How to Write a PhD Thesis- From Introduction to Conclusion


These article contains tips on how to write a PhD thesis. The success of your PhD is measured by your thesis that defines your research. You have to ensure that your thesis is well written before you submit.

What is Thesis?

A thesis or dissertation is a well researched academic paper that is submitted at the end of bachelor’s degree, master’s level or doctoral. It is known to be a long piece in nature.

Before we move on, let break this guide into:


  1. What is Thesis?
  2. Why is a Thesis Statement Important?
  3. Thesis Pre-writing Stage
  4. How to Write a PhD Thesis
  5. Ph.D. Thesis Writing Help

How to Write a PhD Thesis

The process of writing a thesis is challenging. Most students go through a lot of struggle in completing the task. Most importantly, embracing yourself for the purpose behind writing your thesis prepares you for success. Since it is an enormous task, understanding its purpose is important. Understanding the larger objective of the task helps in crafting your paper in a manner that demonstrates the achievement of the objectives.

A Ph.D. thesis is important because;

  • It shows your ability to write an original paper. A paper that is characterized by original ideas and original analysis. This ability is important for you as a professional. This is because you will be expected to address problems in your field through original research.
  • It shows your knowledge of research design. It demonstrates that you can do research in an acceptable manner.

Thesis Pre-writing Stage

Writing a thesis can be very intimidating task, therefore before you indulge in this task. You should prepare yourself well in order to know how you will start and how you will finish it. This is how you should prepare yourself:

1. Prepare to Write a Successful PhD Thesis Paper

In order to write a PhD thesis well, you must prepare yourself by fine-tuning certain skills. The first thing is improving your time management skills. This involves planning your activities to fit within the available time. You set time for all activities including sleep and relaxation. It is very important to stick to the schedule.

Second, identify your stress management skills. Writing a Ph.D. thesis is definitely a stressful process. Therefore, you need skills to manage stress. If you are able to cope well with stress, then you will have an easy time writing.

So, learn effective stress relief strategies before you start writing. Such strategies may include meditation, walking, and running, yoga, deep breathing, and listening to music among others. Select your most preferred strategies.

Third, identify a comfortable place where you will do the writing. It should be quiet. The place should also be free from distractions. Ensure this place has resources you might need such as;

  • Internet connection
  • Computer
  • Power
  • Books

Then, look for funding. Extra financial support will help in conducting your research. You need funds to view certain materials and to travel.

Financing can be a great barrier to your success. Therefore, ensure you have the necessary support.

2. Decide on Your Topic, Thesis, and Strategy
  • First, identify an interesting topic. The topic should significantly contribute to scholarship in the field. This means finding a topic that is yet to be covered. You should also be able to support and prove the topic. After you identify the topic, it is time to fine-tune it. This is done with the guidance of your advisor.
  • Second, develop your strategy. This includes the type of research you will conduct. Also, consider the type of evidence and methodology you will use.
  • Third, develop your thesis. It is important you start your research with an idea of your thesis. However, let the research guide you into developing a thesis statement. This is because more issues will be revealed as you conduct your research.

A strong thesis statement serves as the foundation of a good research paper. It leaves a reader convinced about your research. In addition, your thesis is important because;

  1. It captures the attention of your reader
  2. The Thesis provides information about your paper’s purpose and content
  3. It establishes your stand as an author

How to Write a PhD Thesis

Writing a PhD thesis in most cases happens at the end of an academic level. Be it at bachelor, master’s or doctoral, there are some steps that should be adhered to in writing your thesis. To begin with, it is advisable to only start writing your paper when you have done thorough research. Writing when you have partly done the research can lead you to make major changes in your paper. Here are steps that show be followed:

Come up with a thesis outline

The first step in writing your paper is making an outline. Make a detailed outline for efficient writing. The outline will serve as a road-map to your writing. The structure of your outline will depend on your discipline.

The headings present chapters of your thesis. Every chapter will have sub-headings depending on the requirements of your discipline. For a correct structure, work with your adviser. He or she will help you use the expected structure.

Choose a specific time

Second, choose a specific time when you will be writing your paper. Such a schedule will motivate you into writing. This is especially so when you choose a time that works well with you. Sometimes during your writing time, you may suffer from writer’s block. This means you are unable to write effectively and efficiently. In such a case, work on other issues apart from writing. This may include formatting the citations, adjust your images and graphs, or fine-tune your bibliography.

Remember to use correct tense

Third, always remember to use correct tenses. Editing for tenses can be time-consuming leave alone difficult. Therefore, ensure you get it right as you write. Mostly, the thesis is written in present tenses and in the active voice. However, consider working with your advisor to ensure you follow the expected style in your field.

Cite your sources

Fourth, remember to always cite your resources. Otherwise, you may be accused of plagiarism. Any information that is not yours, always cite. This will make your work more credible. To save more time, cite your resources as you write them in your bibliography.

Edit your paper

Fifth, always remember proofreading, formatting, and other requirements in your mind. Your advisor will be of great help with these issues. Spare time to read your work to find any errors. Small errors can make your arguments less convincing. So, give yourself time to find such mistakes.

Seek for feedback

Finally, make efforts to get feedback as you write your paper. Some people wait until they are done with a draft for feedback. This can serve as a source of demotivation especially when you have to make major changes. You want to be very motivated to write a good paper. Therefore avoid such mistakes. Ask for feedback as often as you can. This may include feedback on structure, a certain chapter, a certain section, or even on research overview. Writing a good thesis is a process. It involves getting feedback, revision, and getting feedback. This is how it is supposed to be.

Ph.D. Thesis Writing Help

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