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How To Write Marketing Research Paper

How To Write Marketing Research Paper- Guide & Format


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What is a Marketing Research Paper?

In order to write an excellent Marketing Research paper, you must first understand the definition of the term. Many people use the terms marketing research and market research interchangeably, even though their meanings and applications differ in some ways.

Market research studies a niche market, customers, and products or services developed for that specific market. It also focuses on one particular market’s characteristics, including its needs, wants, and spending habits. Marketing research, on the other, has a broader coverage like product development and research, sales pricing, advertising, public relations, distribution, and others. Marketing research aims to gather and analyze data on a business’s entire marketing and information system from development to distribution.

After understanding the definition of marketing research, it is time to start working on your research paper. Remember that a good marketing research paper will help you stand out as a researcher and be of significant help to many groups of people, including organizations, marketing students, and other researchers.

Step by Step: How To Write Marketing Research Paper

Here are some tips and steps to be followed while writing an outstanding marketing research paper.

  1. Understand the Objective of Your Marketing Research Paper.
  2. Create an Outline
  3. Select a Topic
  4. Do Your Research
  5. Work on the Introduction
  6. Write The Research Paper’s Body
  7. Conclude the Research Paper
  8. Edit and proofread your paper

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1.      Understand the Objective of Your Marketing Research Paper.

If you are writing a marketing research paper for an organization, a college assignment, or even as a personal project, you should have a specific objective for the research paper. When you start working on your research paper, every aspect of your work should aim at achieving this objective.

A marketing research paper can have one or several objectives depending on its intended use. Here are some of the common goals of a marketing research paper.

  • To accurately assess a target market’s perspective on a particular product or service, including how they compare to competitors in terms of pricing and need fulfillment.
  • To understand whether a target market will be receptive to a new product or service depending on the customers’ needs and the performance of similar products in that market.
  • To understand how to better connect to your target market.
  • To assess opportunities, threats, and emerging trends to help businesses project their profits or plan for losses.
  • To give insights on existing gaps in a market or how an organization can gain a competitive advantage in a specific market.

2.      Create an Outline

After researching and understanding the objective of the research paper, it is best not to delve right into writing, instead create an outline for everything you need to begin and conclude your research. An overview is an excellent way to organize your thoughts and create a flow of tasks. It will also help you avoid repetitions and omissions, thus spending more time on the research paper than is necessary.

Here is an example of a basic outline you can use for your marketing research paper

  1. Review Objectives
  1. Marketing potential
  2. Operation costs
  3. Sales and pricing
  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of methodology and research process
  3. Conclusion

You can tailor the outline according to your needs and add or eliminate other sections as you see fit.

3.      Select a Topic

The topic is what guides the ideas, research, and arguments made on a research paper. When writing a marketing research paper, having a wide range of prospective issues you can cover can make topic selection difficult. Still, ensure that you do not spend too much time choosing a topic that you have less than enough for research and actual writing.

Here are some tips to consider when selecting a topic for your marketing research paper.

  • Consider your interests in marketing. You will likely not write an excellent marketing research paper if you are not interested in the subject of your study. If you consider a topic within your interests, ensure that you can answer questions like what interests you about this marketing field and what new ideas and perspectives your research paper will contribute to this field.
  • Availability of information. Remember that evidence is the backbone of any research paper. Ensure there are enough sources to back up your argument. Additionally, avoid topics with too much available information that research loses focus.
  • Review the topic selection guidelines given by your instructor. If the research paper is a personal project, refer to similar research papers for guidelines.
  • Discuss research ideas with your friends and peers to get fresh marketing perspectives to consider as topics

4.      Do Your Research

After selecting a topic, the next step is to begin your research. If you are writing a research paper for the first time, you may find this step challenging. To avoid getting overwhelmed by the research workload, it is best to develop a marketing research plan. This plan will determine all the information and answers you need to achieve your research paper’s objective.

Here are examples of questions you can use to create a comprehensive research plan for your paper.

  • What do I need to understand this market’s opinion on a particular product or service?
  • What insights point to the customers’ needs, wants, and spending habits concerning this product?
  • Do I need comparative data from competitors offering similar products in this market?
  • Do I need pricing, sales, distribution, or revenue data to understand the target market?
  • What is the time frame for the conclusion or submission of this research paper, and do I have all the required resources to complete it?

After establishing the answers you are seeking through your research, the next step is to create a research design. A research design explains precisely how you intend to collect and analyze the data you require for your paper. There are two research methods to collect your data; primary or secondary research.

Primary research involves direct participation in the data collection process through interviews, questionnaires, and focus groups, while secondary research involves analyzing information that has already been collected and published. You can access secondary research data through the internet, library, journals, or government publications. If necessary, you can utilize one or both of these research methods for your marketing research paper.

Remember that in marketing research, using graphs and charts is essential in helping you present your data accurately and to make your research paper easier to read.

5.      Work on the Introduction

The purpose of any introduction is to let the reader understand the researcher’s purpose for writing the paper. An excellent introduction to a marketing research paper is brief and concise but exciting enough to pique the reader’s curiosity. In summary, your introduction should:

  • Introduce your topic
  • Give a brief background on the subject and an overview of your research
  • Explain your approach to the topic
  • Give a review of the paper’s structure

6.      Write The Research Paper’s Body

The bulk of your paper’s written material will go to the body. Because the body is likely to contain an extensive amount of information, you should present this well so that it is easy to follow. Use bullet points and headlines to make your work easier to digest. As a researcher, you have to state apparent facts and analyses so that the reader is not trying to figure them out while reading.

Additionally, this section gives a detailed analysis of the factors mentioned in the introduction and includes supporting evidence. Ensure that paragraphs follow logically, each providing information relating to the main topic. Remember to utilize visual presentations for your data and to follow the illustration with an explanation of the conclusions you made based on the data analysis.

Even though visual representations are essential to a marketing research paper, include only the necessary ones. Too many charts or images crowd the text and frequently interrupt the reader, which can be annoying.

7.      Conclude the Research Paper

The final part of writing a marketing research paper is the conclusion. As a novice researcher, it is easy to put less effort into writing a conclusion than you did with the rest of the paper. This should not be the case. A good conclusion serves a similar purpose to a good introduction, leaving a lasting impression on the reader.

Here are a few pointers to writing a proper conclusion for your marketing research paper.

  • Give conclusions to any arguments raised in the paper
  • Give an overview of the data discussed in the paper, then state the goal of your research paper
  • Describe how your research has met the objective of the paper
  • Elaborate on the impact of your research, especially if you were researching new and innovative marketing ideas

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8.      Edit and proofread your paper

Poor sentence structure, grammatical errors and lack of punctuation give readers the impression of low-quality writing and research work. To edit, ensure the paper has the correct format, including a clear introduction and conclusion.

Next, check the paragraph structure and ensure the appropriate use of transition words when linking sentences. Additionally, ensure that every paragraph represents a different idea relating to the main topic and is backed by supporting evidence.

The last step is to find any repetitions, ambiguity, and misuse of words and make corrections.

After editing, proofread your paper to find and correct errors in grammar, tone, referencing style, spacing and margins, and numbering. After editing and proofreading, go over your paper several times to ensure everything is in place, then submit.

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