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How to Write an Article Review

How to Write an Article Review: Full Guide With Format


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When we talk of reviews, someone may get confused. The term is so broad and complex to some extent. The reason being, there are different types of reviews that someone can make. Starting with product reviews, movie reviews, article reviews, and much more.

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Before we move on;

  • What Is An Article Review?.
  • What Is The Difference Between A Research Article And A Review Article?.
  • What Is The Role Of An Article Review?.
  • Writing an Article Review.
  • Preparing To Write an Article Review.
  • How to Write an Article Review.
  • Article Review Example.
  • The Impact of Technology on Politics.

What Is An Article Review?

In our case, our interest is how to write an article review. An article review is where you analyze and summarize someone’s work for clarity, originality, and contribution in a particular field. The reviewer must evaluate the main theme of the article he/she is reviewing. Again, you need to bring out the main theme of the first writer and his ideas to the readers of your review.

Since it’s a professional paper, you must critically analyze the previous work and all the arguments must be well-structured. As a reviewer, you are required to constructively evaluate someone’s work through analysis, summary, comparison, and classification

Having said that, it’s good to accept that writing an article review isn’t easy for everybody. You are likely to find it challenging unless you’re an experienced writer. Most beginners don’t have an idea of an article review format and can’t tell where to start or end. This article will sum up the steps of writing a successful article review. Again, it will give a review article format and example to help new writers have an idea of what they need to deliver.

What Is The Difference Between A Research Article And A Review Article?

Review Article Research Article
Content Assessing someone’s published work. New content.
View Point Critiques the main idea of other author or writer on a given topic. Presents the author’s viewpoint.

What Is The Role Of An Article Review?

  • It gives a clear picture of the current state of knowledge.
  • Identifying gaps in the previous studies for potential research in the future.
  • Highlighting research methodologies and techniques.
  • Gives a comprehensive foundation on a given topic.

Preparing To Write an Article Review.

When writing any professional work you need thorough preparation to deliver the best. Whenever you think of how to write an article review, you must think of the pre-writing stage (preparation stage), the writing stage.

  •    1.  Understand What An Article Review Is!

You can’t start writing an article review if you aren’t in a position to define it or explain what it entails. Fortunately, we discussed this at the beginning of this article. You need to understand that most of the readers who will go through your review are knowledgeable and professional. The article review isn’t meant for a general audience and none of them is looking for the basic content from your work. Could be, your reader is a professor who only wants to confirm that their thinking is right about someone’s work.

A good article review includes a summary of the original author’s main ideas, arguments, propositions, and findings. The review is also expected to provide critique on the author’s article. In addition to showing the gaps in their work, you also need to suggest further research to fill the knowledge gaps.

It is vital to keep in mind that an article review only looks at an individual’s published work and doesn’t involve new research.

  • 2.      Think How To Organize Your Work.

Before you get to read someone’s work for reviewing, it’s paramount to come up with the organizational structure of the article review you want to write. When writing your article, there are three things that you are expected to do:

  • Summarize the article by capturing the important ideas, claims, and information in the review.
  • Highlighting the key aspects of the author’s work and discuss their insights.
  • Identifying the existing gaps by clearly outlining contradictions or inconsistencies by the said author. Indicate to the reader whether the statistical data provided to support various claims is adequate or not. You are further required to find out the presence of any unanswered questions from the author’s work.
  • 3.      Look At The Main Parts Of The Article.

Any professionally written article should be well organized and has four main parts. These parts include the title, abstract, introduction, and conclusion. At this stage, you should only get a glimpse of these article sections. You can start by reading the introduction and the conclusion of the article.

After this, you may read the introduction sentence of every paragraph to get a rough idea of the author. Finally, read the entire article fast to get the flow of concepts but ensure to note any vocabularies and new concepts you come across. After finding out the meaning of all new words you came across, research on the unfamiliar concepts and internalize them.

  • 4.      Reading the Article Attentively.

At this stage, you should take time and go through the article attentively while highlighting the main ideas of the article. You can read it severally until you feel you got all it takes to write an article review. Note the key points and any facts laid across to support them. It is vital to get the references to the main points of the author.

Again, you should link up the author’s ideas and see their relationship. It also works fine where you supplement the author’s ideas with what you already know about the given topic or specific ideas. Bring out the similarities clearly whenever possible. Ensure you understand everything in the article before taking a step to move on to the next step. All the concepts in the article should be at your fingertips at this stage.

  • 5.      Think Of How You Understand The Article.

This is another vital step in the preparation for writing an article review. Write the article you read in your own words. This is important to evaluate your ability to highlight all the author’s ideas you read and organize them properly. Take your time to identify the points you will include in your review. Although you are only required to concentrate on the key points it would be best to pay attention to the theoretical basis, facts interpretation, and the narration style.

At the end of this stage, you are supposed to look at any unnecessary information to only remain with useful and precise content.

  • 6.      Evaluate The Author’s Work.

Once you summarize the article and review it, clearly identify the article’s contribution to the field and the areas that need some improvement or corrections. You should also identify all the strengths and weaknesses in the article you want to review. If the author doesn’t bring out the solution to the research problem, note it as a weakness.

  • 7.      Make An Outline For Your Article Review.

This is the seventh and the last step of preparing to write an article review. It involves organizing one’s thoughts into sections. You should start by writing down the important contributions, facts, and contradictions. Make sure you map the outline correctly.

The outlined should only contain the sections in the requirements highlighted by your professor or department. Though different institutions may have different article review format requirements, all will need an introduction, the body, and a conclusion.

An Article Review Outline

Below is a sample article review outline you can use for your article review writing project:

  • Pre-title page.
  1. Type of the article you’re reviewing.
  2. Title of the publication.
  3. All contributing authors.
  4. Author’s affiliations.
  • Corresponding author details.
  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Fax number
  4. Address
  5. Phone number.
  • Running head(Applicable in the APA format).
  • Summary page.
  1. Give a relevant background.
  2. Explain why the research was done.
  3. Summarize results and explain the research methods.
  • Title page.
  1. Full title.
  2. 250-word abstract followed by about 5 keywords.
  • Body.

Use headings and subheadings.

  1. Optional Suggested Reading Page
  2. Tables and Figures.

How To Write an Article Review 

Here is a guide with critique paper format from our homework writing service on how to write a review paper:

Now that you have finished preparing for the writing task it’s time to walk the talk. First of all, you need to have an article review format to use and this isn’t much different from the above outline. Because writing is procedural, you must decide on the format to follow in your writing to successfully craft your paper. You can get an article review template that is acceptable by your institution and use it in your writing.

Article Review Template.

The template should cover all the article review sections beginning from the title to the references. However, the headings and the subheadings may vary depending on the article being reviewed. With a ready template, it becomes easier for anyone to write a professional and interesting article review. Below, we have come up with an article review template idea that we feel can help you:

  • Article review title.
  • Cite the article to review.
  • Background information.
  • The main body.
  • Editing and Proofreading.

Steps for Article Review Writing.

When we talk of the steps to follow when writing an article review, we mean filling out the above template with the necessary information to make a professional write-up. Below are the steps of writing an article review:

Write A Short Appealing Title.

In an article review, the titles play a key role in determining audience engagement. About 70% of the readers follow the title when looking for useful content to read. Only 30% read your article review because they love to read. These can read anything and may not require review information. With an interesting title, you will find people clicking your review’s link out of curiosity. You should always avoid long titles with complicated terms.

Cite the Article to Reviewing.

This should come immediately after the title. Here, you should quote the title that you want to review. Citing the article allows the reader to read the original work before reading your review. Readers have always credited review writers who cite the original articles. Make sure you use the correct referencing style for your citation. It’s the same style that you should use to format your entire review.

How To Write an Article Review Introduction.

Although you are here to write a review that expresses personal opinions, the introduction should always come first. If you start making judgments before introducing your work, the reader might develop a negative attitude against your paper. You should never paraphrase the main points in the original article to make the introduction.

To come up with a good introduction, you have to answer the following questions:

  • Why did you choose that particular article for your review?
  • What is your main interest in this article?
  • What point will you base your discussion on?
  • Is your article review relevant in the current world?

Create a Thesis at the End of the Introduction.

From the introduction, we move to the review but there is a need for a flawless transition. A strong thesis statement should be added at the end of the introduction paragraph. But do you remember that there is no research in an article review? So, what is meant by an article review thesis? It should be a statement that combines the strongest point and the main weakness of the article under being reviewed. The thesis statement should be unique, simple, and seamless. This makes it easier to understand.

Background Information. 

In any review, the background information serves as a reference to the article. It is good for those who don’t get time to go through the original article. A group of your audience will read the author’s content but fail to identify the main points. These are the readers who value the introduction most.

You can paraphrase the author’s claim, supporting evidence, and research findings to serve as the background information. Ensure to include at least one direct quote in this section and use the double quotation marks. Failure to use them will result in plagiarism.

The Main Body.

This is the core of any paper that one writes. It is the step where you get into your opinions, analysis, and views. Although you should make this section insightful, personal views aren’t acceptable in an article review. You should review the original work by analyzing the claims and the evidence. Try to strongly show the drawbacks in the author’s work.

All your arguments should be supported by article citations, proper explanations, and others’ writings. All the resources you use in your article review should be indisputable. Additionally, all your information should be logical and sensible. All your points should have a base or existence and not mere narrations.

Finally, you shouldn’t be biased in your proclamations. The author’s article should be the point where you base your arguments.

A Relevant Conclusion.

After writing the article review’s body, we now move to a solid conclusion, to sum up, the paper. The conclusion is a review of the article you just finished writing. This paragraph should be at least 150 words and shouldn’t exceed 300 words.

You should begin by reinstating the theme of the original article. Move on to give a summary of your proclamations and ensure the end is positive. Show the relevance of the author’s work to the current situation of a given field.


Finally, you are supposed to make recommendations that you consider beneficial to various stakeholders. The recommendations should be in line with the conclusions. Suggest further research to fill in the existing knowledge gaps you identified when reviewing the article.


This is the final section of an article review and contains correctly cited references. You should use this section to credit the owners of the work you’ve used to back your explanations. The referencing style depends on the writing style you used in your review. Some popular referencing styles for article reviews include MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, and Oxford.

Editing and Proofreading.

This isn’t a basic step in writing an article review. If you are experienced in writing and rarely make errors in your work, you are good to go. However, it’s advisable to read your work and make the necessary corrections. To avoid biasedness, you can request an independent individual to go through your work and make necessary corrections.

Article Review Example.

Looking at several article reviews is essential for anyone who is in the process of learning how to write an article review. Below are the advantages of reading several relevant article review examples:

  • You get an idea of writing a good article review.
  • You can get references for your review.
  • You get to understand how experts argue out facts.
  • You learn the new advances in your field.
  • You are also able to identify existing knowledge gaps within your field.

As you see, it’s evident that article review samples are useful for you. To learn how to write an outstanding article review, you need to take your time and read the many samples available on the internet.

Below is a sample article review to make you understand what is expected of you:

The Impact of Technology on Politics.

Technology is advancing every minute and is continually impacting various political candidate’s ratings. The article Impact of Technology on Politics attempts to show how politics and technology are related to each other and the effects of their interrelationship.

Politicians use technology in various ways. The internet provides for different communication channels that may significantly influence the growth of political aspirants. A politician who effectively uses YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms can become more popular with time.

According to Housley, technology is a major deciding factor in most of the political races though we might fail to acknowledge it sometimes. The internet and technology, in general, enables politicians to access funds to use for their campaigns and gain political pundits.

It is clear that technology greatly influences politics financially. All political candidates need money to spend on campaigns. Some use technology to create a fundraiser. In such a case he or she creates a vertical response to a target geographical region. Someone like Howard Dean used the internet to get donations he needed to fund his campaigns.

Online publicity is a cheap method of advertising one’s candidacy because one isn’t required to republish campaign materials. Such content is then posted as various commonly-accessed links (Housley, Par. 1).

The internet also allows political candidates to use podcasting. It’s easy to share your ideologies with the citizens of a given country via messages. This way, they don’t have to hire journalists who end up overarching them. Unfortunately, no politician can guarantee the integrity of their information because the internet is open for use by everybody. Anyone can share podcasts over the internet. Housley admitted that the use of podcasts is popular among politicians despite being expensive. Correct utilization of podcasts will make it a powerful political tool that yields positive results.

Housley found that the impact of technology is greatest on the youthful generation. A proper presentation by political candidates will gain them higher ratings among the youths who are attracted to modern technology. Because the older generation is less into social media, politicians use technology to raise their political bids among young adults. Contrary, they use traditional campaigning methods to win the hearts of the older generation.

Finally, we can look at the internet as a free advertisement tool. Most presidential bids cost the candidates a lot of money because they cover expansive regions. Political videos that are shared online generate considerable gains for the candidates at minimal costs. The only important thing is to target the right audience. Social media networks do not charge for posting videos or photos.

Achieving substantial political publicity by use of technology has become easier than ever especially with the introduction of smartphones that most people are using today. Housley’s article has arranged technological tools into groups. The article shows how these tools are used by politicians to communicate with their target audience. With the use of the internet in politics, a politician can be recognized within minutes. The voters may take only a few hours to form a public opinion which could be positive or negative. A politician could mess and destroy his reputation within minutes. If anything, bad “gossip” spreads faster than any good information.

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