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How To Write An Award Acceptance Speech

How To Write An Award Acceptance Speech (Tips & Example)


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  • What is Acceptance Speech?
  • Can You Describe Acceptance Speeches?
  • The Best Way to Write an Award Acceptance Speech
  • What to Include in an Acceptance Speech
  • Tips To Avoid Mistakes 

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What is Acceptance Speech?

It is common for a person to give their acceptance speech at a ceremony or special event relating to receiving an award, nomination, honor, gift, title, or promotion. You may make the speech yourself or by appointing someone to speak on your behalf if you are absent. A short and inspiring acceptance speech is customary. As a person accepts an award or takes the oath of office, the public generally expects a speech to be longer.

Can You Describe Acceptance Speeches?

There is no point in making an endless list of thank you to end up with a speech that is interrupted by blowing your nose in a napkin like the speeches you see in movies. Gratitude, modesty, and acknowledgment go hand-in-hand in a gracious acceptance speech.

It is quite a shock to actually win an award, and to talk about it afterwards can be quite nerve-wracking. The following example award acceptance speeches will make it easier for you to deliver a good speech after being shocked and surprised by your honor. Browse through them.

You have forgotten all the speeches you had practiced. It is likely that you will have to give an acceptance speech in which you crack jokes and elicit laughter from the audience. If you don’t want that to happen, then consider the likelihood of the scenario outlined above. It’s always a good idea to look at some samples of award speeches, along with some tips about keeping your cool so you can do your best to give an acceptance speech that matches what you imagined.

While the thought process is clear in your head and you know what you will say, when you win the award the situation is completely different. Despite your desire to win, you’re flustered, scared, shocked, and numb as a result. No matter what speeches you prepared, they are forgotten.

However much you wish it weren’t true, and you wanted to be the person who could crack a joke and elicit a few laughs from the audience upon your acceptance speech, you should think it very unlikely that the aforementioned scenario will actually occur. In any case, you can always read through some sample award speeches as well as tips on maintaining your cool so that your acceptance speech will be exactly as you imagined.

To help you prepare a great acceptance speech and keep your face, we have compiled a step-by-step guide, tips, useful phrases, and sample.

In your speech, you should accomplish the following:

  • Recognition of the award-giving organization should be effective.
  • Express your sincerest gratitude to people who contributed a great deal to your success.
  • Share the genuine pleasure to accept the award.
  • Leave no doubt that you have deserved this award.

How To Write An Award Acceptance Speech

Guides are not only useful for essays and other written works, as this is a common misconception. You will not stray from your intended path by preparing an appropriately prepared speech and you will avoid having a meltdown if you forget the words. As well as reducing stress related to its delivery, well-crafted, well-rehearsed speeches are better crafted.

1. When You Know You’re Being Nominated, Begin Preparing Your Speech

Your words will already be prepared, if you are selected. Be prepared regardless of how likely it is that you will be chosen.

2. Discover The Occasion’s Details

From organizers, you can learn the following:

  • Your presentation’s timing.
  • The date, time & location of the ceremony/event.
  • The anticipated number of attendees.
  • The person introducing you to the public.
  • Whether you should make any special mentions during your speech.

The contents and ideas you choose for your speech will be based on this information. Choosing the appropriate mood and tone for your speech will help you.

3. Pick Someone To Thank

Which person has contributed the most to your success? Consider who has contributed most to your success. Make sure you mention the organization for which you were awarded. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t make the mistake of listing the names of everyone who played a role in your success. A few names are usually enough to convey your gratitude. You can use more generic expressions (family, coworkers, managers, etc.) when you want to thank more people.

4. Review The Most Memorable Acceptance Speeches

How about the MTV awards or the Oscars? You may be able to get a general idea of what good and bad acceptance speeches look like. Try to evaluate acceptance speeches by searching the internet for their texts. Which ones are most impressive? In what ways are successful acceptance speeches characterized? What words make you cringe? What phrases give you a sense that the honoree deserves the recognition? Be sure to consider your answer.

5. Draft a Speech

There are typically three parts to your acceptance speech: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Here are some tips to help you write a winning acceptance speech:

  • Whether you were introduced by the speaker or not, it is important to greet the audience.
  • Recognition of the organization/person/group presenting the award. Consider describing the organization’s importance and how it motivates people to succeed.
  • The award should be emphasized as important and valuable. How about the values that the award represents?

Explain why the award is important to you. Describe your emotions when you receive the award. Describe how this award will impact you. What will you do as a result of receiving this award?

The people who assisted you in receiving the award should be thanked for their efforts. An award winner may have received patient support from a family member or a coworker who inspired them to complete the project. Be sure to include the reasons you are grateful rather than just a list of names.

A closing statement should be made at the end of the speech. A call to action can be included at the end, or you can simply thank people for their time.

6. Work On Your Public Speaking

Make sure you learn your acceptance speech by heart, since reading it is highly undesirable. Speak to a mirror or ask someone you trust to listen to it. Time yourself so that you do not speak too much. Your speech may have to be cut to the required time period if you need to speak more quickly.

It is highly recommended that you view video recordings of acceptance speeches and learn how to conduct yourself during the ceremony.

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What to Include in an Acceptance Speech: An Example With Comments

Here is the acceptance speech that will help you understand our guide more clearly. Below the speech we have provided the most important points. We were most impressed by how the honoree shows gratitude for the honor and sincerely appreciates it. You can hopefully take some inspiration from our sample acceptance speech and learn a little bit about how to prepare a winning acceptance speech.

Take advantage of the following tips to avoid common mistakes and improve your speaking skills:

  • Keeping it short and sweet is the best way. The standard time limit should be between two and five minutes if you don’t know the timing of the speech.
  • Prepare yourself as much as you can. Don’t let your experience as a speaker fool you.
  • You can learn more about acceptance speeches by watching award shows on television or YouTube.
  • Humor is welcome if it is appropriate. Depending on the place and event, it may be relevant.
  • Being honest is important. The best day of your life may seem like a tempting claim, but make sure this is really true.
  • Put quotation marks around the word if applicable. Using this information in your speech will help the audience to better understand it.
  • Be careful not to appear insincere or over-rehearsed by using mawkish gestures and phrases.
  • I received the award because of my story. Tell me how it happened. Everyone loves a good story.
  • For more confidence during your speech, you can use cue cards.
  • Describe the people you looked up to who have received similar honors in the past and served as role models for you.

Make Your Acceptance Speech Perfect by Avoiding These Mistakes

  • You shouldn’t include topics that aren’t related to the award. The audience shouldn’t be confused.
  • Do not overdo it with demonstrations. Use your words more modestly.
  • Focus on positive aspects rather than negative aspects, memories, or criticisms. Ensure your speech remains motivating and positive.
  • Talk about more than just yourself. Thank your audience, organizers, and anyone who helped or contributed to your presentation.
  • Please do not thank a large group of people by name in your thanks, as it might make your audience bored. You should thank them in person instead.
  • The organization’s decision should be accepted with good manners. You should avoid saying anything like “I finally won” or “I didn’t deserve the award.”.” Accept the award with humility.
  • Be careful not to copy other people’s speeches, even if they match your goals. Keep your words sincere by adding your own personal touch.

A life lived well is its own reward. Remember to emphasize this in your acceptance speech. Your audience will listen to you if you choose the right words, express your thoughts carefully, and be passionate about what you say. Hopefully you will find this guide useful in creating and delivering an impressive acceptance speech.

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