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How To Write Management Research Paper

How To Write Management Research Paper In 6 Steps


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This is a complete guide to How To Write Management Research Paper.

In this new guide you’ll learn everything there is to Write Management Research Paper, including:

  • Structure
  • Outline
  • Advanced tips
  • Examples (samples)
  • Lots more

So if you’re considering learning how to write management research papers, or just want to get the most out of it, this guide from our business paper writing service  is for you.

Let’s jump right in.

For most students pursuing management courses, learning the coursework is easy, especially if they have passion and dedication. The headache starts when they have to write a research paper either as a term paper, master’s thesis, or dissertation. If you are stuck and wondering how to write a management research paper, this article will teach you the step-by-step process of writing such papers.

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What Is a Management Research Paper?

First, you cannot work on something that you don’t understand. To get you on board with writing your paper, let’s look at what is a management research paper.

A management research paper is an academic writing that documents an original study on a particular topic in a management course. The student or researcher identifies a topic related to management, conducts research, and creates a narrative or discussion from the findings. It can be an analytical, argumentative, persuasive, or expository text that explores a specific topic related to management.

How To Write Management Research Paper: Step-by-Step Process

Writing a management research paper can be summarized in six steps. These are;

  1. Selecting a Topic
  2. Conducting Research
  3. Planning
  4. Writing the Paper
  5. Editing and Proofreading
  6. Qualities of a Great Management Research Paper
  7. Wrap up

Selecting a Topic

Choosing the research topic, also called the research question, is the first step in writing a good management research paper. Your course instructor or professor may provide topics to choose from, but mostly, you will need to come up with your topic. The key to writing a winning management research paper lies in the choice of the research question.

First, you need to choose a topic that ticks all the requirements provided by your professor or instructor. You may select an exciting topic, conduct extensive research and present a solid argument, but that will only earn you marks if it’s within the rules given by your supervisor.

Secondly, choose a current topic that seeks to solve real-life problems. One of the first things supervisors and professors look for in your research is the logic and practicability of your study. An excellent research paper should be a creative project that can use management knowledge to provide realistic solutions.

Lastly, select a topic that you can comfortably research. This includes a topic you are curious about, which interests you, and has available data. When brainstorming your research questions, do background research on the internet or books to gauge how much information is available. Even if a topic is interesting but the available data is little, leave it and pick another issue.

Each time you remember: ‘Oh, I need to pay for a research paper‘, it might be tempting to select the first topic that comes on your head, but selecting the right topic is one of the most crucial elements of management paper writing.

Conducting Research

A shallowly-written research paper will put off the professor or review panel. You want to capture the reader’s attention with solid, well-explained points that will leave them yearning to read more. For this reason, carry out extensive research on your research topic and note the ideas down.

There are several places to look, including hardcopy books, journals, online encyclopedias, websites, electronic books, and E-learning videos. Collect the relevant information, bookmark the books or online tabs, and write down key points in a notebook.

Conducting research is one of the most tiring steps when writing a management research paper due to the many primary and secondary resources you need to go through. Remember to note down the main ideas, author, publication, and other related information for citation purposes. It would be very tiring to gather the ideas only to realize that you don’t remember the page or site where you got the information.


Writing a management research paper can be tedious, especially with many ideas to present and analyze. Planning how your paper will look is essential because it makes your work neat and easy to manage.

Create an outline of topics and subtopics that will go into your text. These include an introduction, thesis statement, abstract, literature review, methodology, findings, discussion, and conclusion. Remember to check your professor’s instructions because some sections like the abstract are not universal.

As you note down your points, start with the strong points with comprehensive, easy to write explanations. Starting with unclear points whose argument doesn’t flow easily can overwhelm you and cause panic. If you panic, even the solid ideas disappear.

 Writing the Paper

All along, you have been planning your paper; it’s now time to do the actual writing. This is the step where your writing and grammar skills are put to the test. You need to write down your key points and expound on them to produce several paragraphs. Transition phrases, the correct tenses, and choice of words will set apart an excellent research paper from a poorly written one.

Here are the main subtopics to focus on:


The introduction lets your audience in on what your study is all about. Craft an attention-grabbing introduction that introduces your topic provides a background, states the purpose, and maps out the direction your research will take. Some experts believe you should skip the introduction to write it completing the paper, but personal experiences vary from one writer to another.

Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a well-thought sentence at the end of your introduction that explains the main point of your research paper. Note that your thesis statement should be concise and express a single idea. More than one idea may confuse the leader on what to expect from your study.

Literature Review

A literature review explores and critically evaluates previously published works on your research topic. It shows the reader you have done extensive research on your subject matter and the gap left by previous researchers you are trying to fill.


When you submit a management research paper, the professor or review panel seeks to know how you obtained your findings and reached your arguments. The methodology part of a research paper can make or break the validity of your research. It shows the specific procedures you used to find, analyze, and present your research data.


Also known as the results, the findings are what you discovered from your research. They should accurately represent what you found from your study without explanations, recommendations, or conclusions. In this section, always use the past tense.


This is one of the parts of your paper that hold significant weight. The section outlines the meaning and significance of your findings to issues surrounding the topic.

A well-written discussion should connect your reader to your paper’s introduction then take them through the additional information that your research found. Remember to include in-text citations according to the formatting style recommended by your professor.


A conclusion gives the reader a summary of your research and your final thoughts on the subject. It also gives you a window to provide recommendations for further research on the topic. Note that you should never introduce a new concept in the conclusion.


Depending on your institution and professor’s instructions, you may need to include an abstract in your management research paper. An abstract is a condensed version of your entire paper presented in 150-300 words. The main components of this section are the purposes of your study, your study design, a short explanation of your findings, discussion, and conclusion.

Create the Reference Section

The reference section serves two purposes in a management research paper. First, it gives your paper credibility because the reader can see where you got your thoughts. They can also open the links and expound on the ideas you borrowed from the third party.

Secondly, it is a way of giving credit to writers whose ideas you borrowed. Using another person’s work without crediting them is plagiarism. Plagiarism is an intolerable offense in academics.

Editing and Proofreading

Your research paper may be complete, but it is not ready for submission. Due to the tedious nature of writing all the sections, you might miss a grammar mistake, punctuation, repetition, or wrong words. Leave the paper for one or two days, then return to it, reading as you correct any errors.

Use grammar-checking software to speed up the proofreading process and make it less tedious. Such software corrects grammatical errors, flow, tense, and word choice.

Lastly, check plagiarism using the plagiarism checkers recommended by your professor. Iron out the plagiarized parts by paraphrasing the ideas, then recheck until the text shows zero plagiarism.

Qualities of a Great Management Research Paper

For your management research paper to impress your professor or reviewing panel, it needs to possess the following qualities:


Don’t assume that professors and instructors can stand a boring topic because it’s academics. Your choice of topic greatly influences whether the reader will read the paper till the end or not. Choose an interesting yet appropriate topic that you will enjoy working on. Interest and curiosity will motivate you to conduct extensive research and engagingly present your ideas.


Carry out thorough research and compile your points systematically to produce factual content. Half-researched ideas and unverifiable facts can make your research invalid and illogical. Avoid adding your personal opinions or understanding to research work.


The best management research paper is the one whose points have been put across in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. Explain abbreviations and technical terms. Moreover, ensure you understand a concept clearly before paraphrasing it in your text.


The idea that research equals wide reading misleads many people. As much as your research paper should be rigorous, it should be concise, only providing the relevant information. Avoid adding unnecessary details in your text.

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Wrap up

To write a great management research paper, you need to follow a particular procedure that most professors and institutions universally accept. Start by choosing an appropriate research topic and conducting extensive research to gather your ideas. The other steps include creating a rough draft, writing the actual paper, and proofreading.

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