Guide: How to Write an Exploratory Essay With Fresh Topics


Read and learn how to Write an Exploratory Essay step by step including how to craft an enticing conclusion, that will solve the problem at hand.


  1. What is an exploratory essay?
  2. How are exploratory essays unique?
  3. Comparison between exploratory and argumentative essay
  4. How To Write an Exploratory Essay
  5. Introduction
  6. Body Paragraphs
  7. Conclusion
  8. Exploratory References
  9. Summary of Steps in writing an exploratory essay

What is An Exploratory Essay?

When you write an exploratory essay you are aimed at learning more about a problem. This is different from other essays. For instance, when you are writing an argumentative essay you aim to convince your reader. You write an essay with the aim of proving the validity of your thesis. However, with exploratory essay things are different. You write to learn more about a problem. In addition, you make a conclusion on possible solutions from various perspectives. Exploratory essays show how you can solve a problem that needs research and writing. Consider professional help when things get tough.

So, How Are Exploratory Essays Unique?

Exploratory essays are objective

To begin with, when you are writing an exploratory essay, you should take an objective approach. This means that you take a neutral tone. Your focus will not be on solving a problem. Instead, you will analyze various perspectives. Then, you will explain these viewpoints clearly.

Note: If you do not have time to go through the whole article guide on how to write exploratory essay, here is summarized guide:

Exploratory essays have three or more viewpoints

Normally, other essays have two viewpoints. Nonetheless, Exploratory essays are different. You look beyond obvious answers. This helps in finding creative solutions. For instance, if the topic is illegal immigration, an exploratory essay will consider;

  • Conservative viewpoints
  • Liberal viewpoints
  • Border patrol viewpoints
  • Immigrants’ viewpoints

Exploratory essays have common ground

The focus of exploratory essays is looking at various perspectives on an issue. Various audiences are considered. However, exploratory essays also notice the common ground shared by the different viewpoints.

Comparison Between Exploratory and Argumentative Essay

Sometimes students confuse between these two essays. However, the two are different.

Argumentative essays emphasize one side. The author convinces the audience that this side is correct. Much time is spend proving this one viewpoint.

On the contrary, exploratory essays explore various points of view. They take a neutral approach. The author attempts to as many viewpoints as possible.

  • Examples of exploratory questions?
  • What were the causes of the U.S Civil War?
  • What are the possible consequences of the Arab Spring?

Evaluating different viewpoints on these questions provides an understanding of the issue at hand. This can help in understanding how to develop possible solutions.

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How To Write an Exploratory Essay

Exploratory essays share essay structure with other essays. They have;

  • An introduction
  • Body Paragraphs
  • Conclusion


In the introduction section you should briefly;

  1. Outline the problem
  2. Explain why the problem is important
  3. Explain the potential causes of the issue
  4. People involved with the problem
  5. Potential solutions to the problem
  6. Provide an overview of types of sources used

Most importantly, in the introduction section, provide clear information. This will ensure that the reader understands your issue. Present your arguable question. The question should not be solved. It should be currently interesting. People should have different views about it.

Body Paragraphs

This section has two parts.

This is usually one paragraph. It explains your issue. Here you include; the question being discussed. People interested in the issue. Authors writing on the question and the common ground among audiences.

Part 2

This section contains essay positions. Every position takes a separate paragraph. Nevertheless, in every paragraph, explain your position. In addition, you should explain why people believe in the position through a good argument. In the end, support your arguments.

Here is an example of how to start three paragraphs for three positions.

Body Paragraph 1: Majority of people believe that………………………….

Paragraph 2: Others would argue that…………………………..

Paragraph 3: An additional way to look at this issue is…………………………

Remember to explain each point of view, useful articles, and helpful parts.


In this section, you provide an overview of your essay. You should restate the explored problem or issue. Outline the potential cause of the problem. Review involved individuals. Highlight potential solutions. Also, provide a personal opinion on the issue. Explain your interest in the issue. Besides, Provide your viewpoint. The viewpoint can be part of the discussed positions. You can also come up with your own. However, if you face any challenges always consider professional help. Essay Writers Online have teams always ready to help you. The team will be glad to help create a good exploratory essay.

Exploratory References

After writing your conclusion, remember to provide a list of references. These are the resources you have used in writing your essay. All in-text citations should be listed in this part. The format of the references will be the one you have used all through your paper. For instance, if you choose MLA which is most common with these essays, use it here. Ensure all your references are written in MLA format. Your instructor’s instructions determine the writing format. Otherwise, you can choose the most applicable.

However, if you have any difficulties with formatting, seek professional help. Our professional writers will help you address these difficulties. Just feel free to ask any question about formatting or about exploratory essays in general. This will help you become more confident in coping with this kind of essays.

Summary of Steps in Writing an Exploratory Essay

  1. Decide on the format you want to use.
  2. Read and re-read articles you plan to use.
  3. State how every article will be used in supporting positions.
  4. Write down your essay. Consider this a draft. Remember to use transitions in starting every paragraph. Don’t forget to tag authors when you use their articles.
  5. Paraphrase or summarize the positions you are describing. Only use quotes when necessary. For instance, when paraphrasing changes your point.
  6. Go through your essay to confirm you have addressed all issues.
  7. Revise your paper if necessary.
  8. Edit for grammatical mistakes.

Always remember exploratory essays are unique. They are different from argumentative essays. They require you to learn more about an issue. Your purpose is not to persuade readers. You should not try to support one argument. Your purpose is to look at an issue from various viewpoints. Your aim is to help the reader see the common ground. Always maintain a neutral tone when presenting various positions.

Exploratory Essay Help

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