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How To Write A Response Essay: (Guide) That Works


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If you want to LEARN how to write a response essay, then you’ll LOVE this (updated) guide. 

Majority of students have used it and the feedback is overwhelming…. You’ve been worrying about your schoolwork too much! Our experts from the best write my essay online service have put together a list of helpful tips for anyone who needs courage when facing their professors in class or on an exam!

Learning how to write a response essay. It is an essay that calls for personal reaction to the existing problems and questions. It is more like a formal review.

In our academic life, we’ve to write the various type of essays. When it comes to most important essays, response essay is one of it.

Almost all the student has to write response essays for their college assignments papers. For a reason, we are going to tell you how to write a response essay and why it’s essential.

So, let’s get started. Shall we?

In order to ensure you understand how to write a good response essay, we have divided these guide into:

  • What is a Response Essay?
  • Why Practicing Response Essay is Important?
  • How to React On The Essay?
  • How To Write a Response Essay Outline
  • Things You Need to Follow While Writing a Response Essay
  • Conclusion 

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What is a Response Essay?

The response essay is the type of, a piece where the teacher wants to see the way you present something that you researched or studied.

Now for writing an ideal essay, you’ve to express your attitude and thoughts more confidently and fluently through your essay.

As you already know, a response essay is a formal essay which you’ve to present in a bit casual way. Haven’t got it? Don’t worry !

When asked to write an essay about a document you have been assigned during your coursework, you will often be expected to write it professionally and in an impersonal voice. However, the rules are different when you are tasked with writing a response essay. This type of essay is written in the first person. And even if a response paper is about your opinion of a certain film or book, you will still construct a thesis statement and your opinions shall be backed with facts from the document you are reacting to.

One important thing to keep in mind when writing a response essay is that it is still a formal assessment of a certain work, whether it is a film or a written piece of information and all you shall be doing is adding a personal reaction, the impression you have of the work. What are your views and understanding of the piece of document you are responding to? You need to have an ability to relate the piece of work you are discussing with your personal experience. The transformation of a document into a relatable experience that an audience can easily identify with.

This is not a review nor is it a test of your understanding of a document and it is not also a summary. A great response tells the audience how deep you have understood and thought of a piece of work and learned from it. Think of the following;

  • What does the author or artist want me to understand from this document?
  • What is my attitude and vision towards what I am watching or reading from this content?
  • How does this work relate to my day-to-day life and environment?

Those three questions can give you a great guideline for writing a powerful response essay.

Why Practicing Response Essay is Important?

As an academic writer, I can give a big and more detailed answer to it but it’s not needed.

It because all of you already know that you may’ve to write response essays more often in your academic career. So, practicing and writing it will give you a clear structural vision.

Another importance and benefit of practicing response essay is creativity. Exercising response essay increases creativity and also teach you how to solve any uncertain situation.

I hope it’s clear to you now. So, let’s move forward. J

How to React On The Essay?

Well, here the confusion starts. When you start reading the thesis or article, you’ll be confused about how to react. Trust me, I understand, how moving experience it is.

At the moment the best idea is, summarize the reading part and then present it with the following reactions. It’s the only way of surviving.

  • Show your thoughts like if you’re agreeing or disagreeing with the reading part’s summarized idea.
  • Tell people how the design is similar to your own life story.
  • Write down about other resources related to the topic you’ve read.
  • Show your analysis of the author’s words to the audience.
  • Write about your assessment and tell people how effective it is.
  • You can analyze any rhetorical situation of the thesis and explain it in details.

These are the best way to write a response essay on any topic. However, try to make things friendly. Don’t be too formal or too casual.

Now it’s time for the thing you’re waiting for from so long. The outline! Without further due, let’s jump into it.

How To Write a Response Essay Outline

So, now the real game begins. I know many of you are thinking that you can write it like argumentative then you’re going to fail mate. It’s a different kind of game, so you’ve to change your strategy too. 

It has only three main components. Which are-

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Now, you need to know how you can pull this simple structure off.

So, let’s see, how you can write a killing response essay.

How To Write a Response Essay Introduction

This is the first part of your essay, then the introduction shall be done in one or two paragraphs. Your first sentence in the introduction paragraph shall introduce the author or artist and the title of the document you are writing about. The best way to write an introduction is by starting strongly and with a powerful hook that shall capture the attention of your reader and keep it all along. As you write about the author’s vision and ideas in this section, you shall do it in a compelling way that makes the reader wants to check the rest of the work. Once you can capture a reader’s attention in the first two paragraphs, you shall have it on the rest of your writing.

The last sentence in the introduction paragraph is the thesis statement which shall state your opinion of the work under study. Don’t hesitate to state your position in a response essay because it is all about your opinion of a film or a book or a document.

The most important and game-changing part is the introduction. The introduction is the part when the reader decides if he/she wants to read it or not. So, you’ve to give it the priority. Here are some tips for you to make the introduction more engaging.

  • Make it eye-catching and keep that attention till the end.
  • Provide a short description of the topic in brief.
  • Summarize the entire thesis in brief.
  • Add a short story of the argument or article you’re responding. You can also write about a writer; it’ll make things more engaging.

I know following all these are quite tough but this is how it goes, and you’ve to follow all of it. Still tough for you?  Okay, I’ve some easy ideas to make your essay engaging, but you’ve to support all these still but in an exciting way. So, here are those ideas.

Ideas That Make Reaction Essay Great

  • Story-telling: Start your introduction with a story. It’ll help you to keep things engaging and if you can pull it off then at least 80% of the reader will sustain till the end. Remember, if you decide to pull the essay off with the method then you’ve to keep doing it till the end.
  • Starting with questions: It’s the best way to get curious people’s attention. Or if you want to make it one step ahead then use a little-bit rumor in the question. It’ll drive the audience insanely. So, if you can pull your topic into a serious or story in the matter, then you’re in the game.
  • Facts: Use interesting and relevant science, law or any facts. It’s a great way to stand out. An exciting fact can attract your reader instantly like click bait. So, if you can find any point that’s interesting and goes with your topic. Include it in your essay!
  • Statistical results: You know, some interesting statistical fact can always attract or astonish anyone. For example, if you’re writing on the internet, add any truth about the internet (like, the internet has 4.2 billion users). It can attract anyone’s attention in the first place. So, use statistical facts to hold the reader’s attention.

Now you got the reader’s attention, now how to hold the reader attention in response essay. Well, there is a strategy for it too. So, let’s discuss it.

How to Connect Response Essay Introduction to Conclusion

As I said before, for writing the best response essay you need to connect the introduction to end. No matter, if you want to communicate through a story, you can!

If you’re going to deliver through any fact or statistic, you can. When you can connect the introduction and the conclusion, then it’ll achieve a frame which is the frame of efficiency.

I know it’s a bit tough to do at the first time. However, if you have the entire idea and if you know how to write it, then you can easily pull it off.

Also, plan what you want to write in every section. If you haven’t get it or if you need a clear vision then here is an example for you.

Suppose, you’re writing about a GPS tracker. Start with any story of your real-life on GPS tracker then get into the advantages of it.

Ask readers, how GPS made their life easy then how it saves lives and all these things. In the end, finish with the story and tell something good about the topic and end it.

If you can pull it off, then your essay is ready to stand out.

So, now you know how to write a great introduction and connect it to the conclusion. However, I hope you’ll pull it off.

I know, the introduction is important but writing an attractive, engaging and catchy introduction doesn’t make your essay complete.

Another two crucial components are Body and Conclusion. Body is the heart of the essay. Now, the body is the detailed version of that idea you gave on the introduction.

You know what?  I’ve got a perfect example for explaining it to you. We all watch movies, right?

An Example of Response Essay Introduction 

The introduction is like the film’s trailer. It’s catchy, thrilling and makes us excited to watch the movie. The body is the cinema, where we enjoy the entire story of the film. The Ending is the conclusion, within a few moments, it delivers a musical and emotional message.

As we all know, if a movie has a good story (body in essays case), it’ll stand out. So, let’s give some the importance to the body and conclusion too.

 How To Write Persuasive Essay Body Paragraphs

When people ask me, what’s the toughest part of writing the body, I must say, it’s the body paragraph. Why?

It because, in a body paragraph, you’ve to adopt a new strategy again. Yes! You need to design it in a lucrative way so that anyone would love to read it.

For a reason, I prefer using short paragraphs in this section. I suggest everyone use two-three lines in a paragraph. Also use short sentences as much as possible. It’ll help you to keep the reader attention.

Fun fact: Most of the reader loses the attention because of formal word usage.

Don’t take thing fun fact usually. Choose the word wisely. If you’re still confused, then you can always ask for professional help.

The body section of your response essay shall be three paragraphs at most. This is your chance to react to the content of the work and how it relates to your daily life and any feeling it arouses in you. Don’t be afraid to give any evidence of the responses you have to the work from its content. Your opinions are still based on the work. You can quote a section of the work if necessary and tell whether you agree or dispute some of the things the author or artist is saying. You can also evaluate the work on its merit and accuracy.

Ask yourself if you can recommend it to a friend if it is a film or a book and why you would not, that can give you certain ideas on how to develop the body section further. Finally, in the last part of the body paragraph, you shall state whether you support the work’s main ideas or not. What has the work tried to say and is it powerful, insightful, or revealing in any way, or is it not according to your opinion?

Best Way to Design Response Essay Body Paragraphs

In the long response essay, how can you hold the reader’s attention? 😉 Well, response essays are meant to be long, and we really can’t help about it. However, it doesn’t mean; we don’t have anyway.

Remember, last time I used the word ‘designed’. Yes, it’s time to show your professor how creative you’re. Plan before start writing.

Research on the topic and collect as many interesting facts, statistical results, humorous quotes, examples, other works and all these needs to be relevant to your essay topic.

Now, write the essay and use all the materials in your piece. After applying, review that paragraph to confirm if it suits or not!

It’s the best strategy to hold the reader. Oh yes, one more thing, if you’re making it a story based essay then don’t forget to give some touches in the body paragraphs as well.

It’ll show the reader that you’re still in the story and it’ll encourage them to read more. So, if you have this advantage, don’t forget to use it.

Still confused? Don’t be! Finish the conclusion part then you’ll have a complete guideline that’ll clear all of your confusions. 😉

Don’t forget the primary intention of response essay

The main goal of response essays is responding to a target. No matter if it’s positive or negative, you’ve to respond.

When it comes to responding to any article or thesis, you need a distinct idea about you’re writing. So, at first, read and reread the entire piece you’ll be writing on.

Once the research is done think and find what you’re agreeing and what you’re disagreeing.

If you think, there is any false statement or myth in the article and you can prove it then write about it too. Write down all these ideas.

Finally, time for framing it up. While framing, make a paragraph for each idea, agreement or disagreement you want to show. It’ll show how clear you’re.

How to Write a Response Essay Paragraph if You’re Agreeing or Disagreeing on a Statement

As the topic came up, I think I should make it clear now. There are some ground rules you’ve to follow when you’re supporting or dissenting any statement. Here are the following states:

  • Don’t write emotionally or show any ignorant statement.
  • If you can explain how the author emotionally attracted to the topic.
  • Don’t write anything that makes no sense.
  • If there’s anything, you can prove wrong. Just do it properly. Include the proof in the essay.
  • When you want to mention someone else’s work mention the author’s name and give the credit. While mentioning other’s work, use “the author” then write if he wants to explain, plead, recommends and etc. 
  • Don’t worry if it’s going a bit long. If you’re on the argument and using all the materials correctly, then it’ll stand out for sure. J
  • Write if you recommend it to others or not and why?

If you follow all these, then you’re ready to set the fire!

How to Write Response Essay Conclusion

This is a crucial section of your response essay. When writing the conclusion section of your response essay, you want to concentrate on the outcomes of your thoughts or responses that you detailed in the body section. You will write this section in one or two paragraphs stating your final thoughts and what you gained from the work. If there is any inspiration you have found from the work, you can state it too and support your conclusions with the thesis you had in the introduction section.

The ending! You know, when most  writers, authors and scriptwriters make a bit mistake, in the end, it ruins the entire impression.

However, if you’re seeking for the full mark or a grade, then you can’t afford this mistake.

You’ve to assure a great and touchy ending that will force your professor to give you an A grade. So, here are some ground tips you can follow to create the conclusion that’ll touch your reader’s heart.

  • Finish the story you started in the introduction with a great moral of the lesson.
  • Use funny or emotional facts or any statistical fact,
  • Write a bit more about writer and praise or demotivate his work.
  • Recommendation or Criticism
  • End it with a touchy quote so that you can take place somewhere in their heart or mind.

So, it’s the best way to write a conclusion. If you follow the tips and write an essay, then it’ll be on the reader’s mind for the long run. J

I hope now you can write a killing responding piece. However, I’ve got another surprise for you. I made a chart that has some first-person statement which help you to stand out. I hope it’ll help you

First Person Statements
 In My opinion
I didn’t like
I can’t get that connection
My most favorite part was
I completely agree with
The statement wasn’t clear
I found that

You can use all these kind of statement. It’ll give your long essay a casual and comfortable tone for sure. J

I told you all the ways of writing. Now, let me give you an actual detailed structure of response/reaction. So, here it is:

Introduction Paragraph 1: Write the entire topic in an interesting and catchy way. Also don’t forget to tell few benefits in it.



Paragraph 2: Write about the article you are writing on also include the author’s description.

Body Paragraph 1: Present the main article idea what you described in the introduction and also write about the author’s take and that’s it.



Paragraph 2: Write in detail about the authors and author’s point of view as well.

Paragraph 3: Write your point of view on controversial topic and also write on all the paragraphs.

Paragraph 4: Use statistical data, facts or tell some part about our story or example.

Conclusion Paragraph 1: Give it an emotional or touchy ending by ending the real-life story or example. Add a fact and tell how you concluded the introduction as well.

So, here is the complete outline you were looking for.

If you follow this format and practice, then you’ll be able to write a killing response essay. 

Now, I’m presenting another most essential part that you need to follow.

Things You Need to Follow While Writing a Response Essay

When you’re writing something, always concentrate on some points. Those are—

  • Give as many revisions as you can. It’ll make your work better. Agree/disagree on some topics and write about it in depth.
  • Fix all the grammatical mistakes and work on it. If you’re still confused or weak in grammar. Don’t worry; we’re here for your help. Hire our professional editor and proofreaders and get your work done.
  • Explain all the reasons for your agree and disagree with explaining why.
  • Research more. If you want to find great facts, statistical facts.
  • Read the thesis, article, example or story. It’ll give you a more clear vision.
  • Don’t forget to write about the author’s life, writing tones and writing style.

If you follow all these rules, then I’m 100% sure, you’ll stand out for sure.

In a nutshell

Every student has to write a response essay at least once in his academic life. So, you can’t ignore it. As far as I can guess, now you’re quite confident, and you can write a response essay.

Still, if you think, you can’t, no problem mate! We are here for you. You can give your topic to our elite writer and get your work done within the deadline. Contact us.

I hope this content helped you. If you still have any questions, please ask us below. 

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