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How to Write an Exploratory Essay

How to Write an Exploratory Essay With Fresh Topics


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Today we are going to show you a new guide on How to Write an Exploratory Essay that has enabled majority of students write perfect exploratory essay. 

(In step by step)

This guide also help you learn how to craft an enticing conclusion, that will solve the problem at hand.

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And in today’s post I’ll reveal the exact step-by-step process that is followed. 

  • What is a Exploratory?
  • How Write an Exploratory Essay Structure  
  • Exploratory Essay Outline
  • Pro Tips for Writing an Excellent Exploratory Essay
  • Exploratory Essay Help
  • Conclusion


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 What is a Exploratory?

An exploratory essay is a unique type of essay that explores a topic or a problem while providing possible solutions to the problem being discussed. Other types of essays might give solutions to the problem being discussed but not this type of essay. In this essay, you shall research a problem and even explain how you went about the research process and how you came to realize the particular problem. An exploratory essay talks about the context of the problem and the evidence in form of data gathered to prove the particular problem exists.

A key thing to note about an exploratory essay is that you won’t arrive at a specific conclusion or solution to the problem under investigation but you shall offer multiple options to your readers or several possibilities for the solution to the problem at hand. In an exploratory essay unlike in other essays, you won’t be writing to convince your readers of the validity of your thesis, you are tasked with making an inquiry about a particular topic and possibly offering preliminary conclusions on what the solutions might be. As a writer or researcher tasked with this type of essay, remember to stay neutral and only state the viewpoints relating to the answer to your research problem.

How Write an Exploratory Essay Structure  

The length of your exploratory essay shall depend on the instruction from your professor and your course level. The topic and the subject of study shall also influence how long your essay shall be. Just like other essays, you shall write it in five paragraphs at most or more if need be.

In terms of style, while writing an exploratory essay, you shall adopt a reflective, personal tone. You will be required to present your research problem to an audience in an empathetic and intelligent manner. Your writing will be clear and concise to drive the point home.

You will need academic sources in this type of essay because it is research of a problem and data to prove the existence of the particular issue you are discussing shall be needed. You will therefore include a reference page within your document which lists all the sources of information you used. The citation style to use shall be assigned by the instructor.

Exploratory Essay Outline

When writing an exploratory essay, you shall follow the same structure you shall find in any other type of essay, the essay has an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion section. Let’s take a look at what you shall incorporate in each section of the essay below.

How To Write an Exploratory Essay Introduction

In an exploratory essay, the introduction section provides an overview of the rest of your essay to the readers. In this part of the essay writing process, you shall do three important things;

  • Offer the readers a context or simply a background to the problem you are discussing while also giving an overview of what the rest of the writing shall contain.
  • You shall state why that topic is crucial and why the audience should buy into what you are about to discuss in the paper. Remember to make the research problem appear important to the audience.
  • You shall state your research question, it can be one or many. Thought-provoking questions are important in changing the status quo. You can also state how long the problem you are about to explore has lingered to pique your readers’ interest.

How to Write an Exploratory Essay Body Paragraphs

In this part of your essay, you shall tell the audience about the process you used to arrive at the problem you are discussing. Explain to your readers the sources you found most useful in the research of a topic and even elaborate further on why you think these sources are crucial to the topic. If the sources are from a credible research institution or an authority figure in that particular field, you can state that.

 Your source of information is very important to the audience you are speaking to, if you use peer-reviewed journals or scientific research from well-respected institutions, they can make your topic of research appear more credible. In this part of the essay, you can also explore how specific sources of information changed how you thought about a problem.

The body section of an exploratory essay is also where you shall state what the issue is and how high it has escalated in society. You can also touch on the various groups of people that have been discussing the issue, and who have been affected the most by the issues.

You can also consider if there are powerful sources that are repressing the public or the audience from talking about the particular issue you are exploring. And what does the problem require from people over time? A platform such as TedTalk explores issues in various field of study such as medicine that has been demanding attention for a long time and what caused such issues, the presenters of those issues quote research and even state possible solutions to those problems. A body paragraph of an exploratory essay shall take a similar approach to a TedTalk presentation.

If other groups of authors have talked about the particular issue you are exploring in the past, you can explain their views on the issue and why they had certain perspectives on the issues which might be different or the same as yours. You can support their views with facts if there are any. Feel free to compare different views while exploring different topics.

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How to Write an Exploratory Essay Conclusion

When writing the conclusion of an exploratory essay, you shall not give a summary of what you have discussed in the body paragraph. At this point of your essay, you shall return to the research questions you posed in the introduction section of the essay. What you need to do is simply give possible answers or solutions to those questions based on your research sources and views from the different authors you looked into while exploring the topic of study.

You can even challenge your audience to decide on the problem if they want to. And state the piece of evidence you found most convincing among the many sources of information you used to collect data on the topic but you still won’t offer a conclusion on the problem. You will have to remain neutral when concluding an exploratory essay.

What do you think as a scholar or a writer are the most significant things to consider when it comes to this particular topic? You can state those points down if you are still undecided on the possible solutions to the problem you have explored all along. It is a matter of providing viewpoints on a topic, not a permanent solution.

You will not include new information in your conclusion section but you can always talk about additional questions that came up during the research process of your topic of discussion. Discuss your reflections on why you think there is a need for further research on what you have researched. There is no academic issue or topic of study that is beyond further exploration and this is the time to allow further probe into the problem you have noted. This shall give your audience the feeling that you are excited about keeping the process of exploring the topic going. It also shows your aptitude for new knowledge.

Pro Tips for Writing an Excellent Exploratory Essay

  • Writing a revealing exploratory essay can be challenging without a proper guide, it can be as difficult as climbing a mountain with no guide. You can follow these tips for a great exploratory essay that earns you excellent scores
  • Make an effort to find many diverse angles and perspectives on the topic you are exploring. That is the best way to understand it deeper than any researcher or scholar that has explored it before. You want to present a unique angle to the problem that has not been considered before
  • Keep notes of your findings as you go through different sources to study your topic
  • Like with any topic of discussion or debate, you want to reflect deeply and objectively on it and come up with piercing insights that are thought-provoking
  • If you can find visual representations of the problem you are tackling, you can include them in the essay for proof, a picture is worth a thousand words, and seeing is believing. Your issue can be way more believable with proofs of photos attached to them
  • You will write your essay mostly in the third person perspective unless instructed otherwise by your professor
  • Stick to an outline like the one offered in this article that shall guide your writing process and help you organize your points perfectly
  • Just like with any academic paper or essay, edit your essay to remove grammar and style issues that will lower the quality of your work. After putting down your content, check through for factual accuracy, sentence structure, and punctuations so that you turn in clean papers


The exploratory essay is designed to explore a topic, so it is important to be flexible with your thesis and argument. Be prepared to change your position as you research and write the essay. Make sure that you have a strong thesis statement and use evidence from your research to support your points. Follow the steps we outlined in this post, and you will be able to write an excellent exploratory essay.

Exploratory Essay Help

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