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How To Write a Hook For An Essay

11 Tips on How To Write a Hook For An Essay


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In this posts, you’ll find a guide on How To Write a Hook For An Essay to have on your radar.

Unlike most guides, all of these tips are 100% up-to-date. In fact, I go back and update this page with new strategies from our English paper writing service on how to write a hook for an essay.

So if you’re looking tips on how to write a hook for an essay that are relevant today, you’ll love this list.

How To Write a Hook For An Essay

Before we start, it’s important to understand what a hook is? A hook is a sentence in the introduction that is designed to catch people’s attention. A hook engages your audience with your essay.

Think about your teacher or whoever is reading your essay. They probably have tons and tons of essays to read and grade. That’s why you want to make yours stand out, as we learned earlier. If you make a good first impression in your introduction paragraph, your teacher is more likely to read the rest of your essay positively. Your hook should be about two to three sentences. Focus on quality over quantity.

So the first paragraph of the essay is called the introduction. The introductory paragraph has a hook, a link, and a thesis. When you’re planning your essay, you’re organizing it. Then my advice after that is to figure out what you’re going to use for your hook. The point of the hook. The whole point is to engage your reader to make your reader want to read the essay.

Why is there a need for a hook in the first paragraph?
How to choose a hook?
Tips how to write a hook for an essay.


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 Why is there a need for a hook in the first paragraph?

A hook can grab the reader’s attention and make them more interested in what you have to say. It can also create a first impression good so that the audience is more likely to trust you.

Another reason is that it makes the audience want to continue listening. If the reader is bored from the very first sentence, it’s very unlikely that they’ll continue. And the last reason is to engage the audience’s curiosity make them want to know what’s next.

How to choose a hook?

So the one criterion that I want you to think about the most when choosing a hook when you’re writing a hook. You should take care of the following questions while writing a hook.

  • Is this interesting?
  • Will it surprise my reader?
  • Will my reader be intrigued by what I’ve included in my hook?

So it would help if you didn’t think that it has to be exactly what your thesis is going to be about? It’s interesting. There are many different kinds of hooks. But I give you the 11 types that I think are the easiest to use and the easiest to understand.

In this article, I wanted to collect together a few ideas for how you can best take your reader’s concentration when they begin to read your essay. So, here are 11 top tips for writing a hook for an essay.

How To Write a Hook For an Essay

1.   Use a quote:

You can also begin with a famous quote. And then follow that quote with some analysis. So it’s clear how the quote connects to the topic you’re writing about. The purpose of this is to present maybe a respected voice or even a controversial voice on a topic or get just getting your audience thinking about some issue in the essay by presenting a quote about that issue.

So, considering this is an essay for undergraduate level or above. You’re going to be repeating a lot of different people’s research during your essay. So why not start with one quote? If you’re writing the kindnesses especially, your essay will be a sort of debate between lots of various ideas. So why not choose one of the more hostile ones. You can begin your essay with that and comprehend up by either agreeing or disagreeing with it. That way, this debate runs through your essay, and we get a sense of what it’s going to be from the very start. So using someone else’s words that are interesting that are engaging. Again because that’s what you’re looking for in your hook.

2.   Tell us about a recent event.

If you are a researcher or academic, or essayist, it is part of your job to explain why the subject matter you’ve chosen is important to us. One excellent method of interacting with this is to let us know about a recent event that your subject matter or topic can let us know a little more about or explain a little better. If you’re writing a history essay or about Roman politics, you might be capable of telling us how that links to contemporary politics.

3.  Start with a personal story.

So, assuming you had any option in what your essay was going to be about, there’s quite a special reason why you imagined that would be attractive. Maybe you’ve liked the Star Wars films always as your mum or dad took you to observe them when you were fresher. Maybe you were gazing out the window when you viewed a cyclist, and you queried how the bicycle make. It’s quite logical to start your essay by mentioning this story.

So by telling a story or starting with an anecdote about how your past life experience has allowed you to understand a particular topic. So it shows the connection between you and the essay topic. It is the only case in which it’s okay to use the first person I, me, my. Because obviously, you’re telling a story about your life. The trick is that when you transition to your first body paragraph, you have to transition into the objective third-person. So make sure if you start with a personal story, you have to transition into the third person with your first body paragraph.

4. Start with a question

This one way is to ask a series of intriguing questions. You don’t just want to ask questions randomly or without a purpose, but you want them to stick out. Do not ask your reader if they want to learn about something or if they want to hear a story. It would be best if you made it interesting for them so that they’re left wondering what in the world is that you’re possibly talking about.

Some teachers do not love when students start with a question, and usually, that’s because the questions aren’t very good. However, I have read essays where students begin with a question or even a series of three questions that build on each other. Those are very powerful, but they have to be thought-provoking, interesting dynamic questions. Otherwise, it’s not going to be a strong hook strategy. Another way to do this is to present some of a problem that many people face and use that as a way to set up your essay.

5.   Start with fact or statistic

So the first hook that we’re going to talk about is a fact or a statistic. You’ll have to do some research typically to come up with that kind of hook. Starting with a statistic fact or figure makes you seem more credible and authentic in what you have to say. You could as well share statistics relating numbers such as 57% of people talk to people more online as compared to they do in their real life.

6.   Start with a bold statement

One of the simpler ways is to start with a bold statement. Something that’s controversial or uncommon or intrigues the audience. For example, relax. We’re not saving the world. A good way to do this is to think like you’re writing for a newspaper. What type of headline would you read? So from this way you can write the best hook.

7.   Start With shocking statistics

Another simple hook is to start with a shocking statistic. Something that makes the audience feel shocked or surprised. For example, you know that you are ten times more likely to have a more engaging speech? A descriptive setting, some catchy dialogue, maybe a remembrance, or diving into an act. You want to come up with something that might surprise them or might be interesting to them, instead of just a boring question which I think is one of the hard parts about writing a good question hook. Often they’re just a little bit simplistic. And again, you want to follow that unusual or shocking fact with analysis.

Because you want to make sure your reader knows why the heck you started with this particular fact. So this does a nice job of grabbing the reader’s attention and grabbing their interest because shocking facts are super interesting.

8.   Use humor

Use humor to capture interest in a light-hearted manner. Tell a joke to make the audience laugh and connect with it. Select a topic in which you can use humor. Then you can use a humor hook at the start. It can help you in engaging with the readers. Humor plays an essential part sometimes.

9.   Start by definition

Then the final hook to talk about is a definition. Defining a term or a concept and an interesting or intriguing way. You can use a definition hook at the start. First, define the topic about which you want to write the essay. This method can help in engaging the audience. First, select your topic, then make a meaningful definition that can define your all essay. Start your essay with this definition.

10.  Just start and make a hook at the end

It may look simple, but sometimes there is nothing more irritating than a clean white page in front of you. As soon as you start writing words down, it often seems like that’s the case at which you might write the wrong words down. I usually find it very easy to crawl back to reading. Because, although even the most difficult books can be quite difficult to read, it’s nowhere near as exposing as actually doing the writing. In creative writing, this phrase doesn’t get it right. Get it written, and that’s certainly something I’d apply here. In this age of computers, it’s so easy to go back and edit stuff. I think what you’ll find is, once you start writing, it will eventually become difficult to stop. And you can evermore go back and edit that first line or that second line or any of it again later. Never be afraid to start writing because if you don’t start then, you’ll never finish.

11.  Paint a picture of historical context/background

Another hook strategy is painting a picture of the historical context or background. So if you’re writing about a novel taking place at a certain moment in history, or you’re writing about a historical event or a historical figure. You can use sensory-rich descriptions to bring that moment to life or provide some background before that moment. You’re going to write about it. So that your reader understands what you’re about to say a little bit better.


Everyone says you only have one opportunity to make a great first impression. While your writing is the same way, and your introduction is that one opportunity. If your introduction doesn’t capture your reader’s attention, they may not be motivated to continue reading.  If you watch a movie and you don’t like it about ten minutes into it. Chances are you’re going to want to watch something else. Luckily there are some tactics you can use to captivate your leader from the start of your writing. Frequently these are called hooks or attention-getting openings. So there are some types of hook. These types include;

  • Use a quote
  • Tell us about a recent event
  • Start with a personal story
  • Start by a question
  • Start with fact or statistic
  • Start with a bold statement
  • Start With shocking statistics
  • Use humor
  • Start by definition start and make a hook at the end.

There is complete information present in this article about the hook. If you have a hook in your essay, there are chances to get a great position in this essay in any field.

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