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How to Write a Scholarship Letter

How to Write a Scholarship Letter ( Format, Template & Tips)


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What is a Scholarship Letter?

Prior to getting any form of scholarship, the scholarship evaluation board has the responsibility to take into action some vital information before making their final decision. At some point, the decision is made based on things such as academic excellence, and other overall academic skills.

Sometimes, the board evaluates economic factors which mainly involve individuals from impoverished backgrounds. The reality of things is that you need to write a scholarship application cover letter that incorporates all the necessary information. In the cover letter, you need to explain in detail the reason you are applying for the scholarship program.

Also, elaborate on how the scholarship can help you attain your academic and career success in the long run. Note that the cover letter is not the only weapon you have to make your dreams come true when applying for a scholarship. However, you need to be careful about the required attachments that need to accompany the letter.

Many people tend to mess up when it comes to creating a winning scholarship letter. The good news is that this is doable! Below are some of the major things that you should never leave out when writing a scholarship letter. Read through for more actionable insights!

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How to Write a Scholarship Letter

Establish a Formal Tone and Use a Clear Structure

When writing a scholarship cover letter, always remember to write it using a formal tone. In addition, you need to operate within a concise structure with a definite flow. This makes your work stand out and nail directly on the head. Apart from having a clear structure and tone, ensure that all your spellings are on point.

It is always good to ask someone else to peruse through, focusing on the objective. Once someone else has read the letter, ask them to criticize whatever you have written to pinpoint the ultimate goal of the letter. This gives you an added advantage since you will eliminate cases of grammatical and spelling errors.

Also, ensure that every word you have written counts and impacts the letter’s objective. Remember that once the evaluation board realizes that your letter is full of fluff, they will likely abandon your letter. Always make sure that your objective is precise and directly on point.

Explain Why You are a Good Fit for the Scholarship

When writing a scholarship letter, this is an opportunity to outline the main areas where your strength lies within an educational perspective. Also, elaborate further on the growth and development of your career and some of the reasons why you are the most suitable person.

The goal is to convince the scholarship board that you deserve to be allowed to explore your academic career. Ensure that your letter highlights all the important areas regarding the scholarship to give you a competitive advantage compared to other applicants. To be unique, you can cover all the important points using examples to create trust within the respective body.

Match the Cover Letter to the context 

There are different circumstances where you will need to attach a scholarship cover letter to be considered. Sometimes, you might be applying for admission to a given institution or program courtesy of a scholarship. You need to be perfect when crafting the letter since you need proof that you are the best to be considered.

Once you have identified the ultimate goal of the latter, begin by tailoring the letter targeting a specific objective. After creating a compelling introduction, the following paragraph should be followed by your academic skills. Highlight some of your achievements, your areas of strength, among many other areas that will make you the best fit for the position.

The third paragraph should discuss a specific program, course, or even the project you are applying for. Shed light on how the program or the course will help you attain your goal and how you will impact the scholarship board during your studies. Close the letter with a polite farewell once you are done covering all the aspects.

Besides, when you are writing a scholarship letter to request funds from a program that you have already been accepted, you need to work by considering a few aspects. The letter’s introduction should be similar to the structure and focus your emphasis on your academic skills.

Also, create a clear picture of your financial status and the main reason why you need the funding to keep you going. You are free to explain why you need to study in a specific institution and how you will benefit if given a chance. However, when creating this kind of scholarship letter, you are most likely to be given instructions about the information that needs to be included in the scholarship letter and the guidelines to be followed.

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Parts of a Scholarship Letter

To capture the attention of your target audience, you need to be keen on how you structure your letter into different parts. Let’s have a glimpse at different parts of a scholarship letter!

  1. Contact Information

Similar to a formal letter that incorporates the contact details of the sender and the recipient, a scholarship letter does not have an exception. The letter should contain all the contact details at the top on the right-hand side of the letter. On the flip side, include the contact details of the target organization on the left-hand side of the letter.

  1. Introduction and Your Milestone Achievements

The introduction part of the letter sends a crucial message that significantly impacts your chance of being considered by the organization. You need to showcase your zeal and a clear understanding of having a similar opportunity in your career. Begin by showcasing one of the significant achievements that will make the organization want to know much about you.

  1. Express Your Passion

The organization automatically wants to know much about the sacrifices that you have made that have made you reach where you are. However, you don’t need to sound desperate when speaking about such instances. Contrary, you need to explain how much you would like to get the opportunity.

  1. Call to Action

The call to action is always the last paragraph when writing a scholarship letter. If you want the committee to call you back at a specific time, you need to be clear about it. Also, if you need the organization to schedule a meeting to speak out to make everything clear.

What Not to Include in a Scholarship Application Letter

The importance of content inside a letter is similar to that of the letter’s structure. In short terms, this means that the letter needs to be formatted to make it edible through reading. To ensure that you write the letter within the required bounds, there are things that you need to avoid including in your scholarship letter. Let’s explore some of these variables!

Avoid Using an Informal Tone 

During the process of ensuring that you appeal to the reader’s eyes, you might be tempted to change gears to an informal tone. Remember that this is not the rule of the game since you need to make your letter remain professional in the long run. The letter should be short, direct to the point, and clear.

Do Not Add Unnecessary Information

Sometimes, you might get so excited and add unnecessary information in your letter. Adding this kind of information makes your letter to be unappealing and lethargic, which is a terrible thing. Yes, the reality is that this is a personal letter, but do not cross the lines by including information that does not impact the main objective of the scholarship letter. This is meant to ensure that you remain professional and give the required details.

Avoid Including Your Areas of Weakness

Writing a scholarship letter is meant to allow you to zone directly in areas of your strength and achievements. This is not a chance to explain the areas where you perform poorly since you need to prove that you can get things done when given a chance. All you need to do is match the areas of your strength using vivid examples.

Do Not Hide Your Need for Financial Assistance

It is evident that you need financial assistance when writing a scholarship letter. You might get yourself at a point where you express your inability to pay tuition fees and other stuff. This is absolutely wrong! A scholarship is mainly meant to alleviate your financial crisis. Requesting assistance in terms of finances is highly expected when writing the letter.

Keep in mind that unleashing your financial crisis when writing a scholarship letter is very appropriate. However, you need to shed more light on your academic strength and how the program can help you sore high in the skies. Within the letter, do not forget to elaborate on how the organization’s financial assistance will take you a long way in academics.

Avoid Submitting the Letter Without Proofreading

This is an important point that should be considered when writing a scholarship letter and any other type of letter. It sounds weird to submit a letter that has lots of typos and grammatical errors, and yet you need funding. You need to be extremely keen at this point by ensuring that you do a proper proofreading and every word counts. The scholarship evaluation board is likely to neglect your application due to errors that you could easily avoid through proofreading.

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Bottom Line 

Writing a scholarship letter is not a daunting task. Also, it is not a walk in the park, as many people believe. You need to be clear on the message that you need to pass to the target audience. Now you have learned how to write a scholarship letter. In the next guide we will guide you on how to write an effective scholarship essay that actually wins.

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