it clearly and support it with credible sources, examples, data, statistics, etc. Be prepared to refute counterarguments.

Show Various Scenarios

Now you need to show a couple of “what if” scenarios. For example, what will happen if the solution is adopted and vice versa. You must clearly show them the benefits and disadvantages of both cases. However, make sure not to overdo it, remain realistic in your judgments.

Encourage Your Audience

Inform your listeners of the specific actions that should be taken to resolve the matter. The time spent on that part depends on the topic. Encourage your audience to come to the solution step by step.

Topics For Motivational Speeches

If you want to be inspiring to others, you must choose a really interesting and motivating topic. Below are some great topics divided into different categories that you can get inspired by or use for your own motivational speech?

Topics for motivational speeches on education

  • The advantages of studying in a multicultural environment.
  • Education in America should be free for everyone.
  • The advantages of the education system in Finland.
  • The importance of constant professional improvement.
  • Potential benefits of schools without homework.
  • The efficiency of the school curriculum.
  • Having fun is more important than studying/working.
  • Education as a form of personal growth.
  • Fundamental determinants of professional success.
  • Master emergency technologies.

Motivational speech topics on health and mind

  • Learn better self-control.
  • Basic types of mediation.
  • Heroic deeds of scientists in history.
  • Health care should be free and available to everyone.
  • Meridian energy therapies.
  • Be realistic with our expectations.
  • Self-improvement and change of character.
  • Inspiring lessons from Magnetic Resonance.
  • Be more adaptable and have a more open mind.
  • Prioritize our daily goals.

Topics of motivational speeches on the environment and social life

  • The joys of nature.
  • How to achieve a calm mind with the help of our environment.
  • Children should be more in contact with nature.
  • The balance between social life and extracurricular activities.
  • The support of the environments when it comes to achieving their objectives.
  • Facing challenges as a family.
  • Honest communication with children.
  • Silent observation and patience.
  • Be a role model for your children.
  • The importance of charity for the education of children.
  • Science and Technology Motivational Speech Topics
  • Drones as a form of package delivery.
  • Self-driving electro cars as the taxi service in the future.
  • The role of the church in our society.
  • Establish colonies on Mars.
  • Success stories of empires.
  • The role of an advertisement in social networks.
  • Address false information on the Internet.
  • Train to think positive.
  • The possibility of a green future.
  • The transition to Tesla cars.
  • Motivational speech topics on sports and games
  • The correlation between football stadiums and ancient amphitheaters.
  • Video games contribute to teamwork.
  • Play golf after retirement.
  • Steroids in sports are dangerous.
  • Bodybuilding is a male sport.
  • Nasty games and Internet programs should be banned.
  • Motivate students to participate in college sporting events.
  • Win versus succeed.
  • Lose to succeed.
  • Addicted people are sick.

Motivational Speeches From Expert Writers

These are motivational speech topics that you can use and make your own. Remember that choosing a great theme is half the success. The topic of your speech will influence the outcome. So if you want to be successful, you have to have a really good knowledge of your chosen topic.

And to gain that knowledge, conducting extensive research on the subject is crucial. Evaluate the facts and evidence that would support your position. Be sure of your position, after all. Be prepared to refute all counterarguments and convince the audience of your point of view.

Of course, it is necessary not only to show your research or analysis skills, but also your writing skills. To be a good speaker, you must first become a good writer. If you don’t feel confident in your writing and research skills, you can always ask someone to help you. It is efficient to consult your friends or relatives.

But if you want to be sure of a high rating or success with your audience, you need to write a top-notch motivational speech. Only a professional writer with years of experience in that field can create a brilliant and inspiring speech for you.