How to Write a Bio | Short With Examples & Template

Writing a bio might seem daunting but it’s not as hard as you might think. A well-written bio gives you the chance to showcase who you are and what you do which helps potential.

Clients learn more about you and whether they want to work with you. This short guide will help you write an informative and engaging bio that people will want to read and share.

How to Write a Short Bio?

Writing a short bio is one of those things that may seem easy, but it’s kind of difficult. You want to say something about yourself but you don’t have much to say. The key here is focus and brevity focus on your most important achievements and distill them down into three or four sentences. If you can do that your short bio will be rock solid. For example, I love music I play guitar in my spare time I also like reading books, going out with friends, etc.

Sounds like someone who doesn’t know what they want to say instead try something like As an accomplished musician guitarist with 10 years of experience playing live gigs across five states in America and abroad in Canada I bring a wealth of knowledge in both writing and performing original music. After graduating from high school at 17 I went on to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston MA where I graduated with honors after two years of study. After college, I moved back home and worked as a professional musician for two years before starting my own business as a freelance writer and editor.

How to Write a Professional Bio?

For example, if you were a manager at Old Company X and now you want to focus on other aspects of your career and put more emphasis on new company Y removing Old Company X from your bio is probably a good idea because it doesn’t do anything for you anymore. If you are still working there or have been in some way recently then leave it in.

Otherwise cut them out so that people don’t think that you left under bad circumstances or think that you aren’t proud of your work there. If there was a merger or acquisition update your bio accordingly as well you don’t need to include every company where you worked in high school but updating where appropriate shows people that their time with each company matters to you.

If someone is going to read your entire resume and cover letter it might be worth putting it on there for completeness but don’t stress about it. When describing yourself avoid using phrases like the dynamic individual, results-oriented professional, or team player with strong interpersonal skills.

What to Include in a Bio-On Your Website?

A bio helps you professionally connect with others and get your expertise out there. But what should be included in a professional bio We can help! Check out our guide for some simple tips on how to write a bio. You don’t have to go into excruciating detail about every little thing that’s ever happened to you, but keep it short and interesting enough that people want to learn more. Include your name and contact information at a minimum.

The longer more detailed versions of your bio are great for networking events or even informational interviews as well but try to keep it no longer than a page one page is easier to scan than multiple pages If you’re going to include references make sure they’re available upon request that means including their contact info so that if someone wants to speak with them they can easily do so.

Don’t just say References are available upon request. Be prepared for requests by having those references ready ahead of time. Include any other awards, accolades, memberships, or achievements in your professional life, and be honest about them. You don’t have to mention every little thing that’s ever happened to you unless it’s really impressive but keep it short and interesting enough that people want to learn more. Include your name and contact information at a minimum.

A Bio Template to Use and Customize

The best way to write a bio is to put yourself in your reader’s shoes and come up with a story that piques their interest. The reality is that no one cares about you people are only interested in themselves. They want to know what they can get out of you so it’s up to you to give them something valuable. How by tailoring your bio toward what you have to offer whether it’s expert knowledge or specific business experience and using clear concise language that communicates effectively and efficiently. If you do those things, then chances are pretty good that people will want to connect with you on LinkedIn.

Each paragraph should start with an action verb such as these Introduce I recommend trying each sentence out loud and making sure it sounds natural coming from your mouth as well as being easy for someone else to read and listen to. Don’t be afraid to use contractions like don’t instead of doing not. It makes your writing sound more conversational and less stiff than formal English does.

Finally, remember that people don’t care about how great you are just show them how great you are by telling them how great you’ve made other people feel. Showing not telling is always better in writing especially when we’re talking about bios because if you tell me how great you are I won’t believe you but if I see proof of how great other people think you are then I’ll be more likely to trust your opinion too.

4 Quick Tips on Writing a Bio

Tip #1: Don’t Overthink It

Once you’ve decided to write a bio it can be tempting to put way too much thought into it. After all, you’re building your brand here you want it to stand out as professional and polished. Don’t let yourself get caught up in paralysis by analysis One of the best ways to screw up a bio is to think about it for too long.

Think about what you want your bio to accomplish and then just write something that gets that job done. If you have time to go back and revise later do so but don’t spend more than an hour or two on it at first. Your goal should be brevity, not perfection.

Tip #2: Remember Your Worth

The key to writing a bio that sings is to remember your worth. It’s easy to write a bio that portrays you as an overly humble, wallflower-type who doesn’t think highly of himself or herself. But your bio should make it clear you know what makes you unique and valuable in terms of skills experience expertise and personal qualities like passion generosity and honesty.

You want people to read your bio and think This person has something I need Keep that in mind when deciding how much space to devote to different areas of your life.

Tip #3: When in Doubt, Borrow

If you’re feeling stuck it’s a good idea to borrow from someone who has already succeeded in writing a great bio. You can also search on LinkedIn and other sites for your professional biography and skim over what others are writing about themselves.

Whatever approach you take to make sure to pay attention to elements like word choice sentence structure and detail these help make up your unique voice If nothing else these words will be a reminder of how your bio should sound when you’re ready to write it yourself.

Don’t worry about plagiarizing there’s no way you’ll use all of it Just focus on picking out key points that reflect how you want to come across professionally. The ability to speak well is a valuable asset and one that requires practice to achieve mastery.

Public speaking is something we do every day whether we realize it or not but being able to communicate effectively with an audience is not always easy as many speakers struggle with issues such as nerves or forgetfulness which results in poor delivery and lower impact speeches.

Tip #4: Get Writing Help

If you want to know how to write a bio, you need help. If you are a professional, it is highly recommended that you seek out an expert who can tell you what your bio should look like. Take it from them and learn how to write a bio by creating one of your own.

The experts in your industry have written their bios thousands of times they will be able to tell you exactly what they include and why they do it so that you too can create a good one. Avoid Vanity Telling people what degree and type of education we have is not going to impress anyone.