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How To Write In Cursive

How To Write In Cursive (A to Z) For Beginners


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Free guide on how to write in cursive A to Z for those who want to learn. In this article from our history essay writing service you will learn forms of cursive, techniques and methods that make cursive writing step by step.

Explanation How to Write in Cursive

Writing and speaking fluent and proficient English has become a normal and standard for our generation these days. No one who cannot speak English fluently is considered a good person. But while talking about speaking, how can we forget about writing? There are so many resources due to advancements in technology that most of the work done is now in digital form.

You cannot even imagine how many daily words are typed using Laptops, computers, and many other devices. Still, an individual ought to learn how to write by hand. There might come a time when he is to write an application or a normal document by hand.

What would it be then?

Several people do not know how to hold a pencil. Yet, it is imperative to learn how to write on paper.

Writing itself is essential for students and graduates as much as they can. If they know how to write by hand, they can easily manage their study work by making notes on paper and doing work on paper. Writing is a skill taught to children in schools for quite a few decades and is printed on their brains as one of the basic skills they would need in life. There are different kinds of writing, but the most common and favorite one of people worldwide is cursive writing.

This article will cover;

  1. What is Cursive writing? 
  2. Advantages of using Cursive Writing.
  3. Techniques for Cursive Writing
  4. Tips on how to Write Cursive 

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What is Cursive Writing? 

Cursive writing is one of the oldest writing methods used on paper, camel skin, and many other writing materials. Cursive writing involves the typing of words connected with a space succeeded by another cursive word. The best part is that using cursive writing seems quite an easy task, but it is not. It requires a lot of dedication, and eventually, it will become easy.

You might have heard from your teacher a few times, ‘What kind of script is this?’. The script being referred to here is the original cursive writing used throughout history.  The major purpose of inventing this kind of writing style is to make writing things faster as much as you can. The surprising fact is that by writing cursively, you can easily match the speed of print. The writing patterns followed by cursive writing are simple and easy and are also used in writing official handwritten letters. Even within cursive writing, the formal type of writing is a combination of sleek pen usage and joined letters. At the same time, the casual one also has pen lifts and joined letters. Sometimes the letters are entirely connected, and sometimes there are a few lifts at the ending words.

Advantages of Using Cursive Writing.

As much as we know, this writing pattern is unique and can be used almost everywhere. Still, several unique advantages can be gained from writing cursively.

  • Writing cursively gets a positive effect on your brain, and you can easily heighten your brain abilities and writing skills.
  • It has been proven scientifically that writing cursive words tends to increase our brain’s memory holding and storage capacity.
  • Cursive writing has been proven an effective treatment for dyslexia.
  • An impression is essential, especially during your final exams or super papers. Having good handwriting gets your teacher’s attention to your paper, and you can easily get good grades. You will have to study here still and learn more how to write in cursive

Techniques for Cursive Writing

Writing has been an essential component of our daily lives, and now we are talking about how to write in cursive. There are several ways we can write words using different methods and techniques and make them cursive. We shall discuss the important techniques that can be used to write cursively and make your writing even better. You might remember that your tutors or teachers instruct you on how to write in cursive using different techniques. Here we shall discuss two such techniques as taught by the teachers in school. The two techniques include:

  • Good arm posture
  • The use of hands

Good posture

In schools, it is taught that you should sit straight on your seat with your back being supported. This is to get their posture in the best position to get the writing started. Posture is the way your body sits on a chair or a sofa. Having a better sitting posture lets you use your arms with great ease. You also can set the right height and arm length to utilize your elbows maximum. Try to keep your feet flat on the floor. This is what is considered an ideal posture for writing normally. Once this posture has been taught to the children in their daily lives, they can easily start working on their writing skills.

The use of Hands

After using hands, you need to figure out how to move your entire hand as well as wrist when writing in the capitalized letters and how to move their fingers when writing letters in lowercase. Usually, most people utilize their fingers when composing, a perspective that obliges one’s hand and penmanship. Subsequently, to stay away from this viewpoint, you should figure out how to move the entire hand and fingers. When writing in the capitalized words, you should figure out how to zero in on utilizing your whole hand to compose cursive letters. However, use your fingers for lowercase letter sets. Thus, dominating this training will empower you to compose longer without tiring and produce more elegant penmanship.

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Tips on How to Write In Cursive 

Several techniques can be followed in order to learn how to use a cursive writing style. By following the right practices, you can easily get the right writing for yourself. Let us take a look at the practices we can do to learn how to write in cursive

Sitting in the right posture

While writing, you need to be in a certain kind of posture, as discussed earlier. For that, the best sitting position is to get yourself a table and a chair. Have a chair that has arm supports and can easily let you rest your elbows on it. Make sure the chair has a cushion that is flat and soft to sit on. You can easily sit on it with a flat cushion without getting any interference from the chair itself in your posture.  Make sure the chair is not too high, and you can easily sit on the chair with your feet flat on the ground. Do not use a table that is too low for you to use while working. Use a table above your stomach and lower than your arm joints to write the best.

Using a fine piece of pen

For writing, try using a pen with a sharp edge or tip. The most efficient thing you can use for writing on a page is using a fountain pen. A normal fountain pen has a sharp-edged tip and lets the ink flow smoothly. This smooth flow lets you get the right cursive words easily. Try using an ink that has a dark shade, such as blue or black ink. If you are not comfortable with ink, you can easily use a gel pen or a pointer. These things already have great tips that let you get the right shape of your words and even enables you to highlight the curves in certain words.

While using a pencil, try getting yourself on that has a great carbon tip in it. There is a pencil named the B triangular barrel. This has a high density and lets you adjust the shape of your writing just by using various finger positions and pressure. Applying a bit higher pressure get dark writing and vice versa. You can choose from some options so look for the thing that suits you.

Paper type and Size

Most probably, you will be writing on a piece of paper so let alone use the best quality one. Mostly it is advised by teachers to write on a paper that is lined. A lined paper is providing you with the guidelines on where to write. You can easily get a straight line of your stylish writing using a lined paper.

In any case, if you like using paper with no lines, use blank paper. You can also use an A4 sheet if you want. This lets you write freely with the maximum flow, and you can easily decide upon the space your words should occupy.

Placing the paper while writing

Try placing your paper on the desk at a certain angle. If you are right-handed, you need to make sure the paper is in alignment with your nose. Make the right corner and the left corner of your page aligned with your nose, and make sure you know the writing goes in a straight line.

Using your left arm, hold the paper still and write with your hand resting on the table. If you are a left-handed person, do the same procedure except for the opposite way. Make sure your writing style is clear and can be done with ease; try getting a rough idea and make an angle of 350 degrees with the paper that supports the best writing style with ease.

Moving the paper

Remember, writing is all about you, so move the paper the way you want. Make sure you do not get affected lines written as it can affect the look of the paper. Try getting the best results from your written work by moving the paper the way you want.

Creating Lowercase Alphabets

Now, let us get to the real deal and start learning how to write cursive words. Make a bent stroke in an upwards direction from the starting point to where you want to end.

This technique can help you learn how to write an a, e, o, c, and many more lowercase words. In the same way, start the line and go to the ending point you deem suitable, making a lowercase word.

Creating Uppercase Alphabets

Once you feel comfortable with lowercase words, get ready to take a new start at the uppercase words. Try learning a few specific alphabets as they can help you in the whole thing. Practice writing C, G, E, L, and O. Try and learn how to write an L at the very first. This can help you a lot in making the rest of the words. When you have completed this whole list, R and the rest will quickly follow up. Following R, if you still feel a lack of work, try writing B, F, I, and P. this will be sure to get your fingers on the pattern of writing cursive words.

Selection of writing font

Now comes the main thing about your writing. As you have learned all the words, you need to start writing get the right font. There is a huge list of what you can choose. The best way to choose the font is to study them and see what kind of writing you can with ease and proficiency.

Some famous fonts include.

  • Allura
  • Black Jack
  • Columbine Light
  • Belinda
  • Ragazza Script
  • Caballero
  • Brody
  • Bento Script

These are some of the most famous fonts that are being used on an almost daily basis. There is a great proverb, ‘Try Again!’. Do as much practice as you can so that you can get the best results at hand. Last but not least, let us give some ending tips.

  • Always learn lowercase words when starting a new font
  • Try practicing the cursive words for almost 20 minutes daily to get your hand fluent.
  • Do not try writing quickly or under pressure. This can get your hand in bad condition.
  • Always take your time while writing

These are some of the most productive tips you can ever think of that can help you learn how to write in cursive. So what are you waiting for? Try writing a cursive Draft. Give it a go!

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