{Free Guide} How To Write Descriptive Essay THE RIGHT WAY


Take time to learn how to write a descriptive essay. These article provides useful tips with example topics that you can use to write your own descriptive paper.

In order to help you understand the guide, we broken it into:


  1. Introduction.
  2. What is a descriptive essay?.
  3. Pre-writing Stage
  4. How To Descriptive Essay.
  5. Essay topics for practice.
  6. Conclusion.


Descriptive essay is something that I haunt a student from the eighth grades. We know how tough it is to write a descriptive essay the first time.

But hey! Don’t get us wrong! We’re not here for scaring you or by reading two lines, don’t think that you can’t do it. You can do it & we’re here to show you how quickly you can pull it off. So, let’s start from scratch. Shall we?

What is a Descriptive Essay?

As I said, we’ll start from scratch. It means, we’re starting from the very first point. So, letting you know what descriptive essays are is essential.

In easy words, a descriptive essay is something that describes anything in details. By anything we meant, an event, emotion, place, tour, adventure, person, etc.

In a descriptive essay, you’ve to pull it off in a way that attracts people. You’ve to illustrate and write it in a way where they can feel, see, hear and visualize it.

A descriptive essay demands more and more engagement and attention. Why? It because, for visualizing anything to the reader, it’s essential to create engagement in the essay.

I’m honest to you, it isn’t that easy, but in EssayMojo, everything is easy if you follow a proper guideline. So, let’s get into the guideline section.

Pre-Writing Stage:

There is something you need to know before start writing. Now, you may get a bit annoyed because of not going straightly to the point. It because these tips will help you to understand the guideline more clearly.

If you still want you can skip this section, however, if you won’t understand the guideline because of it, don’t blame us.

Here are the skills and tips you ought master first before coming up with a good descriptive essay:

Narration skill

If you’re a good narrator then it’s your forte! However, if you’re not then you’ve to improve it. Again, the big question arises, WHY? Well, it because, you’re going to describe an event, incident and so on! You’ve to write about their experience; you’ve to make it visual somewhere in their mind. And a narrator can pull it off awesomely. So, the narration is the king!

Choosing the topic

In most cases, your teacher will give you the item. However, if you get the chance to select the theme independently by yourself, then it’s a big advantage. At first, I suggest you choose the topic wisely. Don’t be afraid to follow your comfort zone. If you can do well with an underrated subject, go with it! It’ll be fun for you. One more thing, please don’t choose any topic that is vulgar or abusive.

Make sense

After selecting the item, please check if it makes sense or not! Like if you choose a theme that makes no sense that disturbs or disrespects others or anything, then you need to change the topic immediately.

Right words

Using the right words is the key, my friend! You know there’s always some words that’ll help you to imagine the situation. Use those words to show it more clearly to the readers. If you’re not using any right words then trust me to mate, people won’t read the full paper. So use the right words. Take time for finding kind words. Also, don’t use too formal or traditional words it’ll make your paper less-engaging.


We think, it’s the perfect time to write about proofreading. If you’re not that good with picking words or not good with structuring sentences, then you can’t accurately convey the message. So please, take an extra hour/s concentrate on proofreading. However, if you really can’t do proofread, don’t worry, we are still in the same Page. Just hire an editor from us and get your work done! 😉

Eye-catching Title

Title owns few words only. However, these are the magical words that convert random people into your user. However, when it comes to the title for an essay, it becomes a bit tough. The only way to write a catchy title is through reading. Yes, keep reading tons of descriptive essay sample. It’ll help you to understand how to write an essay’s title. You can find some great examples of descriptive essays too.

Strong Thesis Statement

According to some researchers, people have very low reading span nowadays. So, you’ve to catch the readers within the first few sentences. That’s why you’ve to work a bit more on the introduction section. Use facts, quotes, statistical facts or humor to catch the reader’s attention. However, if you are writing about an event or person, don’t talk about the person or event organizer first! Write a full summary of what you’ll write in the essay engagingly.

Good Essay Outline

The outline is the most important thing. If you can make a good outline, then it’ll be easy for you to write. In the outline, plan how you were going to design the content, facts, etc. An overview is like GPS; it’ll remind you what to do next! So, don’t take it lightly.

Art of Thinking

Such a significant phrase, isn’t it. Will, we’re not saying that you’ve to be a philosopher and stuff like that. But what you need to be is, you’ve to be a smart thinker and organizer as well! Why the organizer? We’ll explain it in the next point! Well, as an intelligent thinker, you’ve to find out how can you link with others! How can you hold people, make them jealous, envy, etc. The best way is, rethink about the outline you made! Think, which section or fact can hold people or trigger them emotionally. Think deeply! It’s the best way to get reader linked with your words.

Proper Essay Organize

Organizing your essay is important too. Like, if you write something messed up, then it’ll only disturb your teacher and readers. So, make things relevant and organize the paragraphs engagingly and relevantly. Collect all the quotes and facts that you want to use in your essay. Please don’t mess up!

Consider other’s point of view

Once you’re completely done with your paper, consider others point of view. Ask some of your friends if they liked it or not! It’ll help you to understand if the flow is going right or not!

So, these are the facts you need to understand and apply in your work. If you can follow all these tips while writing, then we promise you’ll get the A grade in the essay for sure! 😉

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How To Write A Descriptive Essay

So, here is the section you were waiting for. So, don’t worry now we won’t take more time from you. Without further due, let’s get into the formation.

For a descriptive essay, we always appreciate the formation of the five-paragraph essay. If you know about it or if you about its outline then you should admit how effective these are.

Like you can break and discuss any topic (no matter how big or controversial it is) and explain amazingly into five paragraphs. It’s the beauty of five-paragraph essay. So, let me give you an ideal formation that our elite writer uses.

Paragraph One: Introduction

  • “              Two: Discussion One
  • “              Three: Discussion Two
  • “              Four: Discussion Three
  • “             Five:     Conclusion

Here is a short brief of each paragraph and the whole formation of the essay.


  • Start with suspense. Later write down the full paper summary in a connective way.
  • Stay with the topic. Keep things straight.
  • A clean and clear sentence that tells about the entire essay. Try to make it mysterious.


Para-Two: Write about what you said in the introduction in detail.

Para-Three: Justify your topic, give your reader reasons to stay connected.

Para-Four: Write about the experience, where it touched it. Give this paragraph an emotional touch.


  • Make it a good and engaging piece of essay
  • Give a conventional statement that why need it and why it’s time to end it
  • Justify your clean and clear statement what you gave in the introduction.

Still haven’t got it? Okay, let me explain it with an example. It’ll help you to understand with clarity.

For describing it properly, we need a topic. So, I’m choosing “My Perfect house.” A bit cheesy but this is something that anyone can understand so let’s get started!

Paragraph One Introduction- Some humor or fact or both. Why I need it and am I going to make my dream true or not! A small but full summary of the essay in an engaging way.
Paragraph Two Why I need it?
How badly I need it?
Paragraph Three Where it should be? How it should be?


A brief discussion.

Paragraph Four My purpose, why everyone needs a good house. Any fancy dream in my house
Conclusion An emotional ending and a small summary of the paper.

I hope you got it. If you still have got any confusion, please let it come out of your head so comment below or mail us or discuss it with our elite writer.

Descriptive Essay Example Topics For Practice

So, for newbies. Here we’ve got five easiest topics to practice descriptive essay. So here are the following:

  • Describe your most pleasant day
  • The film you last watched
  • Describe your dream house
  • What is your book and why?
  • Describe your unique experience.
  • Describe any incident/accident happened to you

So, these are the easiest topics. If you practice these and follow all our tips and formations, you’ll be a pro.

In a Nutshell

Time for wrapping things up. We hope it feels. We hope that now you can write a good descriptive essay that’ll give you full marks.

You know, a descriptive essay is something that helps you to open up in writing. It improves your thoughts and narration skills. So, you should take it seriously and enjoy it too while writing.

Now, if you think, you can’t do it. Don’t worry. EssayMojo.com is always open for you, and our premium writers are always ready to help you with writing. Just order from us and chill!

One more thing, don’t forget to comment below if you have anything to ask!