How to write an Evaluation Essay ( Start Paragraph-End)|Outline

The evaluation essay is, as the name suggests, an evaluation of a subject of some kind. It can be the evaluation of anything from the quality of customer service at your local restaurant to the historical significance of the Civil War, as long as there’s some kind of subject to evaluate.

you can write an evaluation essay about it. The trick here, though, is that to make your evaluation essay stand out from other essays written on the same topic, you’ll need to include more than just your opinion.

What is an Evaluation Essay?

An evaluation essay takes one product or service and evaluates its positive and negative features. There are two types of evaluations subjective evaluations and objective evaluations. In a subjective evaluation, you weigh both the positive and negative aspects of a product, but your opinion is central to your argument. Subjective evaluations are usually written in the first person Objective evaluations center on the fact they state what has been reviewed rather than offering opinions about it.

The most common type of evaluation essay is called a comparative evaluation which compares multiple products or services. The introduction states that you will be comparing three items as well as providing information about each item being compared.

How to Start an Evaluation Essay?

It’s easy to think that writing a formal evaluation essay means you have to follow a specific set of guidelines. It can be hard if you’re new to writing essays because there’s no clear structure but we’ve got tips on how to get started in our how-to guide. The best thing about evaluating something is that you don’t have to limit yourself just to things You can evaluate people or places or even emotions.

This will give your evaluation essay much more depth and meaning than simply saying good or bad. Also, try to avoid making comparisons between different evaluations, for example, saying I prefer X to Y as it doesn’t add anything meaningful to your essay. If you need any further advice, then please contact us at our support desk. We’d love to hear from you. The word count for each post should be around 500-1000 words each depending on how detailed they are. All posts must include images unless stated otherwise by myself.

Starting an evaluation essay is easy.

  1. Choose your topic

You might have a topic in mind but if you don’t see a clear way of connecting that idea with sources and information you might get discouraged or throw in the towel before you start. That’s why choosing your topic is one of your most important steps toward writing an effective research paper. By choosing your topic wisely, you can ensure that every source you use will help you reach your goal.

How do I choose my topic The best place to start when choosing a topic for your research paper is by looking at what interests you most? If there’s something about your subject that makes you want to dig deeper into it then chances are there are other people out there who feel similarly and they may even be willing to read about it Next think about how broad or narrow of scope would work best for what you want to say. You could choose a very specific aspect of a larger subject or take on an entire subject head-on by going broader.

  1. Develop your thesis statement

Your thesis statement is a one-sentence summary of your argument that should succinctly state why you’re writing. Before you start drafting take some time to think about your argument and be sure to develop a thesis statement that makes sense in context. For example, if you’re evaluating a book’s plot twist your thesis statement might be This book would have been better without its ending. This helps clarify how you’re planning on arguing that point.

Be clear and concise with your thesis statement. A strong thesis will help guide you as you draft so don’t leave it until later in the process. When developing your thesis try to keep these questions in mind Is my argument relevant Does my topic warrant more than just a few sentences How can I make my claim more specific Can I support my claim with evidence from my text or other sources If not how can I add evidence Can I back up my claim with examples from literature or popular culture.

  1. Consider the criteria used to make your judgment

When evaluating anything ask yourself what criteria you are using to make your judgment. What traits or characteristics of a job candidate are you looking for What is your aim in deciding if a piece of writing should be considered good or bad Is it based on how well it informs you how much entertainment value it has, or something else entirely Try and pin down what you are looking for when deciding whether something is good or bad.

You may find that different things work for different people one person’s idea of quality might not align with yours. For example, some people care about producing material that entertains them others care about a focus on education still others care about being informed by their media. If you can’t decide which criterion matters most to you consider asking friends or family members which they would prefer and why. That will help guide your decision-making process.

  1. Gather supporting evidence or material to establish your viewpoint

The subject of your thesis should guide you in gathering supporting evidence and material to flesh out your position. Writing evaluative essays involves considering various points of view or sides to an issue.

Therefore, you needn’t outline every point of view about a particular issue instead focus on making comparisons between two things for example Sous vide cooking is as effective as traditional cooking methods because it results in a more even cooking temperature throughout meat and vegetables. A well-written essay will provide readers with enough information to form their own opinions.

For instance, if you are writing an evaluation essay comparing two books, tell readers what each book is about and how they differ from one another before concluding which book was better written.

Evaluation Essay Outline

Introduce the subject

To evaluate a situation, you must first have some information about it. Begin by writing a sentence or two explaining your topic. For example, let’s say your teacher gave you these instructions Use one of Shakespeare’s plays as a jumping-off point for writing about how comedy or tragedy differs from good literature.

You should begin your introduction with something like In English class we’ve been reading Shakespeare’s comedies and tragedies to evaluate their merit as pieces of literature. Also, make sure that you include enough background information so that someone who has no idea what you’re talking about can still follow along and learn something.

If you want to be formal, add a thesis statement at the end of your introduction. A thesis statement is just a single sentence stating your main argument. So if you were going to turn our introductory paragraph into a thesis statement it might look something like The differences between comedy and tragedy are best illustrated through a comparison of works by William Shakespeare.

Create your thesis statement

Your thesis statement will answer that question and provide a framework for writing. So how do you go about creating one The truth is there’s no universal formula for coming up with a thesis statement. Most successful evaluations argue that there are many good ways of accomplishing something or that something has many different positive aspects. To be sure your argument should have a solid base. If it doesn’t then your evaluation will not be convincing.

You can make your argument more convincing by using statistics, quotations, and examples from outside sources. This help backs up your statements so they don’t seem like mere opinion. You may also want to consider how you want to present your information. For example, if you are writing a paper for school chances are you will need to use proper MLA style formatting. This means providing citations whenever possible so readers can find out more information if they wish. Another thing that makes an evaluation essay effective is how well-organized it is. A reader should be able to follow along easily as you build your case.

Body Paragraphs

To evaluate something, or someone, you need to explain why it is worthy of your regard and analyze how effectively that goal has been accomplished. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll soon be writing thoughtfully about any topic that comes your way. How to Write an Evaluation Essay Think Critically The most important thing you can do when writing an evaluation essay is think critically about what you’re evaluating.

What makes one person or thing better than another What quality make it more effective These questions may seem obvious but they’re not always easy to answer. Take some time before you start writing to consider what makes one product superior to another person more effective than another, etc. Do your research Once you’ve figured out what makes something great take some time to learn as much as possible about it so that you can back up your claims with facts and figures from reputable sources like books, magazines, websites, newspapers, and other credible media outlets.


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