How To Write a Personal Essay: Writing help, Ideas, Topics, Examples


Organize your memories by learning how to write a personal essay step by step. Here, we provide you with compressive ideas, examples and topics that can help you write a good personal to your audience.

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What a Personal Essay Entails?

In such kind of writing, your purpose as the author of such an essay is to engage your audience with more than what they think is just storytelling.

When writing such kind of an essay, the author must have a thorough reflection on their experience and make a complete analysis of how these experiences transformed them as a person as well as others who were impacted or affected.

What to Include in a Personal Essay

This is an essay that is about something that has happened in the life of the author. It is not enough to discuss what has happened in your life but also discuss how these events and happenings have impacted those around you. For instance;

  • You can discuss something that changed your life such as illness, death, birth or any other issue.
  • You can also discuss events that made you really annoyed such as social inequalities, racism or bigotry
  • In this essay, you also have to bring in your memories of an event or an experience which had important feelings during, before or after the event.
  • It is important to remember that a personal writing essay is not about telling the story of what happened.

Some kind of reflection

This is the most difficult section when writing a personal essay. A personal writing essay like we mentioned above does not revolve around telling a story but reflecting on that story. When you are reflecting on what happened in your life, you will really need to give a thought about your personal experience, how it changed you and what you think about the event.

It is important to note that;

  • You are a reflection on your feelings and the memories that come with it, reflect your feelings and in your essay keep on reflecting on your memories bringing in your opinions, thoughts and consider them as a powerful hindsight.
  • You maintain telling your audience what you have learned about yourself
  • Did you grow? Did you develop? Has your life changed?

You can be sure to use statements like ‘looking back at my life, I am able to see now’ which can help you start the whole section of reflection.

A personal essay;

  • Aids in the exploration of certain world aspects
  • Presents your feelings and opinions on them
  • Discuss your thoughts on how you think you have been affected
  • Described who you are after the experience with thorough and high-level opinion about yourself.

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