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Logical Order

Logical Order: How To Organize Ideas in An Essay


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This is a COMPLETE guide on logical order and how to organize ideas in an essay.

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In this new guide you’ll find:

  • What is Logical Order?
  • Logical Order Thesis Statement
  • Consistent Flow of the Logical Order
  • The Key Parts of an Essay
  • The Outline of the Topic
  • The Structure of the Paragraph
  • The difference between a unified and a coherent paragraph
  • Top 5 Benefits of Logical Order
  • Conclusion

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What is a Logical Order?

The main aim of writing an essay is to communicate ideas and views. The logical organization of sentences in paragraphs assist readers to have a smooth development of thoughts. A logical organization order is the writing of information starting from general to specific which enhance the overall grade of the paperwork.

Organizing information and ideas logically and straightforwardly in an essay is a necessary stage in the write-up process. When writers create ideas in an essay they should do it in a coherent and cohesive manner. Planning what content to bring together, what should start, follow, and wrap up require a logical flow of information from one idea to the other.

Logical Order: Organization of Specific Ideas

The logical organizing of ideas require students to organize points from general to particular. The essay writers must make sure that the readers get the written content clearly. The idea explained in a paragraph should be explained exhaustively before going to the next paragraph.

Essay writers must follow a specified sequence of writing in the explanation of the idea. The right flow of information depends on the great classification of ideas. Successful writers organize the thoughts logically by coming up with general claims followed by specific information.

Thesis Statement with the Local Order of Information Presentation

Well-written paper-work encourage students to develop an exceptional thesis statement. For example it has been discovered that excellent essays depend on a specific line of argument. Each paragraph should support the main idea, explaining the logical order. To come up with organized thoughts the writers need to create a powerful thesis statement.

Consistent Flow of the Logical Order

This improves the quality of paragraphs in a thesis. For instance, outstanding papers have points that explain an idea. Well-organized points in an essay shapes the quality of the paperwork in a unique way.

Quality is the Key

The logical order in an essay enables the students to produce high quality work by organizing ideas from known to unknown. For example, brilliant scholars communicate ideas in the paper work in the proper context.


The logical order assist the students to improve their write-up through consistency. The writers must have a clear and complete sentences to enhance the meaning of the paragraphs. It is good to consider matters of citing because it determines the uniformity of the task. The learners should use the same style to show the materials used in supporting of the arguments.

The Key Parts of an Essay

A big number of essays are divided into three sections; these include the introduction, the body, and the summary. Let us explain in details these three sections.

The Introduction

This has three major purposes.

  • It present the central idea of the essay
  • The introduction gives the required background or unfold how the thesis will be explained.
  • It triggers the reader to know more about the substance written in the rest part of the essay.

The introductory paragraph may be written in a variety of ways but the most commonly used is known as the funnel shape. It has the following structure:

  • -General Subject Statement (Topic)
  • – Subject Limitation (Focus)
  • -Thesis (Point)

Thesis Statement

This is very important because it seeks to show, argue, or demonstrate the main idea in an essay. It is essential to note that everything that will be written will support this important point. You need to come up with a thesis statement and explain in depth so that the lecturer or the professor can know your main ideas. You should be clear enough to support your ideas in the subsequent part of the essay.

The Body

The body in an essay supports, develops, and expands the main idea written in the beginning of the essay. This is where the writer discusses points, issues, and subject unfolded in the introduction.

  • -The body in an essay should be crystal clear. This means that it should focus on explaining the central idea of the thesis.
  • -It should be well-written and explained: This should be done by using details, quotes, and examples to offer a complete and clear explanation of the topic.
  • -The body should be systematic: The ideas written in this section should have a coherent line of write-up from one paragraph to the other.

The body length should depend on the number of examples, supporting ideas, or sub-points explained in the essay. Each supporting paragraph in an essay should be unified, coherent, and understandable.

Supporting Paragraphs

The supporting paragraphs give a back-up to the main ideas in an essay. By coming up with the outline in the body of your essay, you should make sure that the rest part of the thesis directly speaks and reflects the ideas in an essay. We advise you to use the rough draft to assist you come up with the outline.

The outline should have the points that connect the body of the paperwork to the thesis. On a separate book, we recommend you to write the main points that logically backup the thesis.

The Outline of the Topic

Once you are done with your rough outline, you might probably start your essay from a fresh. A topic outline is developed from the rough outline. This one organizes the flow and order of each paragraph in an essay.

The Structure of the Paragraph

You should know that every paragraph should have a topic sentence which explains about the major idea of the paragraph. The other sentences in a paragraph provide examples and details to support, explain, and illustrate the main idea.

Some of the transition words in a paragraph structure include then, and, finally, since, although, or, however, etc. These words show the connection between the points between paragraphs and paragraph.

The last paragraph in an essay concludes its ideas and states its conclusion. It should stress the points the writer wants the readers to recall. A big number of English essays follow this format. It include the TOEFL or IELTS structure.

The difference between a unified and a coherent paragraph

Unified Paragraph

This is a kind of a paragraph that follow the point highlighted in the topic sentence. It should not deviate from it.

Coherent Paragraph

These are types of sentences that flow one another logically. This gives an essay a beautiful image showing that it is well written in a way that is understandable. Lecturers need paragraph breaks to understand the students’ points easily. On the other hand writers need paragraph breaks to rightly organize their writing. You should know that a paragraph break signify a change in an idea, focus, point of view or specificity.

The paragraphs in an essay should be arranged logically, chronologically, or spatially. All paragraphs should have developed points: descriptions, comparisons, effects, causes, definitions, explanations, and examples. You should put your paragraphs in groups so that they make a powerful argument in supporting the thesis statement. If any paragraph doesn’t fit in the conclusion or introduction, you need to think critically and fix it where necessary.

Top 5 Benefits of Logical Order

  1. Great Focus

Logical organization of your essay help you to have great focus. Thesis statement is very powerful because it gives the direction at the beginning and the end. Professional essay write-up help the writers to stay focused and not to deviate to unrelated subjects.

  1. Swift Transitions

Transitions phrases and words between paragraphs are crucial. They connect the sentences together in straight and smooth lines. An exceptional essay is the one that has transitions that are smooth and readable.

  1. Great Content Structure

Transitions and focus bring ultimate beauty in an essay. It is advisable to state your powerful argument first and then go to the less important ideas.

  1. Logical order enhances concise writing

A well-written essay helps you to get one of the highest grades in the university. It is very important to maintain systematic flow and clarity which will help your professor to understand your topic easily. Avoid writing unnecessary words that make no sense.

  1. Excellent Organization of Ideas

Logical order is an important thing in an essay. It helps you to cover everything in your paperwork without forgetting some of the ideas. Proper organization of ideas help you to explain your ideas in a sensible manner.


There are a couple of stuff that make an essay to be good and accepted by the professor. The topic explained in the essay should be straightforward and interesting to read. The writer should avoid errors in capitalization, punctuation, spelling or grammar.

Organization is one of the crucial things that is checked by professors. A well written essay is effective, clear, logical, and focused. Proper research and organization makes the essay to be understood easily. The summary brings a closure of the essay. This part summarizes the main ideas of the discussion in the essay. The conclusion reflects the significance of the subject explained in the paper. It shouldn’t be so long and should not highlight or discuss new points. Students should write their essays in logical manner to enhance readability.

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