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How to Write Scholarship Essay

How to Write Scholarship Essay & Win | Outline (Introduction-End)


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Writing your scholarship essay can seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you have limited experience writing essays or working with a particular topic. But don’t worry you’re not alone. Every year, students face the same questions about writing their scholarship essays, so we created this comprehensive guide to help you learn how to write scholarship essay that wins.

We have covered everything from finding the right topic to making sure that your grammar and punctuation are perfect. Many students who apply for scholarships each year don’t win, because they haven’t put in the time to write a scholarship essay that stands out from the crowd.

What Is a Scholarship Essay?

Scholarships are a form of student financial aid that does not require repayment. Scholarships are often based on academic merit or financial need, but many types of scholarships aren’t so straightforward. For example, a local business owner may want to help a student attend college because he thinks that having more educated employees will benefit his business. This is an excellent example of how to write an essay for college applications. The best way to receive a scholarship is by applying for it and writing your very best essay.

Steps: How to Write Scholarship Essay

A scholarship essay is usually a 500-1000 word personal statement written by you, meant to impress someone into giving you money. That someone could be an organization or an individual. Think of it as your marketing pitch, where you put forth your credentials and explain why someone should pick you over everyone else. Just like with any marketing campaign, there’s a strategy involved in writing for scholarships. The steps are given below:

  • Brainstorm
  • Outline
  • Formatting
  • Peer Review

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  • Brainstorm

The importance of writing in scholarship applications is not just clear, it’s almost imperative. You have only a few minutes literally to impress your reader and communicate who you are as an applicant. This means writing simply, clearly, and directly. While editing your work for grammar, spelling, or word choice might seem obvious (and is), you should also make sure your writing does not include any red flags words that convey that you lack maturity, don’t know how to write well, or lack knowledge about something that may be required for you to be successful in school or career. Your essay isn’t about impressing someone with big words and complex sentences; rather it’s about illustrating why you’re applying for college support.

  • Outline

A good place to start is with an essay outline. Think of it as a road map that shows you where you’re going and how you plan on getting there. It will help keep your writing focused and organized, leaving less room for deviation and better supporting whatever arguments or points you want to make in your essay. There are several methods but most scholars recommend an A-B-C format, which means breaking your essay into three main body paragraphs (A, B, and C) with 3-5 subheadings under each main topic.

  • Scholarship Essay Formatting

Writing is one of those things you’re probably not too bad at you may even be pretty darn good at it. But, being pretty good isn’t going to win you any scholarships. To do that, you need to learn how to write well; if that sounds intimidating or difficult, don’t worry. There are plenty of tools and resources out there that can help you nail down what scholarship judges want from their winners.

  • Write

Many students dream of going to college, but not everyone can afford it. Luckily, there are still ways for people to earn degrees and certificates without taking out loans or paying tuition. Scholarships provide financial assistance for various activities, including education. If you’re working towards earning a scholarship, here are some tips on how you can write an essay that is likely to catch someone’s eye. A well-written essay could land you some much-needed funds that will help get your career started right.

  • Take a Break

It’s also smart to take time off from studying every once in a while. We tend to devote so much time and energy towards our goals that we burn ourselves out without even realizing it. Take some time off and do something unrelated to your academics for at least an hour or two. Sometimes, getting away from our work can be just as productive as working on it. It’s amazing how giving yourself some you-time can boost productivity later down the road.

  • Rewrite

The key to writing an essay for scholarship money is to impress your reader. Be sure you have good ideas, a logical order flow of information, and that all words are relevant. Additionally, be sure your essay is free of typos, grammar errors, and spelling mistakes. You can use spell-check on a computer but it’s still important that you proofread your work thoroughly. Remember that if you’re going to ask someone for money they’ll be expecting more than just facts from you. They will want valuable insight into how you’ve handled yourself in difficult situations and why they should give their money over to you instead of somebody else.

  • Peer Review

Be sure to have friends and family review your essay for spelling and grammar mistakes. You’d be surprised how many people make silly mistakes in their scholarship essays. We want you to get accepted, not rejected! If you’re running out of people with editing experience, try checking with your school or local library they may be able to point you in the direction of some resources that can help edit your essay.

Tips on Completing Each Section of your scholarship essay

Organize your essay so that it flows easily. Think about how you want your reader to feel as they read through each section of your essay. A little bit of white space is okay, but not too much. You want your essay to be easy on their eyes and easy on their brains not confusing or complicated. Three paragraphs is a good place to start; try not to go over five (this means no six-paragraph essays). Stating Your Case. This is where you’ll state what school you’re applying for and why you are worthy of that scholarship.

  • Writing a Persuasive and Clear scholarship essay Introduction

Most winning scholarship essays begin with an introduction that’s as persuasive and clear as possible. If you want your essay to be considered for more than one award, it makes sense to tailor each introduction and even your essay’s title to each opportunity. The best way to do that is by using different languages in each introduction and including details about why you’re qualified for each specific scholarship. This ensures that your essay will stand out from others because it’s been crafted specifically for each opportunity.

  • Writing the scholarship essay Body Paragraphs

Each body paragraph should have three or four sentences. The first sentence should state an example of how you’ve demonstrated leadership, community service, and/or creativity in your life. The second sentence should say how that action relates to your future goals. In your third and fourth sentences, make sure to tie everything back together again by linking what you did as an example of how you’ve demonstrated leadership/service/creativity in your life and how that demonstrates why you deserve money for college.

  • Be Personal

Think of your essay as an opportunity to impress colleges, but also as an opportunity to show off your personality. Think about what makes you unique maybe it’s a side-hustle, hobby, or travel experience, and be sure to showcase that in your essay. Getting into college is just one part of a successful future; admission essays are another. With that in mind, use your essay as a chance to highlight something special about yourself and make yourself stand out from other applicants.

  • Stay Focused

The winning scholarship essay is often what gets you invited to an interview or a school, so you must stay focused on your end goal. If you’re thinking about how well your essay will be received, remind yourself that it is part of building your final product your application. And if you’re wondering whether you should share more personal details, focus on crafting an essay with concrete examples of experiences or skills that show why you deserve a full ride.

  • Follow Instructions

If you want your scholarship essay to stand out, then you’re going to have to follow all of those little rules. Applicants often make mistakes when trying to write their winning scholarship essays because they don’t understand how each grant committee wants them formatted. Take a few minutes and research what each agency is looking for. You can also look at sample essays as reference points for length, formatting, and tone.

  • Be Succinct

One of my favorite pieces of advice for writing a winning scholarship essay is that you should be succinct. The process of writing your essay can take time, and it’s important not to lose sight of what you’re trying to say. If you do, it can be easy to go off on tangents or include lengthy pieces of information that are distracting from your main point and message.


Writing scholarship essays is an art form and many strategies can help you write better. You may have heard stories of students who have made it through on their writing alone, but that’s not realistic. There are far too many good writers out there for you to win with just your words alone. Instead, think about how you might distinguish yourself from others.

 When you write your scholarship essay, don’t just tell us about your accomplishments. The best essays illustrate your goals and ambitions, as well as how writing fits into that picture. 


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