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How to Write a Press Release

How to Write a Press Release | Format, Template With Examples


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If you’re serious about branding, you NEED to learn How to Write a Press Release.


Well, Image and reputation are considered the most important assets of a company or a brand. Companies, therefore, try as much to maintain a good image and a good reputation.

And it’s becoming more important every day.

Maintaining a good image and reputation is usually done through formal and organized communication called public relations . One type of public relations communication is a press release.  Therefore, you ought to lean how to write a press release. Our online business essay writing service knows how to do this

In today’s guide, you’re going to learn How to Write a Press Release. Let’s do this.

  • What is a press release?
  • Types of Press Releases
  • How To Write a Press Release 
  • Structure of A Press Release
  •  How To Write An Irresistible Press Release Title
  • Tips On Writing Key Press Release Information
  • In summary 

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a formal print announcement issued by a company to the public. Most companies do this by hiring a public relations firm that does the work of publishing the releases on a company’s website and making sure it reaches journalists to make a news item out of it.

Types of Press Releases

Before you learn how to write a press release you should learn different types of press releases that exists in the market.

There are different press releases depending on what activity a company plans to hold. The following are the main types of press releases;

  1. New Product Launches

This type of press release is used whenever a company has a new product that it is launching into the market for the first time and wants its consumers to be aware of it. Press releases under this category will seek to put out information about the product’s specifications, the price, the quantity, the quality, and where to buy it.

  1. Product Updates

Press releases in this category are put out whenever a company has an existing product that has improved in terms of quality or quantity. Therefore a press release is put out to inform the market or consumers about its new, improved quality, quantity, and other necessary qualities.

  1. Rebranding Press Release

Most companies usually take time before they decide to rebrand. They take time because, if not executed properly, it may change illicit negative emotions towards the brand, cause confusion, and damage the image of the brand. Therefore companies put out rebranding press releases to inform their customers and potential customers about the details of the changes, the reason for the changes, and the dates of when the changes take effect.

  1. Grand openings

Whenever a company relocates into a new business premise or opens its first office, it puts out a grand opening press release. This press release gives the public details about the location, the date of the grand opening, the personalities expected to be in attendance, the nature of the celebration that will take place to mark the opening, and the reason that informed the decision.

  1. New Partnerships

It is important to put out this type of press release whenever companies merge because it also serves as a marketing strategy. A press release of this nature seeks to inform the market of the portfolio of the two companies, the goal of the partnership, the beneficiaries, and other necessary details that may be important to their shareholders and potential shareholders.

  1. Events’ Press Releases

Events usually rely on press releases because they effectively market the event since media outlets tend to turn it into a news item, especially when public figures are expected to attend. This press release contains details such as the venue of the event, the demographics of the attendants, the date and time of the event, and other relevant details.

  1. Acquisitions

Whenever companies are going through acquisitions and mergers, they put out a press release for the sake of the stakeholders. The details required in this press release are the company profiles, quotes from executives, and information about the action being taken.

  1. Executive Hiring

Most companies have an executive that is usually viewed as the embodiment of the company. Therefore, executive hiring press releases are important because it is important for the public to be notified whenever a company hires such an executive. In addition, this type of press release is mostly loved by journalists because they get to interview the new executive since they are more interested in press releases that feature quotes from executives or public figures.

  1. Awards

Most businesses exist in industries where there are other similar companies, and they are all competing for market share. As a result, companies in competitive industries usually invest huge sums of funds for marketing to ensure they are more visible to consumers and, as a result, grow their sales and market share.

When a company wins a particular award in its industry, it is an opportunity to demonstrate to the consumers that they are the best company to buy from, going by the award they have received. In addition, it is an opportunity for a company to demonstrate its might among its competitors.

This opportunity is taken advantage of by the use of a press release. This type of press release usually features details about the award, the venue of the award ceremony, why they were awarded, and what it means to get that award.

How To Write a Press Release 

Here are seven steps to follow in order to write a successful press release:

  1. Look for a newsworthy angle.
  2. Create a news release with an irresistible title .
  3. Put a summary of your tale in the subtitle.
  4. Introduce important details
  5. Cite references and historical background
  6. Bring up the reader’s upcoming actions
  7. Finish with a boilerplate statement
  • Look for a newsworthy angle.

If the story being told isn’t engaging to the intended audience of journalists, even a well-written, tailored press release will fall flat.

  • Create a news release with an irresistible title .

To create a clear and alluring headline, use the major benefit from your press release. Tell the media how important your news is.

The title needs to be intriguing while being simple to read. Expert essay writers frequently devote as much time to crafting a headline as they do to writing an entire essay. If you’re lacking ideas, browse your preferred blogs and online news sources, paying close attention to the titles that entice you to click through to the article.

  • Put a summary of your tale in the subtitle.

Write a single statement that supports the header and provides a brief summary of the full press release’s content.

  • Introduce important details

Mention the date and the city and state of your organization in the opening clause. Then, in your first paragraph, you should provide an engaging response to the “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” and “why” queries.

  • Cite references and historical background

Continue with references, data, research specifics, and case study excerpts. Explain why your announcement is important to readers of the reporters’ publications in the first sentence.

Then, use your release’s supporting body copy to add details and vivid statements from company spokespeople. It won’t do to merely state the obvious or sound congratulatory.

When preparing a press release, firms frequently make the formatting error of making the release overly lengthy. Don’t try to jam everything under the sun into your press release, advises Michelle Garrett, a PR expert at Garrett Public Relations. Giving an overview and a few important details about what you’re announcing is the goal of a press release.

Include one or two quotes from executives and/or customers, she continues. then make sure to offer links to websites where readers can find out more. Aim to keep your press release succinct, engaging, and direct.

  • Bring up the reader’s upcoming actions
  • Finish with a boilerplate statement

Structure of A Press Release

Companies hire public relations firms to ensure their press releases are done professionally. Therefore it is clear that it is not a communication that anyone can do because it has a specific structure that only professionals in public relations understand. The following is the structure of a professional press release.

  1. Title
  2. Key Information
  3. Summary
  5. Data

 How To Write An Irresistible Press Release Title

The first thing you need to do before writing a press release is to be sure of the message you want to convey to your target audience. Your title needs to be professional but also irresistible, just like the titles in blogs that end up diverting your attention. Journalists receive numerous releases daily; therefore, your title needs to come across as irresistible to the first person it comes in contact with, the journalist.

Do not use complicated English words that will give readers a hard time understanding what you mean or the message of your content. The words of your title should be understandable at first sight. By using action verbs, you can keep the attention of your target audience on the main message of your press release.

An example of a press release title is “Introducing the New Titleist AVX Golf Ball-High Speed, Longer Distance, More Control. This press release is simple and brings out the content’s core message even before a reader moves on to the details. The title alone gives details of the golf ball.

Tips On Writing Key Press Release Information

This press release gives information about who, what, where, when, why, and how. Research has established that the attention span of humans in the 21st century has dropped tremendously. It is estimated that the attention span has dropped to eight seconds. The short attention span explains why you need to immediately put out the major details without beating around the bush. The key information needs to be in this paragraph, or your intended target audience will pass it due to the decreasing attention span.

 A Straight To The Point Summary

Numerous press releases are sent to journalists every day; therefore, your press release needs to grab their attention immediately. The way to do this is by using bullet points to highlight the relevant information immediately after the title. The purpose of the bullet points is to summarize the press release.

These bullet points are the main determinants of whether journalists will make your press release part of their news bulletin. In so doing, your bullet points are meant to communicate the agenda of the release straight away.

Readers have other things they want to read; therefore, having a bullet point section helps them skim over your release. That is why the relevant data needs to be included.

How To Insert Credible Quotes In a Press Release

A credible press release should feature quotes from an official in the organization putting out the release. Most press releases contain quotes from the spokesman of the company.

Journalists usually want to make company executives, public figures, experts, and great companies part of their news. Therefore having quotes from one of these in your press release will be an advantage to having the media run your press release.

Therefore ensure your press release has quotes from a known official from your company.

There are different types of quotes required for different types of press releases. For example, have one quote from an executive in the company whenever you are putting out a press release concerning changes on a product.

On the other hand, a press release to promote a business partnership requires quotes from stakeholders of both parties.

Incorporating Interesting Data In a Press Release 

To make your press release more interesting, you should consider adding information around the topic of your press release. Journalists are usually viewed as credible sources of information. One of the ways that they can achieve this is by proving to their audience that they are extremely knowledgeable about the news item they are presenting. Unfortunately, this does not come easy because they need to put in the time to do extensive research about their news item. Adding data to your press release spares the journalists’ research time and makes their work easier.

A press release serves its purpose more effectively when it does not feel like the company is trying to promote its brand. Adding data in the press release helps to avoid this scenario.

A good example of providing data is when a food brand wants to launch a new snack brand, it will be important to provide data about trends in the snack industry.

Up to this stage you have learned how to write a press release, we have a also composed abroad post on the elements of a press release that you sacrifice good time to go through.

In summary 

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